All Things Happy

It’s a BOY!
It’s a BOY! We’re having a BABY BOY!!!! After months of calling the baby in my belly, “HE-SHE” just to be fair, we are now dropping the “SHE” and calling it a “HE” officially. I was actually bummed when we stopped “HE-SHE” since it was a term of endearment Pat and I really had fun […]

Patty's Picks

K-Way All The Way
 Whether you’re planning for a holiday abroad or just looking for a versatile piece to get you through the unpredictable Manila weather, K-way is the ultimate go-to jacket for stylish guys and gals. Aside from looking crisp and current with their bright colors, it’s also very practical as it easily folds up and packs easily […]

Random Ramblings

Nap Time!
Socks by @happysocksph My two favorite words these days are “NAP TIME”!!!!!! If there’s one symptom of pregnancy that has become very dominant in my life right now—it would be my extreme sleepiness. I have become such a consummate napper, I am seriously considering this as a profession! Hahaha! This whole slug-life (I used to […]

Food & Dining Out

Hillside Cafe and Juice Bar
  If you’re a Northerner and are looking for a happy&healthy food joint, then be sure to check out HILLSIDE CAFE AND JUICE BAR along Mother Ignacia Ave in QC. The Hilario cousins have teamed up to create a wholesome and tasty menu just for YOU! Yes, you, you happy foodie you! Aside from delicious […]

Gerbil Adventures

Our Bangkok Babymoon
I’ve been very lucky to have a relatively easy pregnancy so far that has allowed me to still move about and do work, and travel!—of course I’m much slower these days and I still have the typical aches and pains that come along with it, but it’s all manageable and our baby has been very kind […]

Patty About Town

The New Faces of Kleenex
  I’ve always been a fan of KLEENEX and it’s been a staple in my kikay kit for many years now, so when they tapped me to become one of their Brand Ambassadors–I was over the moon! It’s a brand that has empowered women from all walks of life, different backgrounds and interests and I […]