All Things Happy

Theo’s 1st Month
Howdy folks! Here’s the first installment of our 12-part series with the amazing Zeus Martinez (@shootinanylight on IG). With his help, we will be able to chronicle the little and big milestones of Theo’s first year. So each month you’ll have a dose of Theo through the lens of Zeus on the blog! Yahoo! When Zeus […]

Patty's Picks

Shifting Gears
  It’s been 8.5 weeks post-partum and as expected, I still have a bit of love bulges here and there which has made dressing up a bit trickier. My pregnancy wardrobe seems a bit too loose while I don’t quite fit my pre-pregnancy clothes yet–so here I am in this weird phase! Hehehe! These days, […]

Random Ramblings

It Does Get Better (and Better!)
` Image via DesignLoveFest Can I get an ALLELUIA!?! Because I feel NORMAL again! I feel average, I feel regular, and it feels uhhh-maaaa-zing!!! You may be laughing at how low I’ve set the bar for myself, why would someone aspire to be average and regular?!? Believe me, after going through what I’ve been through, NORMAL […]

Food & Dining Out

Earth Kitchen
  I’ve been hearing so many great things about EARTH KITCHEN for months now but because they were located so far away from the bundooooks where I live, I never got the chance to sample their food. Thankfully, they opened another branch in Bonifacio High Street—which on a good day (meaning no traffic!) is just […]

Gerbil Adventures

Travel Tuesday Throwback: Iceland
Here’s a little video throwback for you guys to enjoy today. Still hands down, one of the most memorable trips on our list! I was about 11-12 weeks pregnant at the time so it was quite an adventure for me, Patrick and our little Theo (who was still a little bean inside of me!).

Patty About Town

Field Day
    WARNING!!! There’s just too much cuteness happening in this blog post—so people, get ready for your hearts to burst! hahaha Here are some photos gathered from different cameras of our fun baby playdate yesterday This was Theo’s first time to meet his “batchmates” so this was a big deal for us! I even […]