All Things Happy

Patrick’s Anniversary Surprise
  Darling, I’m surprised you actually managed to pull off this surprise! (Is that sentence redundant?! hehe) I had zero inkling, you were your usual deadma self and so I was completely floored by this. I love that you made such a huge effort for our special day. So sweet!!!! Thanks to my girls Bing, […]

Patty's Picks

Eden Park is now in Manila
Luxury brand EDEN PARK is now in Manila Patrick and I dropped by their branch in Central Square in Bonifacio High Street and did a bit of retail therapy. Here are some photos from our little shopping trip!    

Random Ramblings

The Feels for 2015
If there’s one way to sum up the year that has passed, I could boldly proclaim that 2015 was the year that aged me by decades—in spirit, will and might. (Well, hopefully not in flesh too—because that would suck! I would like to remain babyfaced til I’m 70, please. Libre lang mangarap, hindi ba?? Hahaha!) It was […]

Food & Dining Out

The Soon-to-Be’s at Roux
Two more couples in our Bible Study Barkada (That’s what BSB stands for, sorry to disappoint you Nick Carter and Howie fans! LOL!!!) are getting hitched this year so we wanted to send them off in the best way possible—WITH LOTS OF GOOD FOOD!!! No program, no games, just a whole evening of eating-eating-laughing-some awkward […]

Gerbil Adventures

Discovery Shores Boracay
Traveling with a 6 month old to Boracay was WAAAAY easier in my head. Clearly, I forgot how active and precocious my son was when I chose to book a flight to Boracay a few months ago. The pictures look pretty decent but behind the scenes it was a whole weekend of dancing, singing, sterilizing, washing, […]

Patty About Town

This is a bit overdue (mommy had some serious backlog because of the holidays and work work work!!!) but I’d like to share some photos from the ZIPPY store opening in Glorietta. I went bonkers over all the clothes available for Theo! So stylish for my little gentleman!! I think I got a bit too […]