10 Things Before 10AM

Patrick and I are both freelancers so it’s sort of a struggle to keep a routine given our line of work. We have work days that start in the afternoon and stretch all the way til the wee hours of the following morning, there are some days wherein we have NOTHING booked for the day and it drives me nuts, then there are days when we have gig after gig–like they all just decided to hold events all on the same day!Patrick runs a business so he has office hours as well on top of his freelance work, so it’s really more complex for him than me. I just enjoy having unpredictable weeks! Hehe! But I do realize that it’s important to create a routine in the morning—even if we can’t follow it to the tee, we try to at least get a LOT of things done in the morning before we face the world. Some days it’s 10 Things Before 9AM, 7AM, etc but the idea is just to be as productive as possible even before the actual productivity at work starts!

We received a lot of cool and creative gifts from friends when we got married, but this is definitely one of my favorites.  Pat’s tita gave us a very straight forward book called “Praying for Your Marriage”, each chapter has two pages. TWO LITTLE PAGES (at malaki pa yung font!). If you have time to brush your teeth, update your FB status, or tie your shoelaces, I’m pretty sure you have time to read two pages. Hehehe 🙂 We really don’t have a very “holy” way of praying–we just read the 2 pages, discuss a bit, then we pray together about our marriage, the day we will both be facing, finances, my pimple, my chocolate addiction, etc. 

So one of the things I promised Patrick for 2013 was that I would be more committed to my health this year. We went to the gym last Monday–and I failed miserably. Maybe I’ll LEARN TO LOVE it someday–but that doesn’t seem to be the case for me now. So I bargained with Patrick and now I exercise via Dance Central. It’s actually a fun way to work out a sweat—plus it’s FREE!!! 

Every morning I have a stare off with my pantry, thinking of what to prepare for breakfast. I was never the domesticated kind of girl–I’m far from the stepford wife peg that most girls already are when they enter marriage. I’m a guerilla cook and I’ve been learning things on the fly. So far hindi pa naman nagkakaroon ng food poisoining yung asawa ko, so that’s a good sign!! Hahahaha

I love preparing breakfast for Pat–it’s probably the most important meal of his day because it will dictate his mood for the rest of the 24 hours.

My father-in-law prepared a Dummy Proof Pancake Mix just for me!!! Isn’t he the sweetest? He even wrote down the instructions for me. It’s oh so simple, I just add water! Haha 🙂 I love having pancakes with lots and lots and lots of crispy honey cured BACOOOOONNNN!!! Kick out PNOY, Bacon for President!!!!

Uggh, I hate doing the dishes. Just seeing the pile of pots and pans already gives me a headache. But once I start washing, it actually magically turns into therapy! It makes me happy to be a part of the transformation—making dirty things clean again, taking away all the grease and grime, and putting things back in order..ayyy, OCness! 

I love watching CNN, Al Jazeera, and BBC. I’m especially a fan of their talk shows and documentaries. Even if Piers Morgan annoys me to a certain degree (he always interrupts his guests!!! Ibalik si Larry King!!!), I still enjoy watching his show and other shows on these international news channels. It feels great to be informed, to know what’s happening out there, and to  be aware of soci0-political and environmental events.    Watching the news is actually a good way to exercise your brain 🙂 You need to be mentally fit too you know!

I’ll be turning 30 next year and yet I always get mistaken as a 23 year old 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Yes, ang yabang koooo! Kailangan ko talaga ito ipagyabang!!! Ang saya kaya to look younger than your age!!! Sinisita pa ako ng guard sa Ateneo because he thought I was a student..I wanted to hug that manong guard! I wanted to ask him to reenact the whole thing so I could capture it on video and show it to all of my friends “See guys, guys, mukha pa akong college!!!”. Hahaha. And that’s why I’ve been very diligent in cleansing and moisturizing–I hope I will be able to keep this youthful glow (naks, parang commercial line!) for a few more years! I don’t have flawless skin guys (that’s why I pray over my pimples)—no one does!!! The goal is not to be fairer or to erase your flaws, the goal is to have HEALTHY and CLEAN skin 🙂

Make the effort to look for something to inspire you–a friend’s photo, a magazine clipping, a painting, your grandma’s pancit malabon. There will always be something or someone within your 1 mile radius that you can draw inspiration from–you just have to open your eyes 🙂 But kids, being inspired by someone doesn’t mean being the exact replica! Use that inspiration to compel you to do something NEW, UNIQUE, with your NAME written all over it!

My inspiration for the week is my boy Pharell. He’s the coolest. Who else can pull off orange, purple and pink?!?!! And he’s a manly man!!! Pat was teasing me na crush ko daw si Snoop Dogg and Pharell so I had to correct him—hindi ko sila crush, gusto ko sila maging FRIENDS! I wanna be part of their barkada!! Big difference!!!

Whether it’s coming up with a nice blog entry, OR sending a loved one a personal email to say hello and how ya doing, I always try to put this keyboard to good use by using it to spread happy vibes. BUT BUT BUT, this does not happen everyday! Kapag bad trip ako, naku, patay tong keyboard sa kin! I bang on these keys pretty hard when I’m pissed. Hey, Im human. 

I got this wooden block from Wooden Canvas last Christmas and it’s a really nice reminder for me each day! Each day can be exciting, meaningful, purposeful—you just have to challenge yourself to really put yourself out there and SEIZE THE DAY!!! 

15 Responses to 10 Things Before 10AM

  1. I enjoyed reading this entry!! 🙂 I should write as positive as you are and yes, it’s important to be productive in the morning coz it kinda dictates your productivity the whole day. I remember I went to a casino in Macau when I was 24 years old (that’s 3 years ago) and the guard won’t let me in and said, “under 18 no entry”. back then, i looked 6 years younger! imagine my smile. hahaha was so kilig but i guess it’s the skin and my face. I super love this entry. While reading this, i can imagine you smiling, giggling and laughing.. you really have this way of bringing positivity. I really hope to meet you in person one day. :))) Keep inspiring us!!! Thank you, Patty! :))

  2. you’re funny. and yes, you’re human. i love reading your posts, they’re like virtual sunshines. if i see you in ateneo when i pick up my sister, i might not be able to contain myself, magpapa-photo op talaga ako.. together with my celebracion by suelas!

  3. Thank you, Patty, for this post. I’m always a little bitter reading your entries because your life seems so perfect lol. I enjoyed this one thoroughly.

  4. Had the same experience! Kuya Guard from Zobel wouldn’t let me out one Friday afternoon when I visited ’cause he thought I was a 3rd year student wearing casual attire. That was 3 years ago. I was 21 then. We use the same moisturizer! I think that’s the secret! HAHAHAHA! (It really IS dramatically different, though!)

  5. I love this post! As a college student I should do a list like this so I don’t have to start the day all stressed and late to school. Any tips for college students? Since you’re a college professor hehe

  6. you know this already but i’m still gonna say it! you really do send happy positive vibes! you don’t just make us smile, we giggle a lot 😉 thank God for you and bloggers like you 😉

  7. Pareha tayo mahilig ako magblog kasi I want to share good things to my friends and to random readers. Tsaka mahilig din ko sa international new/ historical channels and mahilig magbasa ng magazines, online articles just to have something new within the day. Parang hindi lng puro friends, work and fam life and iniisip kundi may something new ka ron na masshare sa circles mo. Galing noh? hehehe Power of internet galing! 😉

  8. thanks for this post Ms. Patty este Mrs. Filart! In am a silent (hehe) fan ever since ive came across your blog. I hope to meet you soon! Godbless!

    -KC Estanislao

  9. Ms. Patty!

    Kindly share naman the face/body products you use o. Share naman po the secret in looking 23 years old! Please blog about it. I tried looking for your past posts about it but I fear that you’ve slightly changed some of the products you use. Pretty please! 🙂 Thanks! Looking forward to reading it!