All Things Happy

Make It Blissful X Jelito De Leon Shoot
  When Martine De Luna of Make It Blissful (super-mom, super-woman, super-friend) told me she had a special gift to give me—a private photo shoot with THE Jelito De Leon, I was beyond EXCITED!!! I’ve always been such a fan of this young photographer’s work so to have him come to our house to shoot me […]

Patty's Picks

Latch Preps
  I haven’t popped yet, still playing the LOOOONG waiting game with my little one. It’s true what they all say, the first 8 months whizz by so quickly but it’s the last month that really feels like an eternity. It’s a true test of my EQ, I just want to see my baby already!!! […]

Random Ramblings

Good To Me
So this has been the most exciting and joyful season of our life yet on the same note, admittedly, it has been the most costly one yet!! The bills keep piling and there seems to be a tsunami of things to pay for coming any minute now. EEEPPP. I recall being on the same boat […]

Food & Dining Out

I Am Kim
I’ve never been to Korea yet I’m such a big fan of their cuisine. Along with Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese—Korean food is definitely one of my top favorite cuisines! So when we were invited to try the newly opened I AM KIM in Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons, it was an instant YES for me and […]

Gerbil Adventures

Best Date Place in Sydney: Golden Age Cinema
  Exactly a year ago, Patrick and I were in Sydney for the Hillsong Conference. The weather was crisp and cool, perfect for long and leisurely walks–which made our week long break really enjoyable. On our first night in Sydney, we decided to do something different and luckily chanced upon the Golden Age Cinema. We’ve been […]

Patty About Town

Our Summer Potluck
About a month ago, I got a call from Clara Ole inviting me to participate in their Potluck Foodfest series and it came at such a perfect time! I was really planning to host a little party at our condo to celebrate my husband’s birthday and figured it would be cool to include our close […]