All Things Happy

The past year has been the BEST YEAR of our lives all because of Theo. He has changed my life for the better in so many ways, it would take me forever to come up with a list. His birthday not only marks his first year on Earth, it also signifies our first year as […]

Patty's Picks

Shopping at Landers
So it was a toss up between filing this under “Patty’s Picks” or “Gerbil Adventures”. All because, this seems more like a travel post! Hahahaha! Since I’m a probiinsyano who lives down SOUTH, right on the edge of Alabang, straddling the demarcation line—traveling to LANDERS SUPERSTORE (on Edsa Balintawak) was quite literally a road trip for […]

Random Ramblings

My 10 Baby Travel Tips, Tricks and Missteps
Hey folks! I’m still badly jet lagged and so you’ll have to forgive the blunders in my thought processing, grammar, sentence construction and spelling—include math, geography, and everything else in between just to be sure. Hahaha! I just missed you so much on the blog, I was so excited to write about my experience and […]

Food & Dining Out

Mateo’s, we meet again :)
When you live on the edge—and I don’t mean this figuratively but literally, like on the edge of the Metro Manila map, hahahaha—- finding yourself in Quezon City on a random Sunday is definitely worth celebrating. There could only be 3 reasons why you would find me in QC: 1) I have a work engagement […]

Gerbil Adventures

Baby Friendly Places in Paris
Oh, the City of Lights… Paris. Definitely one of the most (if not the most) romantic places in the world. THE honeymoon choice of millions, there is just something about this city that makes you feel all mushy and kiliiiiiiggggg. But if you’re no longer in the honeymoon stage of your life and have now embraced […]

Patty About Town

School of Styling at EVIA
Last week, the School of Styling hosted a special Dessert Buffet Styling Workshop at EVIA LIFESTYLE CENTER and so I dragged my favorite South girls to join me. After the engaging and practical workshop of Indy (@shedreamsinink on IG and Facebook) my ladies: Kathleen, Krissy, Rachel and Sheila did such an amazing job with the […]