My Totes Amaze Dryer!!!

Warning: this is a completely domesticated Misis ng Tahanan post..but it’s serious business and I totally feel it!!! Hahaha!!! 🙂 So our laundry situation has been less than stellar especially during the rainy months of June-August. I’ve never had problems with having the clothes washed and cleaned—I’ve been very happy with our mega matipid washing machine from Electrolux for over a year now. The big problem for me was having them properly dried. We don’t live in a mansion with lots of “sampayan space”, our modest home just has a small clothes line area that can accommodate a handful of pieces at a time. When you have to constantly refresh towels, bed sheets, jeans, tops, and not to mention the quick turnover of lampins and onesies of an extra active and drooly toddler—-there’s simply no way around it. The piles of laundry will stare right back at you!!! And even if you wish for them to magically disappear, they won’t. Chances are if you put it off for a day, it’ll be an even bigger monster 24 hours later.

Because of the bad erratic weather of rain-rain-rain (even a light drizzle can literally dampen your laundry spirits), I had to resort to outsourcing some of our laundry and drying because we couldn’t dry everything properly. Patrick was getting annoyed with that wet rag smell on his clothes, you know that smell that you can’t mask even if the clothes are thoroughly washed simply because it wasn’t aired and dried 100%. EEW. “Kulob” was the enemy and even my darling baby boy was smelling a bit funky because even his onesies were not dried well. Outsourcing the laundry and drying was not ideal 1) it was an added cost and strain on my household budget 2) It was hard to keep an inventory and making sure nothing was lost or stolen! 3) I am very particular about the detergent used because I have eczema and I also prefer using gentle fabric detergents for my son, so having it outsourced made me stress about what detergents they would be using.

One morning as Maimai (my super yaya and assistant in life! Hahaha) and I were sorting the laundry, we looked at each other and just sighed. I conceded. “Sige Mai, kailangan na talaga”. And surprise, surprise!!! Just an hour later, I received an email from my friends in Electrolux sharing the good news about their latest Dryer model: Electrolux Iron Aid Front Load Dryer EDS7051. It was a goosebumps moment for me!!! So they helped me with the delivery and even installation and now we have an amazing DRYER!!! 🙂 🙂 And yes, it feels like Christmas for our household! And now our clothes are always fresh and clean and DRY!!!

Okay, the name itself is promising. “IRON AID” is true to it’s title. Our helpers are the ones who have claimed this as an ALLELUIA for them as it significantly reduces creasing in your clothes and the need for ironing with Vapour Action. Iron Aid gives you clothes that are clean and dry but with less wrinkles so you can get away with less ironing too. You can opt for Extra Dry, Normal Dry, and Iron Dry settings for each cycle—so you can actually segregate in batches based on the type of clothes you have. TIP: Though the Electrolux Iron Aid Front Load Dryer is one of the more economical dryers for its drying cycle, the user needs to be aware that high temperature means higher power consumption. So you just have to be mindful and strategize when you’ll use the dryer so you don’t waste electricity. 🙂 🙂

So here are some snaps I took with Theo as my dryer model. LOL!

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  1. just a tip to save energy, obviously we would hang our clothes in the sun if its a nice day but the whole point of your post, I understand, is when the weather is not cooperating. So hang your clothes inside the house for a bit, say, overnight or a full afternoon. This will dry the clothes about 80-90% so you would only need to put them in the dryer for 10 mins and that will be enough to have it crisp dry rather than putting your clothes straight in the dryer as soon as it gets out of your washing machine where you would be running your dryer for at least an hour. also use dryer sheets for extra softness and fresh smell. its amazing!

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