Diary of a Sugar Addict

The many faces of Patty struggling with Sugar Addiction
 (as seen in random cute white kids from the net). 


Audrey said...

Sniff! I could totally relate! It is hard to give up sweets...

cindy said...

I bet you like cakes too Patty... I can't give up cakes, no matter what, if I can't eat them, I have to make them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Patty!

I can totally related to you. I can't give up sweets either. I ALWAYS have to have dessert after a full meal.

Be careful though in switching from chocolates to fruits. (Saw your tweets :)) Some fruits, especially grapes (one piece is equal to tons of sugar which is why diabetics aren't allowed to eat them), may contain more sugar than chocolate. :)

Goodluck to you! :)

PS You're extra extra blooming. Patrick is one lucky guy!

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