Exactly 1 year ago, this happened.


Discovgraphers said...

awww.. this made me smile on the 1st day of 2013 =)

Anonymous said...

Patrick lost weight.

rach said...

Soo cute! It's so nice that the family is game too! :)

Stay happy being married!

anecoronel said...

yes! i saw this and i even downloaded this. i still have a copy of this and showed this to my friends. i cried after i saw this.and got envy. hhahahah.then i started reading you blogs. wow! its been a year! happy one year of friendship! i. claimed it thou di pa tau ngkkita...kc through ur blogs khit di tau bbm mate, textmate, callmate but ur blog made us a way para mging connected ka sa mga followers mo. ur so lucky and i thank you for sharing ur life with us.feeling ko nga wala kang problem kc ur always sending us Good vibes like everyday.:)) more power to you and im always proud of you.

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