Lookie Here!!!

Guess what my dad bought me in SM before leaving for Italy. He left it in my room as a "surprise". ♥ Weeeeeee!!!!! Take note, they're called DINOSTARS not dinosaurs! Hahahaha! My buddy Andre has dared me to wear it out...in a high society event! I told him "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED" and we had a facebook handshake to seal the deal. So, if you see me walking around Greenbelt in these green monsters...please know that is was just a DARE. I'm normally very chic :) Hahaha!!! (But they are INDEED heaven for your feet!)


Nica said...

Yikkess! You really accepted the dare. Though the slippers is so cute and looks very comfy to wear! Good luck Patty! :)♥

graceybaluca said...

Hi Patty!!! when we were young (my sis and I), our mom used to buy us one. very relaxing and comfy!

princess_dyanie said...

Hi Ms.Patty! Guess what, wheh my Dad came home, pagkita namin sa bag nya, ganyan din pala ang gamit nya na slippers! Na ma-massage daw kasi ang feet nya haha!

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