All Things Happy

Proverbs 31 Woman
  I really believe that God’s provision does not only come in terms of finances and material blessings—but in my life, I’ve found that God provides and fills me by sending GOOD people my way. People who encourage, celebrate with you, grieve with you, laugh with you. At the peak of my hormational-ness (hormones and […]

Patty's Picks

Four Favorites of the Week
Here are my Four Picks for the Week! Just a random selection of things I’ve received and have come to love. Hopefully you’ll find something intriguing in this week’s list. Thanks again to Bea Marquez for snapping these light and airy photos for me And to all the kind people who sent these products for […]

Random Ramblings

Nap Time!
Socks by @happysocksph My two favorite words these days are “NAP TIME”!!!!!! If there’s one symptom of pregnancy that has become very dominant in my life right now—it would be my extreme sleepiness. I have become such a consummate napper, I am seriously considering this as a profession! Hahaha! This whole slug-life (I used to […]

Food & Dining Out

Gino’s: Pizza and Beyond
So I’ve been torturing myself for far too long, drooling over Instagram photos of friends who have been taking a ton of Burrata photos. Burrata here, Burrata there…Burrata everywhere!!! So one day, I decided “Enough is Enough! I need to put some Burrata in mahhhh belly!” So I summoned my peeps to set a lunch date at GINO’S OVEN BRICK […]

Gerbil Adventures

Video Blog: The Pats in Iceland
Tadaaaaahhhh!!! Here it is, ladies and gents! A true test of Patrick’s skills, as this was shot in the harshest weather conditions, the most extreme cold  we’ve ever experienced in our lives! We visited Iceland at the peak of winter and endured their negative 2 to negative 6 degree climate with strong winds just for […]

Patty About Town

Shopping Frenzy at Sm Shoe City
  Yesterday my shoe-a-holism raged at an all time high when I was invited to do some shoe-shopping at the newly renovated SM SHOE CITY. I was joined by my friends and fellow bloggers, Kelly Misa-Fernandez, Angela Nepomuceno and Jackie Go. The whole 4th floor of The Sm Store Makati is dedicated to SHOES and […]