Someone didn't get the POLKA DOT Memo

Que horror. I met up with my girlies today and surprise, surprise---Stella came in a POLKA DOT DRESS TOOO!!!!! Accckkkk!!! Everyone was staring at us in Makati Med and it was so embarrassing! We looked like cheesy twins, same dress, same hair and same shoes too! Oh and Makati Med is now our new hangout by the way! I didn't realize it's now a medical mall with restaurants, shops, parlors and even a mini spa!! I got a check up, had lunch, dessert, visited our Tito, had a foot massage all in one place. #CosWe'reCoolLikeThat #MMCThePlaceToBe #photosbySheilaCatilo


Pin Elsenique said...

Haha I'd like to LOL, but it was too cute ;)

sheila said...

(I'm still laughing :P)

mae said...

Ang cute niyo pong tingnan tatlo!!

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