All Things Happy

Our Joint Baby Shower Video
  Here’s a little video recap of the CUDSLYxPATTYKELLY shower A big heartfelt thanks to Kaki Tingzon and Thirty Six O for working on this video. And to CUDSLY, Marge Montemayor, Kaye Cunanan and all our darling friends and sponsors for making this a truly memorable experience! MABUHAY KAYO!!!

Patty's Picks

Our CUDSLY Gift List
Two weeks have passed but the whole CUDSLYxPATTYKELLY experience is still so fresh! Since I’m obviously still hung over, here’s a little video recap by Thirty Six-O It was so nice to just sit back, relax and just be spoiled rotten by CUDSLY and our dearest friends and partners! This was definitely a welcome treat […]

Random Ramblings

A Life of Adventure
Bali. Paris. Hong Kong. Dubrovnik. Brisbane. Bohol. Singapore. New York. Cebu. Sydney. Balesin. Bangkok. Barcelona. Tokyo. Bacolod. Borneo. Seattle. Normandy. Reykjavik. Davao. Vegas. Bosnia and Herzegovina. Normandy.  Baler. Gold Coast. Kuala Lumpur. Siem Reap. These are just some of the cities we’ve discovered together in our first 2.5 years of marriage. Yes, it’s been QUITE an […]

Food & Dining Out

Stella’s Spiral Celebration
  One of my dearest and oldest friends (and by “oldest” I don’t mean she’s old…I mean we’ve been friends the longest—she was my BFF all the way back in Grade 1 so yes, I’ve known her all my life) STELLA, celebrated her 32nd birthday last week and we had an intimate couples dinner at […]

Gerbil Adventures

Video Blog: Washington Road Trip
Here you go, folks, the video our family getaway to Mt. Rainier is finally up!!!! This video is making me miss our family in Seattle even more—especially our pamangkins Bella and Mateo! Thank you Lord for allowing us to spend time with Paul, Mic and their family..bitin na bitin, but it was such a memorable […]

Patty About Town

Our Summer Potluck
About a month ago, I got a call from Clara Ole inviting me to participate in their Potluck Foodfest series and it came at such a perfect time! I was really planning to host a little party at our condo to celebrate my husband’s birthday and figured it would be cool to include our close […]