All Things Happy

Liana X Nara’s Birthday Bash
The two darlings of #BabyBarangay, Liana and Nara, recently celebrated their 4th and 2nd birthday in a joint birthday bash. Kudos to Cat and Bianca for executing this party so perfectly! It was so well-balanced and thoughtfully planned that both kids&adults actually enjoyed. Because the kids were all happily busy in their respective play “stations”, we had […]

Patty's Picks

Season 3 of #EatDrinkAndBeMarried
We have two fresh episodes up on!!! I can’t believe we are now at Season 3! And it’s all thanks to YOU, our awesome viewers and partners!!! Please leave a comment or two—we would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions too 🙂 Your input matters to us and your letters make us so […]

Random Ramblings

My 10 Baby Travel Tips, Tricks and Missteps
Hey folks! I’m still badly jet lagged and so you’ll have to forgive the blunders in my thought processing, grammar, sentence construction and spelling—include math, geography, and everything else in between just to be sure. Hahaha! I just missed you so much on the blog, I was so excited to write about my experience and […]

Food & Dining Out

Ibiza Beach Club BGC
It seems like just about all the “IT” people on Instagram have been posting about IBIZA BEACH CLUB in BGC. I don’t think I qualify as a legitimate “IT” girl unless it’s used in another context—like “IT” in “What is IT???” with a puzzled look trying to identify an unknown species or spotting some alien […]

Gerbil Adventures

Video: The Pats and Theo in Stockholm
Tadaaaaahhhh!!!! After almost a year, we finally have our Sweden travel video up!!! This was shot back in June 2016, our very first trip abroad with our little bugoy! Patrick surprised me with a series of travel throwback videos on my birthday and this happens to be one of my favorites. Hope you guys enjoy […]

Patty About Town

Beers and Burgers
Just a few snapshots from the chill BBQ bash that “Wife of The Year” Nikki organized for her darling, BJ. 🙂 🙂 Great food, great company—and WINNER GAMES!!! Check out the big smiles on these photos. Thanks again to the Alberts for having us.