Marathon Prenup Shoot

Yesterday, Pat and I did our best posing-posing for the cameras. It was weird and awkward being mushy and sweet in front of an entire team of photographers and stylists..but somehow we managed to pull it off (or so I think). The whole time Pat was just mumbling cheap D.O.M. pick up lines to me while I was trying my best to look if the photos come out all bungisngis, please blame him. The Mango Red team shot guerilla style, with shutters clicking every milli-second. They're a very laid back and easygoing bunch which made us much more comfortable, especially since it was our very first time to do a photo shoot as a couple! I can't wait to see the pictures and I promise to post them here as soon as we get them!:) 
Special Thanks to MANGO RED 
for doing our very first prenup shoot!!!
A big shout out to Jasmine Mendiola for my hair and makeup
and stylist Bianca Santiago for making us look oh-so-cool.
Thanks also to the fab team of Rabbit Hole Creatives!

Happy Little Cheap Dates

A lot of people always ask me how I manage to come up with the moolah for my trips abroad and the answer is simple and obvious: I SAVE. Of course, it helps that I'm able to find promo flights and budget accommodations, but travel does incur some expenses so setting aside money is the only way to do it since I'm not a bajillionaire. The best way to save is to simplify your lifestyle. I'll admit I'm still struggling with this as it gets tempting to up the ante sometimes. But this is something I learned early on from my parents-- that no matter how successful you become, your lifestyle shouldn't change. Find a comfortable and fulfilling spot in your life and stick to it. I call it the HAPPY ZONE. It's the best position wherein you're able to enjoy a few luxuries here and there but still understand that you have to scrimp on the daily things. If you get a promotion, a big bonus, or even if you win the thankful for these blessings but stay within that HAPPY ZONE. :) Treat yourself to a new gadget, go ahead and buy that designer bag you've been dreaming of, order the most expensive dish in the menu..if you've been working hard, you also need to learn how to give yourself a reward. But if you reach a point wherein you're just working to buy a gadget, working to buy a designer bag, or working to be able to eat out in classy restaurants every night..then that my friend, can be quite problematic. Work because you love it, Work because you want to contribute something positive to society, Work because you want to provide for your family....but don't work simply because you want to accumulate MORE STUFF. 

I'm lucky that I'm marrying someone who's very down to earth and sensible, Patrick is very frugal and that's actually one of the traits that I love most about him. Our wedding planning has been very easy breezy so far because we're so much alike in our spending that it's easy for us to narrow down our options. We invest on high quality items/services but we scrimp on things we know we can do on our own or find cheaper substitutes for. He knows how to keep things simple but he also knows when and how to splurge :) Nakakainis din naman yung sobrang kuripot at KJ sa buhay diba?! Yung tipong "Ano ba yan, ang mahal naman! Ayoko na dito!" (To which I'd probably reply: "Eto, magtubig ka's on ME") or "Hoy may utang ka sa kin ng 3 piso!" (I'll say "Eto limang piso pero wag mo na akong kakausapin EVER!") HAHAHA! Ugghh, those people can be quite annoying. It's good to have a healthy balance. 

For couples, the simplest way to adjust your lifestyle is by adjusting your dates. If you are out clubbing 3 nights a week, eating in fancy restaurants every other night, having coffee at the designer cafe every day..chances are you'll go broke. So what Patrick and I do is we reserve those nights out for friends and special occasions only..but if it's just for the two of us, we choose to keep our dates really simple. We'll stay in and have a romantic DVD marathon date, walang kagastos-gastos (Chippy at Coke lang ang puhunan namin) pero umaapaw naman sa lambingan moments where we could hug it out all night long! Naks!!! Here are other ideas that cost little but make for awesome memories! Most of you have done this already, it's just a matter of making it more creative and romantic but on a budget :)

Go on a Food Court Challenge
Have a Lazer Tag Fight
Drive up to Tagaytay for a Romantic Brunch Date
 Visit your local neighborhood massage parlor 
(the wholesome kind of course!)
Go marketing together on a lazy Saturday morning

New Chinese Resto Fave: P.F.Chang's

There's a new resto in the south of the metro (aha, it rhymes!) and it's called P.F.Chang's. As in Patrick Filart Chang. OR Patty Filart Chang. Hahahaha. :) Actually P.F. Chang's is actually a name acquired from the two founding partners Paul Fleming and Philip Chang. With over 200 branches all over America, it has finally hit our Pinoy shores. And it's right here in Alabang Town Center! Hoorrayyyy for the South peeps!
Our friends Amber and Marcus celebrated their anniversary yesterday and invited all of us to P.F.Chang's for dinner. Initially I thought to myself "Chinese food..hmmm..."obviously half-psyched about the idea. I'm the daughter of my father so eating Chinese food was mandatory in our family for many, many, many years so you can understand my lack of excitement. In fact, my dad's dream wedding suggestion: "Why not have Peking Duck and all you can eat Dimsum!!!??That would be so amazing." I now know what to prepare for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary! Hahaha :) 

But since the well-traveled Amber and Marcus have impeccable taste when it comes to their restaurant choices, I knew I had to just trust them with this one. So before getting ready for dinner, I decided to google P.F.Chang's menu...and I was pleasantly surprised to find lots of interesting choices! From feeling ho-hum about Chinese, I was suddenly excited to give this new food chain a try.

And they did not disappoint at all. I wouldn't know how else to describe P.F. Chang's but think "Clean, High Quality Chinese Food".We ordered different things so we were able to sample a wide range of dishes. My favorites were the 1)Chang's Chicken Lettuce Wraps 2)Mongolian Beef 3)Lemon Chicken 4)Sichuan Shrimp 4)Crab Meat Fried Wontons. Oohhh, and their Tamarind Iced Tea was de-li-cious!!!:) They should call it Sampaloc Delight! Hahahaha! The food was completely wiped out in an instant so i failed to take decent photos of our dishes. But just to give you an idea, here are some images I grabbed from their site. You can also check out their menu here.
I highly recommend P.F.Chang's for big groups, families and barkadas. They have something for the kids and adults to enjoy. They have a vegetarian menu and a gluten-free menu as well which means it's a great dining option for the health-conscious too! The place was packed last night so I suggest you make your reservations ahead of time by calling (02) 687-5611. I'll be dropping by P.F. Chang's again for sure!!!

Cute Save The Date Videos

The Big 3-0.

Today you turn 30 but somehow you still manage to look 20. You haven't aged a bit! And it's all because you are a ball of positivity, peace and light! I am inspired by you each day and I'm sure you inspire many others as well. Here's to more crazy adventures, Muff.  I love you like a sister. :)

To celebrate Muffin's birthday, I decided to dig up some photos from almost a decade ago. 
Here are some very "fashion backward" pics from our trip to Germany, Switzerland, and France.
Our weak attempt to be cool footballers in Madrid.
Hoping to build more solid memories with this remarkable woman in the coming years. Love you, Muff :)

Check out Alessa's to see how we celebrated Muff's birthday.

Fashion Friday: Change the World Through Design

Do you believe you can change the world through design?
If you are a student, fresh graduate, or young professional who can create Eco-Ethical fashion and home accessories together with Top Designers like Rajo Laurel and Community Artisans, then you are invited to be part of the Rags2Riches Design Team!

Job Description:
Create designs, patterns, mood boards, prototypes, and inspiring story lines for Rags2Riches home and fashion accessories
Work with community artisans from all over the Philippines in coming up with products that are Eco-Ethical and stylish
Liaise with Rags2Riches partner designers and international ambassadors to create design briefs and translate these into modules that can be used by Community Artisans

Student, Fresh Graduate, or Young Professional preferably with background or course related to Textile design and technology and Fashion and Home Accessories Design
Knowledgeable in fashion trends and home interiors trends
Strong background in pattern making (for home and fashion accessories), sewing, and even crafts (macrame, crochet, basket weave)!
Interested in creating fashion and home masterpieces that are beautiful, meaningful, and sustainable
Willing to dedicate at least 3 days a week
Willing and able to travel
Resourceful! -- we need creative and resourceful individuals who can see the potential in scrap materials and can look for Eco-Ethical sources of materials

How many Design Interns will be accepted? There are only 3 slots for this position for this year.
Is this a good career path for me? We believe so! And because we believe in sustainability, we will provide an allowance and a ton of rich experience for successful applicants!

What is the duration of the internship? The contract is for 3 months but can extend indefinitely if we are a match made in heaven!

How can I apply? Send us your resume, some copies/samples of your work, and a short and sweet letter of why you should be Rags2Riches' Design Intern and Ambassador. You can send via email to and!

When is the deadline for the application? February 8

When can I start? The day before Valentine's. It's a date.

Dancing our way to Supreme Sexiness

I was never ever the type who would be worried about my little jiggles here and there..but as soon as I did my first fitting for my gown, it just hit me..HECK, I wanna look friggin' awesome for my wedding day!!!! Thankfully, I had my mom and BFF Alessa during my fitting and somehow they convinced me to ditch my "I don't care how I look as long as I'm comfortable" attitude and so I'm totally caring from now on.  I used to be "I could wear a sack and I would still be happy" little miss, but not anymore. That was me two weeks ago..but now I've crossed over to the "I'm gonna be a bride only once in my life so please Papa Jesus make me pretty":) 

Alessa (who was just a bride a year ago) told me that it's important for every bride to look and feel beautiful on her wedding day..not for the guests, not for anyone else, but just for herself. So yeah, I'm doing this for me..and Pat..alam mo naman, selfless akong tao! Mwahahaha! Of course, I wouldn't want him to bail out on me on the last minute, noh!

Patrick and I have an inside joke, a little challenge between us. The challenge is for each of us to make the other person do a nasty and embarrassing hagulgol on our wedding day. He keeps teasing me for being a softie, saying that I'll be such a wreck on our wedding day because I'm such an emotional sissy. "Yari ka sa vows ko! My vows will be sooooooo good, HAGULGOL level!! You'll be gasping for air in between sobs and sniffs!" After which he would mimic an over exaggerated crying Patty. Tipong Mara-Clara level! So when I did my first fitting, the challenge was ACCEPTED! I called him "Booom! It's over! Yari ka sa dress koooooo!!! When you see me walking down the aisle..PATAY kang bata ka. Grade school HAGULGOL with sinok at asthma attack level! Your best man will have to hand you a coleman with water to stop you from crying! Bring your good morning towel, you'll be needing it!!You'll have a bucket full of tears to wipe away!" Of course, his natural reaction is to just shake his head and give me an obnoxious smirk to say "Game on, missy!" He thinks he's so tough and says he won't cry..but I know he will. Don't tell him, I told you. Hahahaha :)

So now, I'm on a mission. I must be a ZEXY BRIDE!!!! How I'm gonna do it...I dont know yet exactly. I've never really worked on my sexiness before so this is all new to me. Paano ba maging sexy na dilag??? Naku, ang hirap naman! Sexy gods, tulungan niyo po akoooo!!! I would like to summon the strength of ten thousand Anne Curtises and a million Iza Calzados..please grant me the power to grow some abs!

Most of you know I'm allergic to the gym. A few months back, we dragged ourselves to the gym. I got on the treadmill for 5 minutes then transfered to the stationary bicycle and as I started pedaling I realized that the gym's TV had more awesome cable channels than the ones we had at home! I told Patrick (who was busy lifting his weights) "Yo Babe, they've got so many channels!!! Dito nalang tayo tumambay! Let's bring a tub of popcorn next time!" So the pedaling gradually slowed down..and in 2 minutes, I was just using the bike as a chair to watch Beyonce in a Hollywood special. Needless to say, we never hit the gym again. Who knows, maybe when the wedding day draws nearer..I might just visit the gym again. 
But in the meantime, we discovered a fun way to sexify ourselves. Our friend Alvin, gave us a Kinect for Christmas and guys, it's DA BEST!!! Pat and I have been obsessing over Just Dance 3. It's been 3 days of dancing and my body is ailing like an 85 year old! Aguyyyyy. Kailangan pala ata mag-stretching muna. I initially thought of posting a video here then I realized how ugly we looked in our ill-coordinated and ungraceful moves and baggy pambahay clothes..delete,delete,delete! :) You will just have to make do with your imagination for now. Bottomline, it's not a pretty sight watching two payatot kids in liga shorts dancing like jello. I will however treat you to this video! This dude is amazing!!! He was TOP 1 in the WORLD at some point. Now, Pat and I are more motivated to kembot our way to the top as well.

Matt Corby

Meet Matt, our new man-crush. This dude could easily pass as a Billabong model but dang, 
the boy can sing!!! He reminds me so much of Jeff Buckley!

Travel Tuesday: Dreaming of my NEXT destination

Nepal.Bangkok.Egypt.Abu Dhabi.

I was up 'til 2am last night, scouring the web for deals and steals. I was a lion on full hunter mode trying desperately to come across another promo. I'm absolutely loving every minute of our wedding planning but I find myself more engrossed in honeymoon planning these days..yes, that's the travel bug overthrowing the bride-to-be in me!:) I'm one of those girls who prefers a simple and pretty wedding but with an EPIC honeymoon! Oooh, I said EPIC. I'm so last year. Hahaha. 

Traveling all these years as a single girl with friends and family was F-U-N and I highly recommend it to everyone..the experiences you'll have will last you a lifetime! But I'm sure traveling with my husband (ayun o!! yiheee!) will be another more exciting adventure..and I pray that God will provide the provisions for us to travel in the near future. Now that I have a permanent travel bud, it makes planning much more meaningful and purposeful. We've got a whole year to do our research and to save money, so this should be fun!!! Hopefully, we find a destination that covers everything: good food, welcoming locals, interesting architecture, deep-rooted culture and history, and spectacular landscapes :) Country #30, come to MAMA (and your new Papa, hahaha)!!!!

I'm giving away several packs of 
to some Lucky Blog Readers!

(Each pack comes with 3 different Headware pieces)

1. Click the LIKE and TWEET buttons below.
2. Answer the following question briefly
 "Which fun destination would you bring your headware to?"
Write your answer on the HEADWARE Facebook Page wall. Don't forget to add the hastag #dapattylaurelblog!

Example: "I would love to bring my HEADWARE to Siargao! It's the perfect destination for surfing and adventure! #dapattylaurelblog"

Winners will be notified via Facebook PM. Contest ends on January 27, 2012.

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Happy New Year Everyone!:) Ooohhh..New Year! Maybe I should ask Pat to propose to me all over again, only this time we'll have electricity and he'll pop the question in CHINESE!! Oohhh, JOY!:) Although I look a little Chinese, we don't practice any Chinese traditions at home. I don't know much about the Chinese horoscope so I decided to do a little research today. I'm really not a big believer, but there's no harm in reading about it and seeing how some things actually make a lot of sense.

First of all, I'm a PIG. Hindi po ako bakla, hindi rin po ako babae, BABOY po ako. BABOYYYYY!!! You know like Rudy Fernandez..oops, DA BOY pala yun. (Just kidding..much respect to the legend!) So I searched randomly on google "Pig Fortune for Year of the Dragon" and I actually stumbled across some very interesting facts.

1.) Apparently, we're not JUST regular people, we're PIG PEOPLE.
"When Pig people encounter difficulties, obstacles or even misfortune, as long as you keep your optimistic, enterprising and positive mind, someone will appear to help you to overcome trouble." 
"If Pig people want to look for a closer love relationship, then the Dragon year is the time to try"
"No matter how old they get, Pig people still only see and believe that all men/women are basically good. Pig people constantly sacrifice their own happiness and comfort for the sake of somebody else"

2.) This looks like a promising year for PIGGIES!
"In 2012, the Pig is supported by the star of intelligence and power. This is an incredible force for promoting luck, good reputation, travel, and abundant happiness. There is also a romance star in the Pig’s 2012 forecast that can lead to marriage and makes it easy to fall in love with a fantastic person. Even when things get tough, the star of mercy brings compassionate people to the Pig who share kind blessings with them."
HEY. Not bad! Smart, powerful, traveler who will marry and fall in love with a fantastic person!?!? I like this year already! Thank you dragon people on behalf of the pig people all over the world :) 

3.) Piggies should stay away from Snakes and Rams and hang out with the Sheeps and Rabbits.
Like duh. Why would you wanna hang with jungle creatures??? Pigs should chill with fellow farm animals!!! Have you seen a pig talking to a snake? Not happening. Snakes are the gangstas of the animal kingdom (you Snake people know what I mean!). Dun na tayo sa bunnies and sheep! Let's keep to the theme of having only cute and cuddly friends! 

4.) I'm a total BABE. 
I'm a babe, but not a chicka-babe. But a BABE as in the baboy in the movie!!! 

5.) Dog+Pig
So Pat is a dog and I'm a pig. So apparently according to the Chinese predictions, dogs and pigs get along because they're able to "share their thoughts and feelings" NAAAKS. Pwede. :) 

Regardless of your sign and fortune, at the end of the day you have FULL control over your 2012. Armed with a lot of faith, wisdom, and courage..I think we all have the capacity to make this year wonderful!!!:)  It's a year of many possibilities! Happy New Year!! :)

Daniela's Winter Wonderland Wedding

My sister got hitched 2 years ago in snow-capped Turin, Italy which is the hometown of my favorite (well, by default) brother-in-law Stefano. It was small and I'm not talking "Pinoy" small which is 100 guests..I'm talking really small like "count your fingers and you'll get the total number of guests" kind of small. But it was perfect and truly memorable for both families and I'm glad Daniela chose to keep it intimate. We had a little ceremony with the town mayor, then we all trekked to a pretty coffee shop in the town center, then drove up to an old bed and breakfast for dinner. Just one table for the entire wedding party!:) They renewed their vows a year after in Boracay with a bigger group, but even that wedding was kept to a minimum. Big weddings are helluva fun and a party for everyone to enjoy..but small weddings are sweet and simple. And I think sweet and simple is what I'm a big fan of as well :) Our wedding won't be THIS small, but it will be significantly small enough to be meaningful..with only our dearest friends and loved ones celebrating the most special day of our lives! I can't wait, I'm too darn happy and excited to marry Pat!!! Queso!!:)

Fun Midweek Party with the Juans

American Football

A couple of days ago, we decided to join our friends to watch an NFL game. NFL stands for National Fun League..or Nachos/Fries Lang..or is it No Fera Laurel?? I'm confused.

It was a close match, but the 49ers took home the prize against the dudes with the white/gold uniform, the 59ers??? Eekk. Sorry, I am not a big American football fanatic. (Kilala ko lang si Tim Tebow because he's oh-so-cool and because he's been doing so many amazing projects in Mindanao.) The only time I'm exposed to American Football is in the movies. Jerry Maguire, Remember the Titans and Little Giants! Remember this scrawny nerdy kid from that movie??? "INTIMIDATION!!!!" Hahaha! 
We woke up at the crack of dawn just to watch the game. So this is us, half-awake half-asleep at 5am. For my first "decent" experience with American Football, it was quite interesting to watch. Here's what I picked up: 1)They never get wedgies 2) They look like macho ballet dancers in tights 3)Players have different shoes based on their positions 4)Players put black face paint under eyes so the light will somehow bounce back and they won't have to squint ..and no, hindi siya over-runs ng mascara 5)Kung matapilok yung isang player at madaganan niya ako...I shall be what you call in clinical terms, DEADBOLZZZ. 6)Indeed, the grass is greener on their side. 7)those helmets could prove useful when you're having a bad hair day. See, so many sports tips from me! I think I could totally be a sports blogger!
After cheering for the 49ers, it was time for some morning grub. Our resident cook and my future pinsan, Scotty, whipped up a very sophisticated version of brekkie comfort food for us. It was muy delicioso! His honey beans was the BOMB DIGGITY. And his poached eggs were perfectly..umm..poached. Redundant! :) He did all the cooking, Dani and I did the serving, and the boys.. did the eating! Hahaha!

Cool Gift Ideas from Knock Knock Stuff

Jumpstart your Healthy 2012

How are your New Year's resolutions coming along? Let me be honest with you folks, I've fallen off the wagon. With all the happiness I've been feeling these past 3 weeks, I've been eating happily and merrily..celebrating with families and friends on an extended holiday thanks to our engagement :) But I definitely need to start getting fit for our upcoming wedding! I want to be a healthy bride of course! :) So I trekked to my favorite Healthy Options in Greenbelt and found these cool items that will hopefully help me move towards a more positive path! Check out my top picks for a Healthy 2012.  

Emergen-C Orange
When I was preschool teacher, I was eternally sick. Having been exposed to the kids' sneezes, coughs and was inevitable for me to catch the common bug. Since then, I've made it a habit to always stock up on Vitamin C. Not only is it good for your immune system, it's great for your skin too! This Orange flavored fizzy drink mix  contains 1000mg Vitamin C. It's the perfect health and energy booster. 

Reviva Light Skin Peel
 I am obsessed with this little tub! This is ONE-OF-A-KIND, all-natural exfoliant that shows immediate results for skin clarity,radiance and smoothness. It's a cheaper alternative to those expensive exfoliating treatments. Just simply cover your face with a thin film and scrub your way to a whole new healthy face!

Jason Sunbrellas Facial Sunblock
I always forget to apply sunscreen and now I realize that it really is a MUST. I hate how other sunscreens feel so greasy so this is such a refreshing alternative. An ultra sheer, hypoallergenic, oil-free formula absorbs easily to help protect skin from the sun which could result in premature aging. Enriched with specially selected antioxidants, such as Grape Seed and Green Tea Extract, this lightweight, non-comedeogenic formula is ideal for everyday use and should not clog pores. Completely translucent and never chalky, this sunblock is recommended even under makeup because it will not change the shade of foundation.

Kays Creal French Vanilla
Kays Naturals offers more balanced nutrition, it is a great choice for cereal lovers of all ages who want to eat a healthier, energy sustaining diet, but do not want to give up great-tasting crunchy texture. 

Detox Diets for Dummies
So you're a dummy and you need a detox..then here's your saving grace. This book makes it easy breezy for people who would like to take away all the toxins in your body. A detox is a great way to start a diet. More than just for weight loss, a good detox will bring you cleansing and good vibes! So happy detoxing, you dummies!

You could win gift cards from

1. Click the LIKE and TWEET buttons below.
2. Visit the Healthy Options website and choose your favorite item and tell me why you need this to jumpstart your healthy 2012. 
3. Send your name, short answer and home address to by January 20, 2012.

Travel Tuesday: Travel Inspired Books I Have Yet to Read

For more ideas, you can view the 
100 Most Celebrated Travel Books list here!

29 Ways to Stay Creative

Grabbed this from Noelle Hilario. Click here to visit her cool site :)

Team Rocco

Possibly one of the most anticipated baby arrivals (well, next toBeyonce's baby..and Baby Jesus) would be that of Rocco Gonzales. To prep the family for Rocco's grand debut, we had a little baby shower for Anne and Dre last weekend. Incidently, Rocco just happens to be my favorite boy name.. it means BATTLE CRY plus it sounds like ROCK which is perfect for a little man!:) Maybe our baby will be called Rocco 7.1, parang Microsoft upgrade lang diba? Kudos to the girlfriends of Anne who did such an awesome job in coming up with fun and crazy baby games like: Pin the Sperm on The Egg, Guess the Celebrity Baby, and my favorite Chocolate Poop Guessing Game. And of course, we won as overall champions!!! I always take parlor games seriously..competitive talaga ako even during kiddie parties. Lalo na sa pabitin! Yari kayong lahat sa kin..especially you cheating yayas carrying your infant alagas, instantly giving them an edge over the rest of the kiddies!! I'm watching youuuuuu like a hawk! And you little girl, ano akala mo..madadala ako sa beautiful eyes mo?? Excuse me...You see this?? That's what you call FOCUS. PS Cuteness is sooooo 2011. Mwahahaha!:) 

Fresh Everyday Makeup

Hi Melanie! Thanks for your email :) It has been such an exciting, whirlwind experience..I'm loving each and every moment! I will definitely share more details about our wedding preps once we get things settled. I'd love to make all of you a part of this big milestone in my life. :)

Now on to your question...Just like you, I barely have time to put on decent makeup each morning. I'd love to learn how to apply it like a professional, with all that blending schmlending, contouring bontouring, and shadowing schmadowings. Don't you just wish you could wake up looking like Angelina Jolie each morning, with a full blow out and vavavoom curls, luscious lips and sexy lashes?! Sadly, for the rest of us who are but mere mortals..we don't have the luxury of having stylists and makeup artists at our beck and call. But this doesn't mean we can't look beautiful everyday! We CAN! And we can do it in 5 simple steps! Nakssss, feeling beauty consultant na talaga ako :) I'm all for keeping it simple and effortless when it comes to everyday makeup. Sure, go ALL out if you're doing a photo shoot, partying it up with girlfriends or getting glam for a special event! I love going through transformations with makeup artists, it's so fun to experiment with different looks! But for everyday..the general rule to follow is the less you pile on on a daily basis, the better it is for your skin :)

Here's a little collage I made to make it very elementary for you. And yes, ako yan on the lower right side..ang ganda ko noh..I colored my hair blonde. May kamukha daw akong artista sa States. Pero di ko siya kilala, hindi ata sikat. Baka Indie actress? HAR HAR HAR!:) 

I'm giving away these
Travel Makeup Brush Kits
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Dashe Cosmetics has a wide range of different cosmetic brushes for professional make up artists and also for regular kikay girls or make-up junkies! They're made of top quality material which is worth the investment :) Check out their products here!

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Patrick's One True Love

There's one girl who always has Pat's full attention..and folks, it's not me. Sadly, she wins by a landslide in the cuteness department. I tried wearing a small ribbon on my hair the other day and for some odd reason it didn't come out as CUTE as I had hoped. Her name is Audrey and she is Pat's niece and god-daughter, and yes, the apple of his eye. :) Thanks to all of you, our proposal video has been reaching thousands of hits on YOUTUBE and one of the stars in the video is little Audrey! Yep, that was her holding up the "SIGE NA PLS" signs with Mateo. 
Audrey's face has graced Pat's profile picture, wallpaper and screensaver! And in no time, she'll be in a billboard someday her very first (unofficial) endorsement for Tropicana Twister right here. Hehehe!:) Tropicana sent me a few bottles of their NEW SPECIAL FLAVORS the other day so I decided to serve it to our little guest over merienda. And wow, it was an instant hit with Princess Audrey that she gamely posed with the bottles right after tasting it. Our other guests loved the 2 new flavors as well!
Tropicana Twister comes in 2 new Limited Edition flavors. Apple Lemon has a nice citrus zing to it, it's actually a blend of apple, white-grape, peach, pear, kumquat, and lemon. Red Fusion on the other hand has deeper flavors of pomegranate, apple, red grape, and peach. I suggest you trek to your local grocery soon to grab these new flavors! They're actually a great alternative to serve to kids for family get togethers and parties instead of the usual soft drinks because it's made of real fruit juice :) You can even get a bit fancy for your adult guests and serve the juices in pretty cocktail glasses, slip in a flirty umbrella and maybe a lychee and cherry too..and VOILA!!! Start the year right with these new refreshing drinks from Tropicana Twister! Happy 2012 guys, cheers to more adventures! :)
This is a sponsored post.

Friday Loving Courtesy of the Googley Gooeys!

Thank you to sweet couple Ponggo and Tipsy for this!! It was so much fun working on this collaboration with the GGs!:)
Click here to visit their CUTESY and QUIRKY website!

Sneak Peek

I'm so excited to be a part of the Watson's Family!:) I'll keep you posted, buddies!

Honeymoon Daydreams

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