The Big 3-0.

Today you turn 30 but somehow you still manage to look 20. You haven't aged a bit! And it's all because you are a ball of positivity, peace and light! I am inspired by you each day and I'm sure you inspire many others as well. Here's to more crazy adventures, Muff.  I love you like a sister. :)

To celebrate Muffin's birthday, I decided to dig up some photos from almost a decade ago. 
Here are some very "fashion backward" pics from our trip to Germany, Switzerland, and France.
Our weak attempt to be cool footballers in Madrid.
Hoping to build more solid memories with this remarkable woman in the coming years. Love you, Muff :)

Check out Alessa's to see how we celebrated Muff's birthday.


PauweE said...

I soooo love the Jersey! Aking na lang 'to! :D

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