All Things Happy

Liana X Nara’s Birthday Bash
The two darlings of #BabyBarangay, Liana and Nara, recently celebrated their 4th and 2nd birthday in a joint birthday bash. Kudos to Cat and Bianca for executing this party so perfectly! It was so well-balanced and thoughtfully planned that both kids&adults actually enjoyed. Because the kids were all happily busy in their respective play “stations”, we had […]

Patty's Picks

His&Hers from Coach
I recall watching this video of the QUEEN of Instagram and (OF LIFE, If you ask me) Selena Gomez and completely falling madly in love with “THE COACH SWAGGER “. First things firstl, can we just discuss the color??? It had my name written all over it—on top of Selena’s, hahaha. This version in particular […]

Random Ramblings

My 10 Baby Travel Tips, Tricks and Missteps
Hey folks! I’m still badly jet lagged and so you’ll have to forgive the blunders in my thought processing, grammar, sentence construction and spelling—include math, geography, and everything else in between just to be sure. Hahaha! I just missed you so much on the blog, I was so excited to write about my experience and […]

Food & Dining Out

Ibiza Beach Club BGC
It seems like just about all the “IT” people on Instagram have been posting about IBIZA BEACH CLUB in BGC. I don’t think I qualify as a legitimate “IT” girl unless it’s used in another context—like “IT” in “What is IT???” with a puzzled look trying to identify an unknown species or spotting some alien […]

Gerbil Adventures

Our South African Safari
I rarely use the word “EPIC”,  in fact, I think I’ve only used it once in the blog. Out of respect for the word itself, I never use it lightly. I’ll call a fun weekend what it is— “a FUN WEEKEND” but never an “EPIC WEEKEND”–because that would mean it would be the weekend of all […]

Patty About Town

Mom’s Day Out
  “What you want to do. What you think you should do. What you think you can do.” Often times, these three metrics seem to be at odds with each other in my life. When the stars do align and all 3 conditions are met though, it seems like finding a unicorn in a herd of zebras! […]