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  1. WOW!!!!! He proposed na!! Woohooo!!! Congrats Ms. Patty!!! 🙂 Cheers to Awesome 2012!!! 🙂 Video!!!! LOL. Happy New year to you Ms. Patty, Patrick and to your family! 🙂 Keep on inspiring us and sharing your well written posts! 🙂

  2. Huwwoww!!! What a way to welcome 2012! It must be so kilig – kasi ako nga kilig na kilig for you! Hahaha! Congratulations! You deserve all the goodness life can give! This is it pancit!!!

  3. Me and my mom have been following your blog since it started! im gonna wait for her to find out about this. wow you so super duper deserve all the happiness! and super kakakilig naman na you start the new year with a MEGA INFERNO-LIKE bomb! hahaha. Congratulations!

  4. Congratumalations Patty & Patrick 🙂
    I know you both will make goodlooking little Patty and little Patrick soon 🙂

    Can’t wait for “The Proposal” blogpost hehehe :))

  5. Patty, wala bang kambal si Patrick? haha Just kidding! You guys look so great together though I haven’t seen you in person. Praying for you both. God bless!!!