My Ateneo Class

In a few weeks I will be saying goodbye to these kids as the semester comes to a close. As a teacher, it's always a time of mixed emotions when you see your students "move up"--you're excited to see them press forward but at the same time it hurts to let them go. I'm much more cool and composed now that I'm a college instructor. I used to cry like a baby back when I was teaching preschool! I realized it would totally freak them out if I started hugging and kissing these 19 year olds the same way I used to cuddle my toddlers back in the day. Hahaha! To my dear students, I am so proud of each and every one of you and I can't wait to see you all on TV!!! Oh and I have all your video assignments on file--which I just might release when you guys become big shots on TV! hahaha, I'm kidding (well not really!). 


Isay Roque said...

Oh my gosh! Si MT!!! I super miss him!!!

Angelo Espanol said...

Coolest prof in the town!

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