All Things Happy

Wedding Throwback
  Today, we celebrate 2 years of marriage! Wooohooooo!!!! And just as a throwback, I’m sharing some our wedding party photos by the Catilos. Please note that these are unedited images, but still so puhhhrteee! We had both our ceremony and reception at Hacienda Isabella. A lot of people have been asking about our reception, […]

Patty's Picks

Holiday Picks at M&S
  If you are like me and belong to a family of consummate gifters, then chances are you spent all your Christmases with Marks&Spencer paper bags congregating under your Christmas tree! Hahaha! It has already become a staple in most households!:) Marks&Spencer still remains a favorite gift destination for the holidays and they just keep […]

Random Ramblings

#PattyLaurelBlog Launch Party
It’s been exactly ONE week since the rebirth of my blog and I still find myself giddy like a school girl. This past week has been such a testament of God’s goodness in my life, which admittedly and sadly, I tend to forget because I’m always too caught up in all the busyness of the […]

Food & Dining Out

Rural Kitchen
When my dad loves something, he becomes obsessed. Exhibit A: Ace Hardware. Exhibit B: The 88 Peso Store. Exhibit C: Mio Cucina in Laguna. Every time I mention a new restaurant, he’d be quick to revert “Ah, mas masarap pa rin sa Mio Cucina!” or “Wala pa rin tatalo sa cheesecake in Mio Cucina!“. My […]

Gerbil Adventures

PattyLaurel X Agoda
  I’m happy to announce that AGODA is now a site sponsor and is my official hotel booking partner for!!!!!! Wooohoooo!!! So to my dear blog readers, let’s all give AGODA a warm welcome..shall we??? Long before this tie up, I’ve been booking via AGODA for many of my trips here and abroad so this […]

Patty About Town

Philippine Fashion Week
  This is a loooooonggggg overdue post but I just wanted to share some photos from my Philippine Fashion Week experience last October. Marge, Kathleen and I supported my 3 favorite Spanish brands: Uno De 50, SFERA, and Suiteblanco. These brands are fashion giants in Europe and have already created such a big buzz in […]