All Things Happy

Patrick’s Anniversary Surprise
  Darling, I’m surprised you actually managed to pull off this surprise! (Is that sentence redundant?! hehe) I had zero inkling, you were your usual deadma self and so I was completely floored by this. I love that you made such a huge effort for our special day. So sweet!!!! Thanks to my girls Bing, […]

Patty's Picks

My Mommy Pick of the Month: The Chicco Playard
Now that Theo is 7 months old, he’s clearly more active and agile. Sometimes I feel my son is a baby Jackass with all the swift twists and turns and flips he can do!!! Ay carambaaaa! Good luck to us when he turns 1 and starts walking! EEEP!!! Theo you are mama’s fat burner!!! But […]

Random Ramblings

The Feels for 2015
If there’s one way to sum up the year that has passed, I could boldly proclaim that 2015 was the year that aged me by decades—in spirit, will and might. (Well, hopefully not in flesh too—because that would suck! I would like to remain babyfaced til I’m 70, please. Libre lang mangarap, hindi ba?? Hahaha!) It was […]

Food & Dining Out

Share that Sumo Love
I’m such a big blob for Valentines. I’m already annoyingly cheesy, mushy, corny on a regular day—but it gets heightened all the more every 14th of February. Our first date was on Valentines so it’ll always be special to us as a couple I’m all for making your loved ones feel special, in grand gestures and […]

Gerbil Adventures

Discovery Shores Boracay
Traveling with a 6 month old to Boracay was WAAAAY easier in my head. Clearly, I forgot how active and precocious my son was when I chose to book a flight to Boracay a few months ago. The pictures look pretty decent but behind the scenes it was a whole weekend of dancing, singing, sterilizing, washing, […]

Patty About Town

Dunlopillo Moments
A few months back, I hosted the very intimate DUNLOPILLO moments event. It was a nice gathering of moms from different backgrounds and I just had so much fun engaging with them. I was about 3 months post-partum at the time and SLEEP was truly the most golden word for me. Theo was keeping me and Patrick up […]