All Things Happy

Baby Barangay X BevTools
Just wanted to share some photos from our crazy fun night with the moms/dads of Baby Barangay a few weekends back. It’s always good to carve out time to disconnect from all the work and home stress—and to spend time with good old friends. I find that when Pat and I are able to take these […]

Patty's Picks

Christmas with Belo Baby
As I’ve been sharing on Instagram lately, these past few months have been extra challenging but still very exciting because of new milestones—-expecting Baby#2, getting our new house ready, Theo moving up to Nursery in a few months, and so much more. We have been busy moving houses so I have been living off boxes […]

Random Ramblings

My 10 Baby Travel Tips, Tricks and Missteps
Hey folks! I’m still badly jet lagged and so you’ll have to forgive the blunders in my thought processing, grammar, sentence construction and spelling—include math, geography, and everything else in between just to be sure. Hahaha! I just missed you so much on the blog, I was so excited to write about my experience and […]

Food & Dining Out

My New Potluck Discovery
“Wow Patty!!!! Akala ko simpleng merienda lang????? May Crispy Pata at Lechón Kawali ka pa?! Ano to restaurant?!?!” –My childhood friends Stella and Sheila teased as soon as I lay down my potluck “toka” on the table when we had our post-Christmas get together. Of course I had a huge grin on my face because […]

Gerbil Adventures

Ho Chi Minh
Here’s a long overdue travel post from last July. We decided to spend Theo’s birthday in Vietnam this year and it was definitely a fun foodie trip for the fambam. Although I must admit, Theo wasn’t too pleased when we made a Durian stop at the local market. Hahaha! Here are some snaps from our […]

Patty About Town

Shaping the Gift to Build Tomorrow’s Greats
A few weeks back, I had the privilege of attending a special LEARNING WORKSHOP entitled “Shaping the Gift to Build Tomorrow’s Greats” along with other blogger moms and dads.  It was hosted by PROMIL® Four in partnership with the Philippine Center for Gifted Education (PCGE), featuring experts in the field of Developmental Pediatrics, Clinical Psychology, Obstetrics, Health & […]