Bridal Shower#3 with my High School Friends

Thank you so much Eunice, Daisy, Lar and Tin for this small and meaningful get together at The Pen. They even gave me a BRIDE TO BE sash with a matching tiara and they all wore sashes too!We wore it around the hotel the entire time and got a lot of curious stares. They probably thought we were Ms Earth delegates---NAKKKS!!FEELING!!!!! Thank you also to Tin for making such a pretty wedding dress inspired cake and cake pops too! And also to the staff of The Peninsula for surprising me with a personalized cake :) :) Awwww, group hugggg! I love my friends!!! 
Oh and thank you to my darling Patrick who has been dropping me off and picking me up from all these bridal showers and get togethers with my girlfriends. He's been such a considerate and hands on groom--dealing with all the nitty gritty details like going to the bank to pay bills, dealing with home repairs, talking to suppliers just so I won't have to stress about these things :) I guess he's just making sure I spend all the happy-happy-joy-joy time with my friends so I won't go Bridezilla on him. Matalinong bata! Hahahaha!:)


Anonymous said...

congrats patty! so many shower parties for you haha! :)

anyhow, may i ask where you bought ur salmon skirt? i like! :) thanks!

Riza Ponciano said...

wow, ms. patty. it's bridal shower after bridal shower gallore! you're so loved! wishing you all the best! :))

Riza of

Krizzia Jimenez said...

You sure have many bridal shower memories to remember. And so happy to see you very happy and not stress at all. :)

~ Sweetstrings

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