All Things Happy

Theo at 8 Months
I just absolutely love this set of photos by Zeus Martinez (@lifebyohana on IG). Zeus was with us from Theo’s very first month and it’s been so nice journeying with him for the past 8 months! Thank you Zeus for capturing Theo with his favorite Ate cousins Natalie and Audrey and his sweet Oma&Opa. This […]

Patty's Picks

#BeloPamperDay for this Mama
As most of you know, Theo and I are happy members of the BELO BABY family. So I was extra ecstatic to find out that the  BELO LOVE would extend to me also (KILIG TALAGA)—and so now that makes me a happy BELO MOM too!!! As a Mother’s Day treat, the folks at Belo Alabang […]

Random Ramblings

The Feels for 2015
If there’s one way to sum up the year that has passed, I could boldly proclaim that 2015 was the year that aged me by decades—in spirit, will and might. (Well, hopefully not in flesh too—because that would suck! I would like to remain babyfaced til I’m 70, please. Libre lang mangarap, hindi ba?? Hahaha!) It was […]

Food & Dining Out

Tomar: Tapas X Bar
One of the highlights of our recent trip to Bohol was the opening of TOMAR, Amorita Resort’s very own wine and tapas bar. Tomar, which means “to take” in Spanish, is the perfect chill-out spot for discerning guests of the resort.  “Neo-Cultural experience takes center stage in Tomar with innovation thru tradition. The restaurant looks back […]

Gerbil Adventures

5 Ways To Prepare for a Trip with Your Baby
In exactly two weeks, we will be flying again with Theo—but this time we will be in transit for nearly 24 hours!!!! That’s including the flight transfers, lay overs, trip to and from the airport, waiting, and everything else in between. I am bracing myself for the longest travel experience with our baby! He will […]

Patty About Town

Moleskine Celebrates Motherhood
Here are some snaps by Sheila Catilo from the MoleskineXWhole Mom event I was so thrilled to be a part of 🙂 Believe it or not, it was my very first time to catch Rica, Marilen and Chesca in action. They’re just so calm, chill and composed as moms—I am so inspired by them in […]