Fashion Friday: Style+Music

Here are some of my favorite ultra-stylish music videos, proof that fashion and music always make a good team! With the likes of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Kesha all trying to outdo each other with their over the top costumes nowadays, it makes me want to switch the reset button and let the music industry go back to it's legit fashion coolness!! I'm sick of these artists dressing up like it's Halloween everyday! Hey, if you want to look like the man-eating plant in the Little Shop of all means, GO and live it! Good luck riding the MRT with your outrageous costume :) Hahaha!

Interesting Video of the Day: THE INFLUENCERS

Travel Tuesday: F1 in Singapore

Howdy! How Gee! Tenenen ten ten tenenen ten. :) I'm still on a high from this whirlwind weekend in Singapore. The actual circuit was right outside my hotel, I had to wear ear plugs all weekend long because the noise of the revved up engines was so loud! It was the good kind of noise of course!! I was sooooo lucky to be able to catch the Formula One Night Race in Marina Bay..definitely a "pinch me because I think I'm dreaming" moment. Along with my fellow SVP Champs, I flew to Singapore to support Team Ferrari/Shell at the race. Not only were we given full access to the ultra-exclusive F1 Paddock Club and Green Room, we were also given a chance to meet all the scientists, engineers, and chemists who work at the Shell Track Lab! Plus we got to see Rick Astley LIVE too..yes, that was a super bonus! Hahaha!:) I'll be sharing more exciting photos and details soon.In the meantime, here are some snapshots from this mind-blowing weekend!
With fellow SVP Champ and Atenean, Jiggy Cruz! Team Red for Ferrari, Team Blue for the Eagles! We also met young test driver, J.Bianchi, who works closely with Team Ferrari's Alonso and Massa. I have a feeling we'll be seeing more of Bianchi in the coming years!
Shell has been working alongside with Ferrari for over 60 years to produce and develop racing fuels and lubricants that help optimise engine performance and efficiency. Shell and Scuderia Ferrari have won over 150 Formula One races together! In fact every Ferrari leaves the production line at Ferrari's Maranello factory filled with Shell V Power Unleaded road fuel! And FIA regulations stipulate that Formula One race fuels must be composed of compounds normally found in road fuels meaning that the Shell V Power race fuel and the Shell V Power road fuel (which you can easily gas up with at your local gas station) are very similar!! Amazing!!! So even if you don't drive a Ferrari, and own just a regular sedan like can still have the same optimum results! Check out this cool video which chronicles their 60 year marriage :) Sobrang astig 'tong on it now!!!

Many thanks to the Shell Family for making this little girl's dream a reality!!! This was my very first F1 race and I'll remember this experience forever. I know it sounds overly dramatic, but for a newbie like me..talagang kinilig ako!!! I'm so proud to be a part of the SVP Network of Champions, this year has been beyond awesome! We went to London last March, Singapore this month, and we'll be heading to Ferrari World in November! I just feel so blessed to be a part of this amazing campaign. I really can't wait to see what Shell has in store for us next year. :) I'm ready for more surprises from the V power team!

McDonald's hits the BIG 3-0!

McDonald’s Philippines HITS the Big 3-0!!! Happy Birthday McDonald’s! Can you believe it, it’s been 30 years already?!! That’s right 30 at 30. Come and show your love for the golden arches with me! On September 30, four branches spread out over the metro will be launching a brand new look: Makati Cinema Square, Quezon Ave, North Ave, and Greenhills. These special branches have been selected as “McDONALD’S ANNIVERSARY STORES”. So where will you be on September 30, kids?? I don’t know about you but I’m making my way to one of these four special stores so I could be part of McDo’s history!

Our friends at McDonald’s are feeling extra generous, after all, it’s their BIRTHDAY!! So no birthday party will be complete without giveaways, right? Kiddie party talaga yung dating di ba?:) So be sure to visit all 4 anniversary stores, shoot a photo in each branch and send your photos to McDonald’s gift certificates and premium items await the first 5 to send in their photos. Hurry, you have to send in your entries on October 1, 2011. BURGER! BURGER! BURGER!!!

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The Lion King in The Lion City

Hi Friends! I'm blogging from Sunny Singapore!:) I'll be here for a few days with my fellow SVP Champions to support the Shell-Ferrari team at the F1 Night Race! I'll be heading to the paddock in a bit, but before I do..I wanted to share a few tidbits from my fun musical evening with my brotha from anotha motha, Jinno Rufino. I love musicals, I love broadway! My favorites: Avenue Q in New York and Starlight Express and Les Miserables in London. Well, technically, I didnt really get to watch Les Mis..because we were in the cheapest (and impossibly high seats..tipong may binoculars kaming ginamit, ganun ka-taas at walang kwenta) that I ended up seeing the people hanging out backstage and got distracted throughout the show! haha!:) But I must say, The Lion King blew me away! It was ten times more spectacular than I expected. I was a big fan of the Disney movie..I even had a little crush on Simba as a kid. Twisted, I know. But he was a pogi lion, that sexy mane, ohhhh wooow. The Lion King musical is probably the most elaborate musical in terms of props, costumes, lights, set design, and even choreography! We weren't allowed to take photos inside but luckily I was able to grab some photos from the web, along with this video. So here's a little snippet from The Lion King...

Fashion Friday: A Supermowdel for a Weekend

"I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt..too sexy it HURTS! I'm a model, you know what I mean..and I do my little turns on the catwalk..YEAHHHH!"

Yep, that's on loop mode in my mind now. So what if I'm 5'3. So what if hanggang tuhod lang ako ng ibang models. So what if my arms are flabby and I like to eat. Bahala kayo, basta ang alam ko..I'm a supahhhh mooooowwwwdel!!! That's final. Period. No erase. No liquid paper. FINAL ANSWER.Bow. 

In the modeling industry, there are "face models" and "body models". Face models are the ones you see in print ads, magazine covers, and commercials..then there are the body models who are the queens of the runway, longer and leaner with legs up to their ears! Some are blessed to be face and body models..but personally, all I've ever been was a face model. And I dont even do face-modeling too well! Whenever I emote and project, it just looks awkward. My make love to the camera look is more like a nahahaching-na-ako-look!hehehe! Gusto ko rin sana maging hand model, kaya lang with my grade 4 fingers..mukhang wala akong future sa career na yun! Aww, shucks. I won't lie to you, especially now that I'm dating a 6 footer..there are days when I dream of having longer spider legs! But at the end of the day, I'm grateful that God built me this way and I aint complaining. My legs aren't up to my ears, my legs are just my legs..short and cute, just the way I like 'em. When I was asked to be a part of the runway show of THE Veejay Floresca..I was hesitant at first but then I thought to myself, hey, this is a once in a lifetime experience! How many people can say they did a runway show abroad, in front of thousands of people, wearing designer pieces?!?! So I finally said YES and luckily, some girlfriends of mine (who also happen to be professional models) said YES as well. So it didn't feel entirely like work but a weekend getaway with people I love, a win-win situation indeed! So here are some photos from our fun fashion show experience in Malaysia. :)

Here are the fresh faced girlies without any makeup for our early morning rehearsal. We were zombies getting up at 5 in the morning..all cranky and half asleep. But Veejay's funny antics kept us awake and we were laughing like crazy kids immediately!

Here we are at our holding room in Mandarin Oriental where we all had our hair and makeup done by Malaysian stylists (who surprisingly knew some Filipino lines like :"Hoy Bakla and sexy mo!" hahaha). My face is barely recognizable, I look so different when I have heavy makeup on!
These photos were taken backstage just before our first show. We wore these lovely jewel toned gowns by Veejay and modeled it in front of hundreds of VIPs, diplomats, and celebrities from all over Asia. I was sooooo nervous, all I could think of was "Wag kang DADAPATTY dito!!! Not here, not here!". Amber performed 3 songs and rocked the whole venue with her fierce outfit! SEXY!!
Here are photos of the other models from Indonesia. Thailand, Brazil, Australia, Malaysia and other countries. They were all so skinny with 22 inch waists and towered over a whole foot over me!!! 
Here we are goofing around after our 2nd and last show. Finally, nakahinga na ako!!:) Thankfully, God was in control of every little detail..even putting one foot in front of the other carefully and not letting me trip on stage! So at this point, I was just so happy it was over and was desperately craving for a big juicy burger!
After the show, I was trying desperately to remove the thick waterproof makeup from my face. My skin is very sensitive so it's always a must for me to take it all off before sleeping. It took me a good 30 minutes just trying to scrub it all off! As soon as I landed in Manila, I went straight to the clinic to have a facial! Haha :) Overall, it was a truly memorable experience..many thanks of course to my Malaysian crew! Good vibes, good people :)

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How to cure my Sweet Tooth

Last week, I was a Hormonal PMSing Monster on the prowl for some sweet sweet sweets!!!! Just to torture myself, I visited the FOOD section of THE FANCY and found these mouthwatering treats!!! Oh the pain, kulang nalang kainin ko yung pillow! :)

All images are from

Lucky me, I have my very own Sweet Tooth Cure: Sabrina Cristobal-Go. She comes in a very sweet and pretty package too, just as sweet as the treats she makes :) If you recall a few posts back, she made me the most delicious Maple Bacon Chocolate Chip cookies. So as I was in bed agonizing over these photos..I thought of a little happy project! Of course, this project was completely self-serving and only benefited one person: ME. I emailed Sab at and told her I'd like to TEST her kitchen skills through an EXPERIMENTAL DESSERT CHALLENGE!!! The mechanics were simple, I'd give her my top picks from the FANCY..nothing but pictures and a caption to describe each photo. And she would have to whip them from scratch! No recipes and a list of ingredients to assist her..only the pictures to guide her! Quite difficult for clueless kitchen peeps like me, but a challenge she gladly accepted. Sab messaged me back in an instant: "GAME! Let's do this! This should be FUN!"

The Ultimate Dessert Challenge
Dessert Maker: Sabrina Cristobal-Go a.k.a. Sinfully Sabrina
Dessert Eater: Patty Laurel a.k.a Boy Lamon ng Tondo

For the first challenge, presenting Sabrina's version of COOKIE DOUGH TRUFFLES! Cookie dough with chocolate chip bits covered in rich dark chocolate.ay caramba!!! At first they looked fairly easy for me to eat, they came in small bite sized I thought to myself "Sus, Sisiw lang 'to! I can eat this all up in one sitting!" then I took a bite of the first ball..and booooom! Woooow, these little truffle balls can pack quite a punch! There's a nice contrast of textures, when the outer chocolate shell cracks you're greeted by the chewy and sweet cookie dough. 

For the second challenge, Sab whipped up her own Mint Chocolate Chip Brownies. She even texted me a word of caution before eating "Patty, The brownies are meant to be shared!" hahahaha :) Sab knows me all too well. I'm a very giving person in general, but I've been known to be very "madamot" when it comes to desserts. I HATE SHARING peeve ko yun! Haha! But these brownies are indeed meant for sharing, they're very rich and filling and one piece is more than enough :) They literally melt in your mouth and with the kick of mint to break the richness of the chocolate, it's really a good marriage of flavors!
The third and final challenge was the most challenging for Sab..a challenging challenge, redundant much? Haha! :) But she was still game and tried to work her magic on these donuts. Her third masterpiece, the Maple Bacon Donuts. Some might find it an odd combination, but you'll be surprised that it actually works. It's the perfect breakfast themed donut and Sab created a really nice twist to the usual honey glazed donut. 

And the final verdict????

I have a special treat for all you dessert freaks!

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3. Send your name, answer, and home address to before September 25, 2011.

Travel Tuesday: KUALA LUMPUR

Last weekend, I was sent to Malaysia to represent the Philippines in the Music Art Style International Festival along with my friends Kelly Misa, Karen Pamintuan, Amber Davis, Lala Jara, Marge Gutierrez, and fab designer Veejay Floresca. We flew in and out just for work, but we managed to squeeze in a few fun activities in between. So if you have less than 48 hours to spare in KL, then here are our top recommendations for a quick breeze through this cosmopolitan city.

1.  Aquaria
An underwater adventure, similar to our very own Ocean Park but larger and featuring more exotic species. This is perfect for families and big groups but it's actually a good date place too! The cool blue water filled with colorful fishies serves as a great backdrop for those little, sweet moments with your honey :)
2. Lobster Dinner at The Ship
The best lobster I've ever tasted in my entire life!!!! We each got 1 big the end of the night, we were all unbuttoning our jeans to "expand". Hahaha :) Their lobsters were ginormous and juicy..ahh, Im salivating now!

3. Luna Chill Lounge and Pool
After our 2nd show, we all trooped to Luna for an after party. Since we were working all day, we were starving and ended up devouring all the food in 5 minutes! Obviously, we're not REAL mowwwdels..ang tatakaw kasi namin! Hindi ata uso yung diet-diet with this group!:) This chill lounge has a pool right in the middle so if you're up for a late night swim, then you're free to take a dip and dance in the water! 
4. Food Trip
Malaysian food is quite diverse, with Indian, Singaporean, and Chinese influences, so it's really a mix of different cultures in each dish! I loved their chicken satay and insanely spicy chili crabs! We had to eat the crabs with our hands so the spices lingered on our fingers for almost 2 days (after showering and scrubbing endlessly!)..ganun kalakas yung mga spices nila! And Karen, she loves the Milky Balls dessert at Passage to India..why??? Well, ask HER. Hahahahaha :)
5. Petronas Towers
The most famous structure in the whole of Kuala Lumpur, the twin towers of Petronas. Did you know that it took 7 years to build these towers and that it was once the tallest buildings in the world..then Taipei 101 snatched the crown from them. And what's interesting to note is that the twin towers were designed by Filipinos Deejay Cerico and Dominic Saibo! Oh yeaaahhh! Represent!!! :) Galing talaga ng mga Pinoy! The Petronas Towers are spectacular in the evening, even up close it looks like you're staring at a screensaver! 
I'm so excited to share the photos of our two fashion shows in KL with clothes by Veejay Floresca :) I'll be posting a special entry on Fashion Friday! But for now, I have a special contest for all of you. Since you've all been asking about the video cam I used for my Europe trip, I decided to team up with Kodak Philippines for a cool giveaway promo for my dear blog readers. 

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Mi Casa, Su Casa: CASA MARCOS

As soon as my dad found out that my buddy Muffin was the grand daughter of the famous Ben Del Rosario of Casa Marcos, he came up with an elaborate plan of how we could sneak into Muffin's house at midnight to steal their family secret recipe book! Of course, this plan was never fully executed. My dad and I don't really have the akyat-bahay skills. Thievery is really not our thang, you know.  It would've been priceless to see my dad in a black ninja suit though! So you can imagine his delight (and the delight of his oldie b'goldie friends from all over) upon hearing the news of the rebirth of Casa Marcos.

Casa Marcos was THE place to be during the time of my folks, it was a well known date place: classy and reserved for extra special occasions. The Casa Marcos of 2011 has carefully preserved it's authentic Spanish charm serving all their best selling dishes in the exact same way it was served decades ago. If you want to take your folks on a trip down memory lane..this will surely get them truly nostalgic. It has that homey feel that's perfect for Sunday lunches with the whole family. But this restaurant is also a hit for people like me, people who just want GOOD, HIGH QUALITY food! It's very accessible for young people especially those coming from work looking for a place to unwind after office hours. (After you taste their gambas and almejas, you will be daydreaming about these pica-picas at work!!) It's also a great happy hour hangout! Below Casa Marcos, you'll also find The Bread Bag which serves yummy pandesal with special palamans. I love their roast beef pandesal, arroz ala cubana pandesal, and the classic corned beef pandesal. Comfort food talaga!!! The restaurant is located at the heart of The Fort, a very convenient location indeed. :) If you like rich, succulent, dripping in heavenly olive oil kind of food..this is the place for you!
My personal Casa Marcos recommendations:

Almejas : Baked clams topped with melted cheese and crispy garlic bits.
Gambas : Spanish garlic shrimps, cooked Casa Marcos style
Tenderloin Tips: Sliced tenderloin tips with roasted garlic
Steak Ala Pobre: Steak cooked in its own sauce with cloves of garlic, cooked Casa Marcos style
Prawns Moliniere: 3 pieces tiger prawns cooked in a unique butter sauce with button mushrooms, blanched tomatoes and fried potatoes
Callos: Slow cooked tripe in tomato sauce with Spanish chorizo and garbanzos
Paella Valenciana : hearty rice meal with chorizo, seafood, and chicken seasoned
with paprika cooked over a slow fire that is good for 4-5

Here's the Casa Marcos story...
The story of Casa Marcos began in the 1940’s when a Spanish national named Marcos de Guisasola
opened a restaurant in his name along Roxas Boulevard. Its warm and welcoming atmosphere and
authentic Spanish menu quickly won over the palate of the local crowd as well as other Spanish
nationals. At that time, our grandfather Ben del Rosario had SeƱor Marcos for a client and the two
struck a close friendship. When the latter needed to return to Spain, he decided to pass on ownership of
Casa Marcos to Ben, who was one of its frequent patrons and had become familiar with its operations.

In 1983, the family of Ben decided to open a branch on Gilmore Avenue in Quezon City so that patrons
from the northern part of the city would be able to satisfy their almejas, gambas, and calamares fix
without having to go all the way to Roxas Boulevard. It was also here that a bakery solely for the now
very popular Casa Marcos pan de sal was established. Casa Marcos eventually moved from Gilmore
Avenue to Tomas Morato before it closed its doors in 2000.

The opening of Casa Marcos was partly brought about by the regulars of The Bread Bag Pandesal Bar
at Ortigas Home Depot, where one can have his/her chosen palaman with our soft yet crusty pan de
sal, in a menu adopted from favorite dishes and tapas from Casa Marcos. The Bread Bag’s customers,
old patrons, relatives, and friends have continued to ask about Casa Marcos all these years, and have
never failed to say they miss the prawns moliniere, steak ala pobre, and sopa de mariscos, as well as
other dishes. This clamoring for the restaurant was a catalyst for us to truly consider the possibility,
with the sole aim of allowing our patrons, old or new, to once again experience the warmth, savor the
flavor, enjoy the service, and feel the appreciation of our family for your loyalty all these years – as we
welcome you, to the new Casa Marcos.

Fashion Friday: My Style Crushes

I have girl crushes. My list includes Monica Belucci, Natalie Portman, Nigella Lawson, Rachel Wiesz, Nina Persson, and Alessandra Ambrosio. But I also have my string of style crushes. These are the girls who own the streets, still maintaining that casual easy vibe but looking drop dead gorgeous without trying too hard! My style favorites are about my age too, just a year or two older than me :) I've never been more excited to push 30, I still have two years to go but I'm really looking forward to it! I have a ton of friends in their 30s who became hotter, lost their baby fat, and developed more womanly curves..and I can't wait for my *ahem,ahem* "womanliness" to come out too!!! I'm always mistaken as a college student, a huge compliment for sure, but sometimes I feel like people look at me and think I'm still a nene! Dear World, I'm ready to become a WOMAAAAN! Lately, I've been reassessing my wardrobe and I think it's time to inject some inspiration into my dull look. I've been too tired and stressed to put a decent outfit together these past few days, thinking that I really don't care about how people perceive me..but you know what, I care about how I perceive me! I want to look fresh and clean everyday, just to make myself happy. I've been dressing too laid back lately, it's time for a good change! I don't have the budget to go on an all out shopping spree, so I guess I'll just have to be creative with the pieces I have right now. It's all a matter of mixing and matching and breathing new life into your wardrobe. So here are the girls that will inspire me...

You could let her wear a frickin' sack and she'll still work it. With an angelic flawless face like that, how can you go wrong?!?! But I love that she keeps her look very simple: minimal accessories and accents, clean lines, and tailored fits. 
This young style star is just an absolute stunner. What I love best about Olivia (yes close kami) is that she mixes high end fashion brands with affordable brands and pulls it off effortlessly. Talagang masasabi mong "nasa pag dadala lang yan".  
My favorite German. And she's Pacey's girlfriend!! Awwww :) She's eclectic and fun, I love how she mixes and matches her clothes. She has a very feminine style but not overly girly, she still keeps that feisty edge and can even make a flowery top feel very edgy and chic. 
I'm not a fan of her acting, but the girl is a bombshell. But instead of flaunting her boobies and bum, she keeps it very subtle and sexy :) She never wears anything too skimpy ala-Kim Kardashian na kapit na kapit sa katawan! Hahaha! She's the queen bee of scarves and my whole scarf obsession started with her! Scarf dito, Scarf doon!
Orlando Bloom is one lucky son of a baboy! His wife is goooo-hooo-hoo-rgeous! Ok fine, she's a supermodel and it would be impossible for a 5'3 midget like me to look like her one day..but her style is very accessible and workable even for shorties like me! Miranda's style is just all about balance. Nothing overly done and over the top, just chic and clean.  
My idol, my idol, my idol. I want to be her BFF. I want to paint her toe nails. I want to watch DVDs with her. I love her style because she's tiny like me!!!! She's living proof that you can stand out in a crowd even if you only have a few inches on you. Rachel loves to keep things proportioned, she knows she's small so she doesn't drown herself with chunky accessories and heavy clothing. She also mastered the art of layering and can put simple pieces together to create a very cohesive overall look. Bravo, Rachel, magaling ka hija!!!:) 

Parkour: Pen and Paper Style

I found this video through a friend last year but felt like sharing it with all of you again today.

An interesting read

    Read more about this article by Church Simplified here.

Travel Tuesday: VENEZIA

Oh my darling, Venezia. How I miss you so!!! The last time I was in Venice was ages and ages ago, back when I was still a little college student with no lovey dovey to hold hands with! (This explains the grainy shots from my 2 megapixel camera..yes, 2 megapixels lang!!! and my very 2004 Oakley shades, yuck!) I vow to return to this painfully romantic city with my future husband again wait for me Venice and please don't SINK! I discovered this cute video that was shot in Venice..such a fun and quirky way to explore this charming floating city :)

Thank YOU..You, You, and Especially YOU.

A few weeks back, I received an email from 3 college girls who were working on their thesis..and apparently it was about my blog! I seemed incredulous at first. My first reaction was, "Huwat?! Why me? Why my blog?". I felt so ill-equipped, so unqualified to be a case study for their thesis. As soon as I got their formal email.. I opened a new tab to check my blog again, worried that they would be dissecting each and every post I wrote in the past. All I could think of was: "PATAY! Puro kalokohan at kababawan ang mga pinagsasabi ko sa blog ko!! Gaaaahh." I was a bit worried for them too, I was this close to saying "You do realize that there are more bloggers out there, right? Big time bloggers who are ten times more famous, deep and influential!" Parang ako yung nalugi para sa kanila eh! But they were persistent and sweet and so I made time to meet with them over coffee last Saturday. It was actually quite an interesting interview and I found myself challenged to answer questions I've never ever encountered before. Questions like "What is the goal of your blog?" and "How do you come up with things to write about?" and "Do you consider yourself popular?". "Popular?" I thought to myself, "Well, I guess you could say I was a little popular in grade school.. after all, I was the star in our school play" that's all I could think of. But POPULAR as in "Miss, pa-autograph naman diyan" popular, heck NO. Baka pagtawanan lang ako ng mga kaibigan ko. "Guys, please maniwala naman kayo..SIKAT AKOOO!!!" Even my own friends don't believe in my pseudo celebrity status! Mwahahaha :)

But this interview caused me to reflect on this blog even more. What is the goal of this blog? To be honest, I'm still figuring that one out. This started as a very personal blog, a means for me to update friends and loved ones who were scattered all over the globe. It was a way for me to sort of tell everyone close to me "Hey, this is what I've been up to lately" which slowly evolved into a "This is what makes me happy, I hope it makes you happy too" over the years. So I guess, that's the best way to describe this blog..and I'd really like to keep it that way. Just a happy place in this big, vast online universe where people can come and have a "mini-vacation" just rest their troubling thoughts, set aside the office stress to just "come and waste your time with me". Sometimes I worry that my posts might be perceived as too simple..but if you know me well, you'll know that SIMPLE is what best describes me. (Ay mali, KENGKOY pala is what best describes me. Give me a piso for every time I've heard "Ang kengkoy mo!"..and I'd be a thousandaire by now! Friends, there are other adjectives you could use too you "Sexy"and "Mysterious". Hindi ba bagay sa kin? Damnit. Abangan niyo na, I'll Angelina Jolie-fy myself..just you wait and see!!)

So to all of my readers--(all 10 of you,yes!2 digits na fanbase ko) who have journeyed with me all these years...Maraming Salamat. Aww, parang Vilma Santos moment ko eto!!!:)  But seriously, I am so overwhelmed by the number of emails I receive on a daily basis. I love reading all your letters..especially the emails on love and relationships! It allows me to release my inner Joe D' Mango. Call me, Patty D' Banana. Thank you for taking the time to spend a minute or two on this site each day.. I know there are millions of websites and blogs out there, so for you to pick this little girl's blog-- wow! that means so much to me. I'm so thankful that the Lord has made this a platform for me to reach all of you through my silly words and corny jokes.

My little contests are also my way of giving back to all of you, just a way for me to share the cool goodies that I personally bought or get for free from friendly sponsors. Sorry, I'm not as big time as the other bloggers out there..but these are little gifts that I personally like and would really love to share. Don't worry kids, someday, when I'm the biggest of big time..House and Lot na premyo ko, Doll House and Lot! hahaha! So to everyone, thank you, thank you, thank you!:)

Time to make your BODY happy all over again :)

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Now, THIS is a LOVE story.

Today, I'd like to share a story about two people I truly respect and admire: Steve Ruetschle and his lovely wife Michelle. Last June 17, 2010, Steve was severely injured in a motorcycle accident. He fractured his c6 and c7 neck vertebrae leaving him practically paralyzed from the neck down. The doctor gave him a 10% chance of having any meaningful movement in his legs and an even slimmer chance of ever walking again. Watch how their love and faith kept them together even in their darkest days..

The Ruetschle Story from THE PARSONS photographers on Vimeo.

Ugggh, My eyes are now swollen. Mukha na akong goldfish. I just used up the entire box of kleenex. Amazing. Miracles still do happen..even in this crazy, chaotic, evil world that we live in. And Steve is living proof of this. But what stirred my heart the most was the love and dedication of his wife Michelle. This is the kind of love-- a love so great, so selfless and generous-- that God wants you and me to enjoy.  The one HE has set aside for you is not only the person of your dreams, but the person that God dreams for you too :) So never ever settle for someone who just looks good on paper or someone who's "good enough" for now..claim the BEST, because that's what you deserve! Choose a woman/man after God's own heart who will love YOU fiercely, faithfully and unconditionally :) Hay, pag-ibig.

You can find Michelle's blog here She writes so beautifully and it moves me every time I visit her blog. But I strongly suggest starting from the very beginning, track back to the earlier posts just so you'll get a better feel of their life journey :) The video you'll find below is worth watching too, it'll show you how God worked in the lives of the Ruetschle family. So if you have a few minutes to spare, watch this :)

Love for the Golden Arches

There's always this one little place that I love visiting, a piece of my childhood that still exists. It's the Mcdonald's in Alabang Zapote. Sounds corny but it's the place that brings lots of good and happy memories! If the Ronald Mcdonald statue by the Drive Thru area could speak, he would have a lot to report about me.:) I attended a thousand birthday parties in this very same branch, I charmed my suitors in grade school and always got free caramel sundaes, this was the eternal meeting point for all our barkada road trips, this was where my dad would pick me up after a movie gimmick..oh I study/ group project pala.. Hahahaha!!! Sorry Dad!

When Mcdonald's asked me to come and celebrate their upcoming 30th anniversary with them, I was more than thrilled especially since I'm a true Mickee Dees lover. Chicken Nuggets+French Fries+Caramel Sundae= That's my PMS cure! The perfect way to eliminate my hormonal witch mode! Hahaha :) As soon as I get a crunch of that french fries...boooooom, it's over! You girls can relate for sure. Mawala na ang lahat, wag lang ang french fries koooo! Hahaha!

Can you believe it's been 30 years already? I dug up some classic McDo commercials from all over the world. Some are pretty funny but the last one, from the Philippines, will always be a favorite.


I have a little game for all of you fellow McDo lovers out there :)
I'm giving away lots of special edition goodies 
plus gift certificates so you can treat your entire barkada!
Sounds good, ey???

For it's 30th birthday Mcdonald's will be giving some select branches a brand new look.
Below you will find photos from each branch.
 All you have to do is match the following branches
Makati Cinema Square, Greenhills, 
North Avenue, and Quezon Avenue
 to their corresponding photos.

Click on the image to enlarge.

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