All Things Happy

Cesco is One!
  I can’t believe it!!! Francesco is ONE!?! Our spunky little party animal had a total blast at his Little Prince themed birthday party in Paris. I’m so sad we missed this celebration but thankful that we have these photographs to revel in. These beautiful pictures were taken by a Paris based Pinoy photographer, Ted […]

Patty's Picks

Holiday Shopping at Adora
It could possibly just be me, but don’t you just end up cramming for the Christmas gifts of the people closest to you?! Well in my case, I always cram for my husband and my parents. I tried to be a good Christmas gifter this year so I started as early as September with my list, by […]

Random Ramblings

The Luckiest
  Balimoon 2012 “I’m not CLINGY! I just really, really, really LIKE you A LOOOOT!” This is what I always reply when Patrick kids me on my night time clingy-ness. I’m actually not a very clingy type of person in general, I mean we keep tabs on each other’s whereabouts throughout the day and keep […]

Food & Dining Out

Brunchissimo at The New Ponti
We have a little family called the THURSDAY GROUP, which really is our Bible Study group/WhatsApp Kalokohan group. We’ve been through so many big and mini milestones with these people and really consider them our support system It’s great to have a steady group of friends that work equally hard, go through similar career/personal struggles, […]

Gerbil Adventures

Video Blog: Gaya Island Resort
Here it is! Our travel video (shot and edited by the husband, as always!) documenting our Gaya Island Resort getaway a few weeks back Thanks again to my site partner, AGODA, for helping me book this fantastic resort It’s the perfect honeymoon destination—and just 1.5 hours away from Manila via plane! And thank you Joseph […]

Patty About Town

Whenever Patrick and I find ourselves in a very photogenic place, we’ll have a little friendly competition and try to outdo each other’s photos. Meron pa kaming inside joke na “Uyyy… Jume-JELITO!” which of course when translated in regular terms would mean: “Wow, that’s a great photo!” hahahaha! Needless to say, Jelito De Leon has become […]