#BabyBarangay’s Happy Place

I’ve said this a thousand times over to my husband, “If you don’t know what to get me for my birthday/ Christmas/ Valentines/ Anniversary/ Mother’s Day—just send me to ZARA on my own to SHOP!”. In fact, it has become Patrick’s expression “Babe, ZARA nalang!” when he hits a dead end and runs out of ideas for gifts! Just like chocolates, he knows the word ZARA will instantly put me in a good mood. Hahaha. A lot of moms share the same sentiments towards this clothing mecca, it’s definitely a happy place for a lot of mamas who are overwhelmed, frazzled and looking for some pretty clothes as  “pick-me-uppers”. Sounds silly, but I speak the truth when I say that a new blouse can definitely brighten up any girl’s day! Here are some snaps by Ryan One from Baby Barangay’s recent shopping spree in Zara! We spent hours browsing through all the racks of beautiful clothes and laughing like hyenas in the dressing room (thank you Zara staff for not kicking us out despite all the noise and chaos! hahaha).

And of course, I wanted to use my Zara “date night” clothes right away and so I booked 2 seats at SPIRAL in Sofitel.  Because no one would be able to babysit Theo that night, we made it a lunch date instead. Hahaha! Hey, as long as you’re able to carve out time for one another, the time of day doesn’t matter!:) It’s just as romantic, just as special. Although like I mentioned on Instagram, for this date–we spent 3% romancing and 97% was allotted to our buffet strategy planning and reveling in our foodie-ness! Just keeping it real, keeping it real 🙂

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