The Yellow Weirdo

Since the relaunch of this new blog, I've been getting lots of sweet letters from readers all over the country. I love reading each and every one of them and I always try to reply when I have some free time:) I've received letters asking for travel advice, love and life advice, some nangangamusta lang..hehehe.  Some have expressed how much they miss the show Breakfast (awwww, I miss it so much too!! We were like one big family then), some shared their favorite MTV/UAAP moments, others recalled the commercials/magazine work I used to do. It's like a trip down memory lane for me, reading all your letters..especially since all of these things happened years and years ago, so it really makes me feel so touched to know that some of you still remember. :) But surprisingly, NO ONE REMEMBERS THIS!!! This has to be hands down, my finest work to date. Of all my greatest achievements, eto na yung PINAKA-pinaka! The mostest and the bestest! And when I die, I want my tombstone to say... PATRICIA S LAUREL. Beloved Mother, Wife, and Brainy High.

So here's something for all of you to enjoy..and I give you the freedom to poke fun at the yellow dork dancing like a bubuyog throughout the music video.

I remember going to several malls to promote this campaign, dressed as a full on yellow nerdox. Some kids would approach me with their notebooks saying "Brainy, Brainy! Tulungan mo naman ako sa Physics assignment ko!" They actually thought I was a frickin' mascot! As in kabarkada ko si Bear brand bear, Susie and Geno! Hahaha :) This was a really fun and memorable experience for me and I'm so happy I was a part of it!

But one more thing before I go..just remember this..."Kung umaapaw ka sa the BRAINY HIGH!" Pero kung moderate level of talino lang naman..don't do it, ONLY kung overwhelming yung intelligence mo! Hahahahahaha :)

A treat for Miss Salty Sweet

Since I've been majorly PMS-ing..I've been suffering from FOOD SWINGS all week. (take note, it's not mood swings but FOOD swings!) As I was scouring the net for salty-sweet finds I found this recipe and the first thing that popped into my head was "SAB!!!!". And just like that, she baked me these yummy cookies! I asked her to bake a batch for me to share with my barkada tonight..but I think this is starting to look more like a solo pack to me. Hahahaha!:)

Sabrina Cristobal-Go was my classmate back in high school. We've gone a long way from being the most chatty girls in class to actual functioning citizens of society! Hahaha :) Sab is my go-to-girl when it comes to food advice, not only is she an excellent cook..she's really creative with her dishes too! Her blog will make your mouth water! Sometimes I envy her son, kahit yung regular baon niya mukhang mas masarap pa sa Noche Buena namin dito sa bahay! :) Thank you for my Monday afternoon treat!
For orders, just email

Where all the pretty girls love to eat....

And yes, that includes me!!! I'm pretty in God's eyes..hehehe :)
Check out Pipino Vegetarian Restaurant, a comfort food haven for vegans, vegetarians, and even meat eaters who need a healthy fix :)

Time for another GERBIL ADVENTURE!

In a few days, I'll be heading back to Europa, Europaaaaa to visit my family and friends..and I'll be making my way to my 28th country too! I can't wait to tell you all about it soon :) Please pray that I survive with my limited funds..especially since I'll be flashpacking on my own!:)

So, What is flashpacking?
Just because you have a backpack, this doesn't make you a backpacker. By definition, backpacking is more than just stuffing everything into one North Face pack. It's a travel philosophy, it's a lifestyle. It's sleeping in a random train station, hitching a ride with a stranger, and planning to have no plans. If you booked your flight at least 1 month ahead, arranged your accommodations online, and carry a samsonite with wheels...then my friend, you are not a true backpacker. Aww, sorry to burst your backpacking bubble. I suggest you ask someone who's cool and legit like my buddy, Paula Peralejo! She's the all around traveler who knows her shizzz.

As much as I admire hardcore backpackers, sadly, I've never been one. There are two major reasons why I can't do backpacking: 1)I'm OC and I love staying organized and planning ahead, I find that by planning save a whole lot of money and STRESS. My being OC is both an advantage and a disease, really.  2)I am a neat freak..hygiene is always an issue for me, so I can't share toilets with random strangers. I don't mind roughing it up and going all out cowboy.. I just dont like sharing private things with people I dont know! I'd rather sleep in the middle of a rainforest than share a bed with some weirdo in a hostel! I've gone camping in the desert in Egypt and in the mountains of Nepal..but I always had my own sleeping bag..and also my own jingle bag! I'm too clean and I'm sure a pain in the arse because of it. So this is why I never ever posed as a backpacker..because by definition, I am not. 

I've always been an "independent budget-traveler" with a plan. Now that I'm getting older, I'm leaning towards becoming a bonafide "flashpacker". Flashpacking is the more "grown up" shares the same independent travel philosophy, but this time, allows you to enjoy a few more luxuries here and my case, a clean toilet. Hehehe. Here's an interesting read on flashpacking.

Because I have that 1 issue with toilets, this has caused me to be much more discerning when it comes to accommodations. And trust me, it's so HARD! If you're rich with standards, it's acceptable..but poor, with standards?!? Asa ka pa!! Ang feeling ko noh?! Haha! I spend hours researching for decent digs each and every time I plan a trip. I've probably googled "Cheap and Clean Accommodations" a thousand times! But I always surprise myself, I always find cheap and clean accommodations..I havent been disappointed, yet. A tip I could share with you is to check out travel forums and not the actual hotel websites. Hotel websites will always fancy it up by ten levels..their pictures are meant to deceive. If you check out legitimate traveler forums like Trip Advisor, Agoda or Lonely Planet, you will see actual photos and comments that will help you decide better. Travel forums will also give you helpful info like other hotel options nearby, public transportation routes, promos, etc.

I always book my flights months and months ahead and explore a multitude of options before clicking BOOK. Booking ahead means better promo rates..and the biggest bonus for me: ample time to save up for the trip! You don't need to have a LOT, you should just have ENOUGH. Limited funds is VERY different from NO funds. It's best to be a responsible traveler and to take a trip only if you can afford's not wise to be in a strange and foreign place with no plan and no money. I won't lie to you, traveling is costly...but it actually costs much less than what most people think! I've met people who spend 3x more for a trip to HK than my trip to Europe! No joke. That's why it pays to be patient, do some research and make creative alternatives. Take all the time you need to save, don't pressure yourself to travel just for the sake of traveling. The beauty about travel is that it can be adjusted to suit your personal taste and budget. It's something that's dependent on you. Unlike buying a car, a brand new Honda Civic will cost the same in Makati and Alabang..the price is fixed and you'll just have to come up with the money to pay for it. Travel can cater to you, there's a myriad of choices out there just waiting to be discovered!

Besides, you dont have to physically travel to "travel"...reading a book alone will take you to far and distant lands! Your dream destination will be there waiting for you patiently,  a year or even a whole decade from now, andyan pa rin don't stress yourself out :) In God's perfect time, you and your dream country shall meet..and it will be magical! Naks!:) Hahaha! Here's to more adventures :) CHEERS!

Yes, I'm a sucker for cute babies.

Here's a little something to chase your rainy day blues away. Meet my tiny buddy, Audrey. You could be the most cynical person in the world, but I bet my pwet..these pictures are guaranteed to make you smile :) Don't you just love babies!? I'm with 4-5 year olds all the time and don't get me wrong, I love them to pieces..but post playground time is not exactly my favorite time of the day. I've had to learn to hold my breath while taking out 15 tshirts (amoy pawis, amoy araw, at amoy lupa) simultaneously. Infants always smell good!!! It's like God keeps sprinkling them with spiritual cologne that just makes them smell more heavenly than the older children. Girls even have a better advantage because we all know that females smell better than males. Baby boys smell like vanilla now..but in a few decades they'll be smelling like spoiled milk. I'm not being sexist, I just speak the truth. Men, go ahead..I urge you to smell us..then smell yourself..then smell us again. Don't force me to call on the Old Spice guy to tell you that you stink. Hahahaha!!! Peace to all my male readers, please do not abandon me. I'll be kind.

Before I find myself in the middle of a heated discussion on gender issues...Let's focus on our main agenda for today, and that is: GIGIL over this little ball of cuteness :)

Baby Photography by Sheila Juan-Catilo 
Special thanks to Cecile and Jonsy Filart

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And.... I'm a sucker for cute oldies too!
An excerpt from an old blog post September 2010.

I've said this once before and I'm afraid I'll get a lot of flak for saying it again. I only like children and old people. Everyone in between pisses me off. Children are innocent, Old people are wise. The rest of us teens, yuppies, and middle aged peeps are just a bunch of idiots running this joint! Hahaha :)

I've shared several posts on children, I guess it's no secret that I enjoy being with kids. (Umm Patty. You're a teacher. You're SUPPOSED to like kids) But something I have never shared openly is my fascination for the aged. I have this soft spot for old people. (I dont even know if it's politically correct to call them "OLD".sorry but this dumb dumb has no other term. Peace!) Every time I'm in a new place, I always make friends with oldies! And somehow oldies are always drawn towards me. I'm an OLD PEOPLE magnet. And not just OLD people but old,sweet, charming people!!! (I dont know why. Maybe it's my OLD PEOPLE TOTALLY ROCK shirt? Hmmm..maybe?) I've received free apple pies, free coffee, free wine, and even a free drive to the airport from these oldie strangers-turned-friends :)

One of my most memorable conversations was with an old Italian grandpa, I was on the train all by myself from Como heading to Milan. He smiled at me and I smiled back. He spoke to me in Italian and when I answered him in English, he suddenly had this huge glow on his face! I could actually hear his inner voice saying "AHA! Time to practice my rusty English!". He was so sweet, trying his best to express himself in English (which he said he learned while he served in the army). I also tried to express myself in whatever broken Spanish-Italian-Portugese (which sounded more like Bisaya..hehe) I could gather but soon realized that he actually enjoyed conversing with me in English. He told me stories about the war, about his grandchildren...and I tried my best to paint a vivid picture of the Philippines..our clear blue skies, beautiful white sandy beaches, and coconuts :) He told me that it has been a lifelong dream of his to travel to Asia..but with his limited funds and old age he knew it would forever remain a dream. He reminded me of how blessed I was to be so young and able to see the world. He pulled out his train ticket from his pocket and scribbled his address and name on the back. He asked me to promise that I would send him a postcard from the Philippines with a picture of the sandy beaches. He said, "I will wait for your postcard. I will show to my family. They will be happy. It will be like we traveled to the Philippines". AWW ITALIANO LOLO! Gusto ko ng umiyak, kung mayaman lang ako..linibre ko na yung buong pamilya niya! It was a sad and sweet moment with this complete stranger.It was a surreal 30 minute experience for me. I actually felt like I was Audrey Tatou and that I was actually in an art film. How do these moments actually happen in real life?! 
PS. I sent him the postcard :)

Images taken from Google

A birthday like no other!

Last Sunday, we decided to attend a birthday party. But this was not your average birthday party. Medyo big time kasi yung "big time" in fact, that they closed the entire Fort Santiago for him! Luckily, Patrick got us on the VIP guest list..after all, the birthday celebrant just happens to be his great great great grand uncle! And my best friend-in law, PJ just happens to be his great great grand uncle's greatest fan!!! That's a lot of "great-s" Hahaha. So we braved the rain and the traffic.. packed our picnic mats, umbrellas, snacks and trooped to The Fort (not Bonifacio, but San-cha-go!hehehe) for the ultimate party of the year! Jose Rizal's 150th birthday bash! JOE da Man!
Photos from Pj Lanot's shockproof, waterproof, but not magnanakaw-proof camera

 Happy Birthday to our National Hero! 
The last time I visited Fort Santiago was probably in the third grade. I didn't really know much about Rizal back then, other than the fact that he was a statue in Luneta. Even in high school, I admit I simply browsed through Noli Me Tangere and El Fili just to get a decent grade. It is only now, in my late twenties, that Ive come to fully understand the colorful life of this great man. Rizal was in his twenties when Noli Me Tangere was first published! He was my AGE?! You can imagine how much of an underachiever I felt like, walking through the museum in Fort Santiago and seeing all his works in various fields: from medicine, arts, to literature! May nadiskubre pa siyang species ng butiki sa Dapitan?!?! Huwat?! I can't even figure out the new apps in my Ipad! He was a sculptor too?! I don't even know how to park my damn car! And I dont even drive stick!

We were fortunate enough to also catch the 1961 film, Noli Me Tangere, last Monday and it made me realize that many of the injustices that Rizal fought against over a hundred years ago..are the same problems we find ourselves struggling with in the present day. There are still many Padre Damasos in our society, still very powerful and influential. Sadly, most young Filipinos (including me) have grown numb and apathetic..perhaps we're all too self-absorbed (facebooking and tweeting) and less mindful of the social injustices happening around us. But I'd like to believe that there is a Rizal or a even a Bonifacio in each and every one of us, just waiting to reveal itself. It sounds corny to talk about heroes nowadays, it seems naive and too idealistic for most people. But why should we settle for heroes in the big screen or in our comic books..when we could be real modern day heroes ourselves!:) 1-2-3-FIGHT!

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My Father, My Hero.

It's such a shame that I had to wait for Father's Day to write a post about my Dad. I'm with him everyday! He's my loyal Jamaican Pattie lunch date :) My mom, Daniela and I were called JJ's ducklings because we would follow him around anywhere and everywhere. We'd go to Ace Hardware, SM, and National Bookstore every Sunday because Sunday was always my Dad's unofficial day. Up until I was about 15, we had Chinese food every friggin' fail! For a time, ang tindi na ng galit ko sa Wanton Noodle Soup.This is why mukhang Chinese na rin kami ng kapatid ko kahit 0.0017 lang siguro dugo naming Tsino! Of course, by the time Daniela and I hit our teens..we finally overthrew our Chinese Food Dictator Dad and demanded for a more democratic system of choosing which restaurant to eat in. Bye bye Mao Ze Dad! Hahaha! Everytime we travel, we leave my poor old dad in the food court so he can get distracted while we shop :)

Here's the Chinese Food Dictator before the fall of his regime.... Hahaha :) My dad goofing around in the Forbidden City.

This is my dad's "cool on-the-go backpacker" look. This is as rugged as JJ can get..with his backpack (with built in stroller), tucked in shirt, leather belt and Bally shoes. May ballpen pa sa shirt pocket niya! You know backpackers are always READY. When I posted this on Facebook, it got so many LIKES! I dont know if my friends liked it because they thought he looked like a legit backpacker or because they thought the plastic sando bag was just too funny. Im leaning towards the latter.
At our favorite cheapo restaurant in Madrid, Museo del Jamon! He loves his Jamon Serrano and Bocata! In fact, he keeps pestering my mom to open a TELE-BOCATA service. My dad, the top lawyer, dreams of becoming a sandwich delivery man!!! Hahaha!
I told my mom and dad that I wanted to take a candid shot of them having a nice conversation in the park..eto namang tatay ko, biglang umarte with feelings! So this is my dad being a ham for the cam! Hahaha! May hand gestures pa!:)

My dad loves flowers and birds. Sometimes I worry that deep inside of him is actually a 70 year old English woman who has a lovely rose garden and enjoys her afternoon tea with scones. Here's my dad feeding the pigeons in Amsterdam. If you look closely, french fries yung pinapakain niya sa mga ibon! Tsk tsk :) My mom looks like a Japanese tourist! Haha!

My father is not the expressive-mushy kind of dad, in fact he texts me like a telegram: "TRAFFIC, TAKE SKYWAY. BAHA SA BICUTAN. DAD."  or "GO TO MERCURY. BUY 3 VICKS INHALERS." But as I was going through a very difficult time in my life, my dad told me something so simple yet so fundamental that changed my life forever.  He told me that ever since my sister and I were little girls, he prayed for only 3 things for us. He prayed for his daughters to: 1) Find a man who LOVES GOD more than anything 2) This man should be someone who loves my daughter more than himself 3) This man should be the man my daughter is madly in love with too. He told us to never ever settle, and that 1 out of the 3 should never be enough. It should be all 3 or nothing at all. He didn't pray for us to become smart, rich, famous or even beautiful..He prayed for us to find love and to be loved. I guess it's because he was always confident in us, he believed in our natural talents and intellect and knew that success would find its way to us somehow. But I'd like to believe that my dad prayed for LOVE because at the end of the day, he just wanted us to BE HAPPY. I am proud to say that my sister has found all this in my darling brother in law, Stefano. He has been such a wonderful addition in our family. And yes dear friends, the Lord has recently answered my dad's 3 prayers for ME too :)

Bringing back my body's MOJO through the JUJU

I've been quite reckless with my eating over the summer (well, to be honest..I've been a reckless eater all my life as evidenced by my Junk Food post just a few days ago) and I was starting to feel weaker and unhealthier than usual. I have never been over/underweight but I was never completely "fit" either.  I felt like my body was screaming for a detox, it was an overwhelming feeling..a big bad blehkkk. Luckily, I chanced upon the Juju Cleanse through Amanda's blog. I decided to do more personal research about this Juice Cleanse through their website . Upon reading all the benefits of the Juju Cleanse, I was convinced that this was the tiny gift I needed to give my weary body.

Basically, the JUJU CLEANSE is a Just Juice Fasting Program. "Each Juju Cleanse kit contains a day's worth of freshly pressed, nutrient-rich drinks to keep you nourished while you put aside your spoon and fork for the day and give your digestive system a much needed break." Benefits include: boosting your immune system, highly alkalizing for ph balance, promotes clearer skin, increases energy and fertility, reverses signs of aging, etc.

I texted Kat Azanza and told her that I was a newbie in the whole juice diet world. She was very warm and accommodating, and answered all my concerns about the cleanse and even gave me suggestions. The juices are delivered fresh right at your doorstep. They also have 4 pickup locations in the metro which is very accessible to almost anyone: Bel Air 2, Ayala Alabang, Valle Verde 4, New Manila. All you have to do is send a text a few days before your intended cleanse schedule 0917-576-3012 or send them an email.

Here's my JUJUrnal :)

 6:30 AM 

I woke up extra early today, feeling excited about the Juju Cleanse Program and anxious about the Dallas-Miami NBA game. I decided to take the sprigs of mint (which they provided) and fix myself a cup of hot tea to calm my nerves. I carefully read the information packets that came along with my Cleanse Kit. It was very helpful and made me even more gung-ho to start the cleanse.

8:15 AM 

The Green Bomb: This first bottle was Shrek in color and looked quite intimidating. It's a good thing I was too distracted watching the basketball game, I was able to gulp it down in 2-3 goes. I had to down a whole glass of water after just to cleanse my palate of the aftertaste. For veggie lovers, this should be an easy breezy one for you :)

               Since alkalinity is what we're after, this green juice is the way to go. This elixir of assorted green veggies loads you up with important nutrients and enzymes that our bodies desperately need to keep alive and well down to the cellular level. You've heard the term "life force"? This is all that and more!              

10:05 AM 

The Spicy Lemonada: A marriage of both tangy and spicy. I call this the split personality drink. It comes into your mouth cool and refreshing, just like any lemonade..then it surprises you with a fireball kick after. My throat felt parched and refreshed at the same time! I actually enjoyed this drink and had no problem downing it in one go.

           Not just your ordinary lemonade, this version packs a little extra heat and health into every sip with cayenne pepper. This drink aims not only to swing your body pH into a more alkaline state but to speed up your metabolism as well. 

10:55 AM 
THE DALLAS MAVERICKS WON!!!!! Thank you Kidd, Terry, Barea, and my favorite Wowoweetzki! I was juggling errands and two meetings in the morning while trying to keep track of the NBA score. You can imagine that by this time, I was feeling extremely hungry..craving for my usual tapa with garlic rice breakfast. But I persevered, praying to the diet heavens to help me survive my hunger pangs. I even had a meeting in a coffee shop and I had to muster the strength to look the other way when I saw that sexy carrot cake waving hello to me! Ang landi ng carrot cake na yan!!!

12:45 PM
The Red Giant: As soon as I got home from my meetings, I was actually looking forward to my next Juju Juice. The third juice was quite an exotic mix of flavors. It came in a bold red color thanks to the beets packed into each bottle. I noticed that I was peeing more than usual, which actually made me feel good. It was so surprising to see the detoxification process working so quickly!

            Rich in alkaline elements that aid in cleansing and elimination, this potent potion of beets, pineapple, carrots and ginger is as healthy as it is delicious.

2:30 PM 
On my way to the bank, I walked by a Jolli Jeep and smelled the freshly cooked banana-Q and shed a little tear. Next time, my time. 

3:30 PM
The Alkazest: The name alone makes you feel it's awesomeness. Doesn't it sound like a superhero's name...ALKAZEST!!! Hahaha :) Well, it really felt like a super juice, that's for sure. This one has to be my favorite. It felt like Boracay in a bottle, but a good kind of Boracay and not a "I can't remember what happened last night" Boracay. It had a great tropical vibe that instantly lifted my hungry, hungry spirits. 

Juju Cleanse's Kat Azanza sent me a personal text to check up on me! She's such a sweetie, she gave me the encouragement I needed to get me through the day :)

           This vitamin and anti-oxidant rich mix of grapefruit, pineapple, and coconut juices is a refreshing mid-afternoon picker upper. It is designed to replenish your electrolytes and boost your energy levels to help you get through the rest of the day.

6:00 PM
The Green Bomb: So, greenie...we meet again.

8:00 PM
The Salabat Lemon: The perfect way to end a long day of Juicing. I've been a Salabat drinker for years, especially during sore throat and cough season in school, so this was easy for me to digest.

This potent ginger tonic is an excellent expectorant providing relief for those with respiratory problems, it helps improve circulation and stimulates your digestive system as well. This is a wonderful drink on ice and is also perfect warmed up as a pre-bedtime tea. 

There are several cleanse programs available, it all depends on your body's needs and current physical condition. I opted to go slow and start with the one-day cleanse. I'm not a health buff and I don't even exercise (yes, yes, enough with the nagging please! I will get my fat ass into a gym someday!) so I didn't want to shock my body. The one-day cleanse is perfect for people like me who just need to recalibrate their bodies, a springboard for better health choices. It's like going on a retreat (only this time it's physical more than spiritual), it wakes you up and makes you rethink your food choices. It doesn't change you's actually giving your body a time out, a break from all the junk you digest on a daily basis. I'm positive I'll be munching on some sweets and chips real soon, but now I'd like to keep it all in moderation. (I can hear all my friends snickering right now. "Woooshhoooo Patty, sinabi mo na yan dati! Ang takaw-takaw mo kaya, di ka na magbabago!") I'm not kidding myself, it'll be hard to change my old habits..but I will try my very best to take better care of my body and to take "time outs" like this more often to rest my organs. I feel lighter and cleaner now, thanks to Juju!

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The OTHER Songs I Secretly Loved

My buddies and I have been enjoying 90s night in a local club for a couple of weeks in a row. This got me thinking about the songs of my childhood.

A million years ago (back when I was still considered ahem,ahem.."COOL") I was a VJ for MTV Asia. If you grew up in the 90s like me you'd understand why it was such a huge deal.I grew up in the era of MTV greats like Nadya Hutagalung and Mike Kasem. I remember my sister and I would even send letters (painstakingly crafted with glitters and fabric paint)to MTV MOST WANTED, praying desperately that Donita Rose and Jamie Aditya would pick our request!

My first task as a VJ was to host a show called MTV Classic. This was my official "initiation" and I was sobbing at my first taping because I kept fumbling my lines since I couldn't relate to all the old songs they were asking me to introduce. I was a 19 year old who wanted to listen to songs that other 19 year olds were listening to...not the music my older cousins grew up to! Eew.

And look at me now. I now belong to the "older cousins" category..yung mga pinsan mong tumaba at tumanda na, but if you look'll see that maybe back in the day they used to be popular and groovy too. Darnit, I used the word "groovy". Only oldies use that term..along with "reduce" and "going steady". Hahaha! What would be considered "CLASSIC HITS" today are actually songs from my childhood! Nooooo. If you refuse to accept's a simple test. Switch on the radio on a Friday, go to Magic 89.9 or Jam 88.3..if you find yourself singing along to at least 3 songs straight..That's it man, you're OLD. They only play OLD songs on FRIDAYS! I heard them playing Shaggy's MR. BOOMBASTIC on RJ FM one day and I was seriously worried. I had to put some Bieber on just to bring me back to 2011.

In true MTV style, I decided to include video clips to refresh your memory! So ladies and gents, I present to you MTV CLASSIC DAPATTYLAUREL EDITION!!! Initially, I wanted to share to you all the "cool" songs I loved back in the day:Foo Fighters, Blur, Daft Punk, Groove Armada, The Cardigans, Gin Blossoms and all that. But you guys know your songs and I don't think you need me to educate you on 90s "tun-age". So here's a list of the songs I secretly loved as a kid..the songs that were so bad yet soooo good! So don't be shy, if you liked them too..go ahead and click on play. Come on, no one's watching. Unless you're reading this at the office, then I suggest you put some earphones on. You wouldn't want to reveal your real age to your officemates! Hahaha :)

Let's have a moment of silence to remember Peter Andre's shiny 6 pack abs. *Cricket Sounds* Ok..and we're back. Did you know that this video was shot in the PHILIPPINE ISLANDS!!! Watch it again and check out all the extras.. ngiti palang, alam mo ng PINOY! Don't you just love Peter's rastah-rapper friend, he's such an obedient sidekick. I think I want to have a sidekick too! Someone who'll just gyrate in knee deep water with me in maong shorts. Parang si Peter Andre si Joey De Leon and the reggae dude is Rene Requiestas!

This has to be my favorite British Rap Song of all time. When this hit the charts, I was in England and it was the biggest song of the summer! Aside from the LSS inducing beat, panalo yung lyrics! Apparently, Mark Morrison wrote this song because his lady friend cheated on him while he was in prison. It's the ultimate "I shoot people, rob banks and deal drugs but I get heartbroken too, you know!" song."YOU LIED TO MEEEEE!!!!"

I am not Jimmy Ray, I am not Sting Ray, I am not ANY RAY. OKAY. SO STOP ASKING ME! "Who wants to know, Who wants to know?" DUDE, NO ONE CARES!!!

E TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY: ENRIQUE IGLESIAS...The Mystery of the Missing Nunal.

I love this song. I love OMC, maybe because they look Filipino too. As you can see I'm very patriotic, I support all Filipino artists and artists from different races that are mistaken as this includes Hawaiians, Indonesians, Malaysians, and some Guatemalans. If you look like us, that's good enough for me!

Campy. Genius.

I've always been a Kylie fan because she just swishes her butt, sings catchy shallow tunes and doesn't try too hard to constantly reinvent herself (yes, i meant you Madonna). It's her dumb blonde in rollerskates vibe that sells and I have to hand it to her, the Aussie is still rockin' it til now!

ULAAAAANNN!!!This makes you want to park your car and go crazy in some random parking lot, and do some full on emoting in the rain! Because you know, COOL DUDES don't use umbrellas. Payongs are for sissies! And while we're at it boys, let's do some random spinning moves too..spin, spin, spin. I'm sorry Backstreet boys fans, this is way better than Quit Playing Games.

They had a dance contest in Eat Bulaga with this song, I seriously wanted to join. Di lang ako pinayagan ng mommy ko mag-commute dahil bata pa raw ako. :(

As a treat for all of you, I found this video with LYRICS to make you experience MLTR to its fullest power! Try singing the lyrics of 25 Minutes and The Actor to the tune of Paint my's like singing ABC to the tune of BaBa Black Sheep and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star! It can all interchange! It works each time! Hahaha :)

Guys, ano ba..Don't call her baby DAW! So can we call you Jimmy Ray instead??

Madison Avenue Don't Call Me Baby by lechacal

Such a shame that this band was just a one hit wonder, if you listen closely..they actually have a "THE TING-TINGS" vibe going on. Maybe the actually ARE The Ting Tings, they must've gone through a major makeover! Hahaha :)

The Darkness is Awesome and I AM A PROUD FAN!!! Glam Rock at its finest! I do, I do believe in a thing called LOVE! I have seriously considered using this as my wedding march song.

I remember watching this video with my classmates and guessing which spice girl was actually a spice boy. There was a rumor floating around that 1 of the spice girls was actually a very, very pretty man. So, which one's your bet?? My money's on Ginger Spice.

So you have a crush on your seatmate. She's sweet, pretty, and makes you laugh..but..but..she HAS A BOYFRIEND! OH DEAR! What do you do?!?!?! Awww. Aminin mo na, kinanta mo 'to noh? "Bakit hindi mo ko pinapansin?! Im INVISIBLE TO YOU!!!"

Chase away the Monday Blues

Jumpstart your week with this little song :) It made me smile so I thought it would be good to share it with all of you today. Have a good week, kiddies!!!

Go ahead, RUB it in!!!

I've been hearing about RUB from friends for a few weeks now so we decided to take a long trek to Tomas Morato from Alabang just to see what the buzz was all about. 

RUB is pretty accessible. Along Tomas Morato, we took a right on Shakeys at Scout Rallos. Just a few meters away, this little Red, White and Black resto greeted us. The facade alone screamed "BAR-BE-CUE" and made my tummy grumble with excitement.

We first ordered some nibbles: Fish&Chips, Onion Rings, and Pepporoni Melt (my favorite!!!). Then finally after a few minutes of "nibbling", it was the much awaited arrival of the RUB superstar.. We got a huge slab of ribs (this picture doesn't show how massive it really is in person..or do I say, "in pig"?) and 2 side orders: Spinach and Mushroom and Garlic Mashed Potatoes.

Their price points are very affordable, especially since you get top-quality ribs :) A family brunch (which is good for 4) is only Php 650. A super duo (the one we ordered) is only Php 350. And singles are at 195 only. Generous appetizers called "Nibbles" start at Php 150. Their house blended iced tea comes in a pitcher for only Php 100 (this can serve the whole barkada!).  

The meals are all pretty straight forward, none of that pretentious cultural fusion shizz. You want good food that hits the spot, here ya go! I'd like to call it the man's man kind of restaurant. Big in servings, big in flavor. My final verdict: HOMAYGAAAAHD. Well done, RUB team!:)

Barbecue and Ribs
64 Scout Rallos, Quezon City
Tel. Nos. 6226352

Guess who joined THE "Who needs friends..when you've got apps!" CLUB

 I finally gave in. I am now a proud (and poor) owner of an IPAD. I had it engraved too, of course for gadget purists..this would be similar to getting your butt tattooed on a drunken night. But I have no regrets, it's beautiful and it's MINE. In fact, I feel it's so appropriate! If my IPAD could speak, it would tell me these exact same words..only in a slightly more seductive way of course, "Come Waste Your Time With Me". And as my friend Danielle said, "Syempre, OBEY ka naman!" Hahaha! How can you not be seduced by this tease of a gadget?! Please don't give me that Plants Vs Zombies is a hobby, a stress buster, and NOT a waste of are in denial, my friend! Because darnit, you and I both know that it is indeed a WASTE OF TIME! Along with fruit ninja, angry birds and all the bajillion apps out there! Hahaha! :)

Don't you just hate that we, "the regular folk, the peasantry, the commoners", have to give up decent movie dates and starve ourselves for weeks (and even months) just to get our hands on these beautiful time-wasters! Of course, an ipad would be considered peanuts compared to the other gadgets out there..but it's still a lot of moolahhhh for me! It took me a whole month to decide, plot out my finances, and even PRAY over this decision! Now that I'm broke again..It's time for the classic college tipid meal.. 2 pieces of siomai and lots and lots and lots of rice!!! :) Ok lang, wala akong pera..pero ang yaman ko naman sa apps!!! Wala akong kakainin bukas pero, busog na busog naman ako sa games! Mwahahaha :)

Every December, I help my clueless dad shop for a decent Christmas gift for my mom. If i left him to do it on his own, my mom would probably get a shoe organizer from the 88 peso store or a car freshener sulit pack! Hahaha :) So last Christmas, I told him that it was time to splurge. They've been married for almost 3 was time to bring out the big guns. So i explained to him what an IPAD was (this of course was quite a feat for dad only knows Wordstar!) and how this would be so perfect for my mom! I finally rallied him to get it and we were both so excited. My dad exclaimed "Ok! I'm convinced! I think your mom will love this I-PUHHD! Buy it and I'll reimburse!". When I told him how much the unit cost he went berserk "Ano?!?!! Grabe naman yan! Akala ko mga 3,000 lang! Wag na! Blouse nalang ulit..yung mga 1k nalang!" To make a long story short, my dad finally let go of the capital K in him (extreme kuripotness) and agreed to get my mom an Ipad. My mom was beyond thrilled and touched by my dad's hidden "galante". After just a few days of Ipad-ing, my dad was sporting a band aid on his index injury caused by all the fruit slashing in Fruit Ninja! I'm sure our neighbors probably think my parents fight every night with all the shouting over Plants Vs Zombies! The two oldies are the biggest ipad addicts I know, and trust me, I know a lot! 

There was even this one time when my dad couldn't beat my mom's top score, he was seriously angry at Apple as a company! "This APPLE company is so manipulative!They are a bunch of cheaters!!! They put something in this program to mess with me!!!! Ang daya-daya! Hindi nila na-dedetect yung mga swipe ko! I think this is a defective model, palitan mo na!!!" I tried not to laugh at the absurdity of his statement and said "Dad, the model is not's just called losing the game!". Hahaha!My father's a top laywer, so I'm seriously worried he might sue Apple one of these days over the whole non-swipe detecting! Nyek!

Even my students are IPAD freaks! I've shared this story before..but anyway, one time during our free play last school year, they were chasing each other around with arms stretched forward "WOohhh WOoohh..I'm a zombie! I'm gonna eat your braaaaaainnnn!!!!". Of course the teacher in me told them to stop "Children, I'm sorry but zombies are not allowed in school. I think we should think of another game." The group gathered in a huddle and the team leader said "Ok guys, lets not act like Zombies anymore!" and just as I was about to give myself a "Well done, You!" the boys started running around with their arms stretched forward again "Wooooohhh WOOOhhh...I'm an AIRCON! I'm gonna eat your braaaaaaaiiiinnnnn!!!" Hay, kids. 

I already have a feeling this IPAD will corrupt me soon. So this early on, I am already apologizing if my future posts will only consist of the words "Angry, Plants, Birds, Ninja, Facetime and Zombies". Goodbye sanity, Hello IPAD.

A Fashion Fix with Designer Mich Araullo

Mich Araullo is my ultimate go-to-designer for special events. I've worn her creations to weddings, parties, gimmicks with girls, and even on movie dates..and each time, I'm always greeted with a compliment. I've had the privilege of modeling for her on several occasions and so when she approached me to become her muse, "YES!YES!YES!" was the only answer I could give! I'm not really a supermowwwwdel, but I do like getting dolled up once in a while just like any other girl :) Her clothes are intricately crafted and hug every curve in your body so perfectly. Best of all, she makes use of the finest material so the dresses skim your body oh-so lightly..allowing you to move comfortably. I've attended two beach weddings in the past and have successfully limbo-rocked in my Mich Araullo gowns! More than just a designer, she is an overall fashion consultant and will give you tips and ideas on how to develop your look for a particular event. Her easy-going and sweet demeanor makes it easier for clients as she never imposes her taste on you, yet still remains true to her unique fashion philosophy while creating a look that fits your personality. It's no wonder celebrities like Heart Evangelista, Bianca Gonzalez, and Karylle love Mich Araullo's clothes! This designer works so closely with her clients, catering to different heights and body types. I'm a very petite girl, standing at 5'3 makes me far from runway model material..yet she's able to make me look taller than usual! Even my own mom, who's more on the curvier, womanly side is a faithful Mich Araullo follower too!:)

Mich wearing her own design.  She's probably the only designer who actually looks like a model.

Mich has decided to pursue her big dreams this year by studying in Milan's premier fashion school, Instituto Maranggoni! I'm excited to see her mature even more in the world of fashion design! Congratulations Mich! Here's to making more girls happy with your beautiful dresses!:)
Mich Araullo
Showroom: 53 Dona Annie Street, Alabang Hills Village, Muntinlupa

Hair and Make up by Patricia Tumulak 
Thanks to Blink Photography Studio

Thanks to the creative juices of Paolo Ruiz, our awesome photographer! Check out his cool and unique portraits online. :)

 Photography by Paolo Ruiz | All Rights Reserved. 2011.