Pretty Little Rings

This week has been a week of announcements! I'm over the moon :) :) I'm happy to share my new venture with the wonderfully talented, Elena Bautista. I've been a fan of her work for quite some time now! She made a lovely monogram necklace for me last year (which unfortunately, I lost during my European trip. :( Huhuhuhu! I was really sad for a few days!) and ever since then, we became instant friends. I am collaborating with her for this very special line of stackable rings. These rings are gorgeous in the flesh! You'll want to buy them all! And there's something extra special about each one (which I will reveal soon enough, please be patient my darlings!). On top of that, these are "giving rings" because each purchase brings joy to a child in need! Instead of earning from the sales, I've decided to give my entire portion to an organization my family and I have been supporting for years now: The children of CENEP Tondo and Mandaluyong. 

I posted some images on my Instagram this afternoon and now my inbox is full! I've received so many order requests already. The wish list is soon piling up (good problem!) so please make sure you email me at so I can prioritize your orders. Bless your heart, ladies! I really appreciate all your support. You're making a lot of kids very happy..and trust me your fingers will thank you too. 

The rings will be sold individually and in sets as well and we will have all the concrete details (prices, sizes, stones, designs) very soon! If all goes well, we hope to launch the line by September 30. Fingers and toes crossed!!! Thank you again so much Elena for your generosity, I am 100% sure that the Lord will bless you so much in return. 

McDo Fans Unite

There are days that just calls for a Caramel Sundae with hot fries on the side--for the ultimate PMS sweet-salty-sweet-salty satisfaction. I see Patrick shaking his head right now :) :) Of course, he can't judge me because he also has his Nuggets addiction---so ayun, quits na kaming dalawa. Hahaha! 

Guess what, McDonald’s now has a mobile app---McDo PH!! I discovered it a few days ago and it actually works. Ibang level na si McDo, may pa-app-app na sila haaaa..nakkkks :) :) Well, this makes it even more convenient for McDo lovers to order. It's a free app and it can be downloaded on most mobile devices within minutes. If you're an iPhone user and you are viewing this through your phone now, you can click HERE to start the download.

The McDo PH App is very EASY to use, I don't know if I should even bother explaining it here because even a child could order through it! You just click on the delivery icon, swipe to select the items, key in the number of orders, choose your location, and that's it! Mas mahirap pa ata maglaro ng Candy Crush! Seryoso! You can always visit their FB page HERE for more details but the app is pretty straightforward. Pa-Cheeseburger ka naman, diyan! WITH TWISTER FRIESSSSSS!!! Hahaha!

A Letter To My Readers

I was supposed to keep it a secret but my low EQ levels can't contain it any longer!!!! ANNOUNCEMENT: This October, I'll be giving birth---to a healthy baby BLOG! Hahahaha! :) :) FRIENDS, my blog is getting a makeover!!! I have a whole army of friends who are helping me with this love project of mine and my heart is just bursting with gratefulness. I have Martine De Luna as the backbone of my new site, Bea Marquez is squeezing her creative juices all over it,  Marge Montemayor is making all the elements come to life, Katrina San Juan is helping me with the images and my darling husband is cooking up a special video too! It feels like our wedding all over again (in a smaller context of course), because of all the labor of love from close peers that I've been receiving. 

My blog was born in 2005 and I've been using this plain Jane blogger template since then. Thank goodness for my beautiful header (designed by my artsy BFF Alessa Lanot), it was the only thing that made my blog feel special! Thanks Ale! Hehehe! I was just chatting with Rica yesterday about it and we kept laughing at how "nene" looking my blog has always been. I even joked that I feel like singing the old commercial jingle "Dalaga ka na, hindi na bata...kay daming pagbabago.." as an ode to my very simple and basic blog. But Rica mentioned something that made my heart flutter. She said she was amazed that people still follow me "kahit hindi maarte yung blog mo" and that it was nice that I was improving my blog to be gracious to my readers. And she just really took the words out of my mouth and nailed it. That's exactly what I feel everyday when I read your emails to me. WOW, these people really bothered to read my blog. WOW, these people actually enjoyed the photos I posted. WOW, these people are really committed to journeying with me. Out of the thousands upon thousands of glossy blogs with perfect photos and beautiful layouts, they took the time to read mine!!!! My wenk-wenk, very elementary looking blog. It's incredibly humbling and I have nothing but GRATITUDE for my loyal readers. I just want to group hug you all!!!! Right now!!! Thank you to my dear readers, you are my virtual family indeed. 

So yes, this blog makeover is really my way of SAYING THANK YOU. It's my way of saying that you guys mean the world to me and I would like to give you a blog that will be worth visiting. In true DAPAtty form, it won't be anything fancy, or sophisticated or complicated. My pictures will still feel amateur (pero gagalingan ko na talaga, promise! I am learning!) and far from "editorial" levels and my writing will still be kengkoy and silly as always. The content will remain the same---well, because I have no choice! This is how I write and how I blog! Sorry guys, the blog developer can only do so much..hanggang tech stuff lang sila. You're stuck with me, content wise. Hahaha!!! But seriously though, it will still have the heart and soul of this simple blog---but presented to you in a more organized way to allow you guys to really maximize your reading experience. 

So in the coming weeks, we might have a day or two down to fix some tweaks here and there so I hope you'll bear with me. Parang DPWH sign lang, "Under Construction"---but unlike the government, I promise we'll work on it really fast so we have you guys back on the blog in no time. (Sorry for the jab, Philippine Government, but you guys really take forever and a half.). So to all my dear readers, I hope you'll join me in praying for the new site. I know it doesn't seem like such a big deal---but it is really my baby for now. This blog is where I'm able to connect with readers from all over, a place where I can share things that matter to me, and more importantly it's a place where I can express my love for my family, friends and Jesus. :) I'll give you guys some updates in the coming weeks!!! WOOOHOOOO!!! I.

This Week's Awesome Discovery

I'm Miss Stuffy Nose. No fail, I always wake up with a stuffy nose in the morning. It always disappears by the time I get up and do my thing, but it really bugs me for the first few minutes of my waking. Maybe I'm allergic to something (some say it could be related to gluten intolerance! Eeep!) and it doesn't seem to be all too serious, just annoying really, hehehe.

MUJI let me road-test their Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser over the weekend and I think I might have just found a cure to my morning sniffles! You basically just pour a few drops of the essential oil and blend it with about 100ml of water, plug it in and it will release a dry mist that envelopes the room in a very subtle way. The scent is distributed so evenly, it's not overpowering at all. You can choose from 3 scents depending on your mood, of course: Relax (Lavender), Refresh (Eucalyptus/Japanese Cypress) and Power Up (Summer Leisure). I tried the Japanese Cypress scent and found it very calming. 

This Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser also comes with an LED light so it can also double as a night lamp by your bedside. And just like most MUJI items, it comes in a very simple and understated design that will blend seamlessly into any room, office, or spa. This product has been buzzed about all over Japan, China and other Asian countries so I can imagine it will become a crowd favorite in Manila as well. It's now available in all MUJI stores in the Philippines.

The Girls of Thirty Six-O

Akira: The Art of Sushi and Teppanyaki

I know I've been blogging about all things JAPANESE for these past few weeks, so please bear with me today as I another JAPANESE themed entry.  Sorrrrrryyyyy! I can't help myself.. I'm obsessed with JAPAN, their food, culture, style, everything! 

Today, I'd like to talk about my new fave Teppanyaki joint, AKIRA. My folks and I tried out their Shangrila Mall branch a few weekends ago and we absolutely loved it! We've been telling all our friends to try it--"Gusto niyo ng Japanese? Go to AKIRA!!" has been our mandatory line for a good 2 weeks now. Hahaha! We all love traditional Teppanyaki and the theatrics that come along with this style of cooking. It makes the dining experience even more enjoyable. Our assigned cook, Lucky, did such a wonderful job with his knife tricks and other antics---para kaming mga bata, aliw na aliw talaga! Especially my dad who kept saying "Wow, this guy is so talented!!!" Hahaha.

We availed of the GROUP SPECIAL with Japanese Wagyu (a must!!!!) which is good for 5 persons. Since we were only 4, we just took home the extra food and my folks had Akira left overs for dinner. The whole AKIRA experience was very entertaining and the food was equally stellar! Masarap talaga!! Hayyyy, I want to eat in AKIRA again!! Thank you again to the AKIRA Shangri-la Branch team :) 

Bowling Baby Shower

Here are the photos from last night's Bowling Baby Shower for CATILO BABY#3! Good job to my buddy Jorem for planning this wonderful celebration for our dear Sheila and Baby#3 (name is still a secret for now, hihihihi)! We can't wait to meet you in November, our little angel :) :) Most of the photos here were grabbed from Sheila's FB!

Dressed up a bit for the Mercedes Benz party tonight. Hihihihi, that's all :)

Century Southern Tower

A few posts back I posted about our luxurious stay at The Palace Hotel, today I'll be talking about another hotel in Tokyo---this time a more practical and family friendly choice: Hotel Century Southern Tower. I also booked this hotel via AGODA. Thank you again Char Vilchez for being so helpful! You always give the best hotel recos! :) I've been getting lots of inquiries via email for recommendations for family friendly hotels, so to those who have been asking, you might want to consider this hotel. Although it's a business hotel, it's still great for big groups and families because of their price points and accessibility. 

Located in the heart of Shinjuku, this is the perfect hotel for those who just need a safe base for sightseeing. If you're the type of traveler who spends more time outdoors than inside the hotel, then this is a great choice for you. Their prime location makes it very easy to get to several points of interest because the hotel sits right on top of the JR Train Station. And since it's right where the action is, you can just step out for lunch/dinner and try the hole in the wall restos around the area. Patrick and I loved the location of this hotel, we didn't have to spend for a cab because commuting via train/subway was so convenient for us. 

The rooms are decently sized (for Japanese standards), compact but comfortable. The bathrooms are very simple but clean, with all the basic toiletries laid out for you. And with free WiFi in all public areas and even in the rooms, you can post all your Instagram photos with ease and document your travel adventures right away. I think it's really a BIG PLUS when hotels provide free WiFi, it has become one of my qualifications for selecting a hotel, next to cleanliness, location and price of course, Hehehe!

They pride themselves in the functionality of the hotel and in true Japanese culture, make it as efficient as possible for all their guests. They even have self-service push carts at the lobby, making it easier for independent travelers to just bring their own bags to their rooms. By cutting costs on the usual bell-boy services, they can bring down the prices of their rooms---which to a low maintenance kind of traveler who doesn't really need all the extra attention, this would seem like a fair compromise. 

If you book in advance, you might be able to grab the Breakfast Buffet package. They have a really good spread and selection in the morning. Overall, I would recommend this hotel for the traveler who wants more bang for their buck, someone looking for a clean, no-frills, value for money hotel--with a location that's really hard to beat. :) :) Thank you again Century Southern Tower for taking good care of us! We'll definitely be back soon!

Book your next vacation through :)

Still on a GILAS High

If you're still on a GILAS High, click on the videos below! Thirty Six O produced this special 4 part documentary last year for GILAS PILIPINAS and it was definitely one of the highlights of our year :) Maraming Salamat Ulit sa GILAS PILIPINAS at kay Coach Chot. You made us all so very proud!!!!

Gilas Pilipinas: The Road to FIBA Asia (Episode 1) from ThirtySix-O Media on Vimeo.

Gilas Pilipinas: The Road to FIBA Asia (Episode 2) from ThirtySix-O Media on Vimeo.

Gilas Pilipinas: The Road to FIBA Asia (Episode 3) from ThirtySix-O Media on Vimeo.

Gilas Pilipinas: The Road to FIBA Asia (Episode 4) from ThirtySix-O Media on Vimeo.

Hello Kitty Flies to Paris

So we may never find closure about the whole "Hello Kitty is NOT a Cat" debate that has been all over the internet for the past few weeks..but at least we can still show our love for HELLO KITTY by flying with Eva Air. I've flown numerous times via Eva Air and I'm always impressed by their warm service and spacious cabins. If you're a big HELLO KITTY fan (or if you have kids who are), you'll be happy to know that the famous HELLO KITTY Plane now flies to PARIS!!!!!!! 

Effective 29 Oct., 2014, EVA will operate its Hello Kitty Hand-in-Hand Jet on its regular schedule as BR87 from Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) to Paris’ Charles de Gaulle (CDG) on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. On the return journey, it will fly BR88, CDG-TPE on Monday, Thursday and Saturday. EVA offers a total of four weekly flights between Taipei and Paris. And for Manila travelers, you can easily fly from Manila to Taipei to connect to Paris. Passengers can book flights now through travel agents, EVA ticket offices and online at :) Someday, someday!!! I vow to try one of these Hello Kitty flights---and yes, I'm bringing my husband along with me. HAHAHAHA!

The Pats in Tokyo

No words, just love :) :) :) Tokyo, you have captured my heart YET again!

I'll be posting our Tokyo Travel Video soon!:) :) | All Rights Reserved. 2011.