Mowwwwdeling for I Love Portraits

I worked with Paolo Ruiz for a photo shoot yesterday and magically, he managed to squeeze in this beautiful video as well :) I was going for a more relaxed adjective like "cool" or"nice" pero dahil malakas ang loob ko ngayon to claim my mowdel-ness..I say, it's a free, let's put beautiful!!! And while we're at it, let's put sexy too!!! Helleeerrr, check out my pout-smile-pouts! And all the sexy eye squinting action! Look here, look there, look out the window, look at the sun, gaaahhh...I dont know where to look anymore! It takes skill, my friend, it's no joke to glorify a gray sando and shorts! So to all you non-believers of my inner sophistication *I'm talking to you Peelaaartz!*..this one's for you! Presenting...C to the LASSY Patty Laurel in Luxurious Pambahay!!! (I look a bit awkward in some of the shots..I still need to hone my emoting skills! I'll do better next time, promise)

Special thanks to Paolo Ruiz and Makeup Genius, Lindsay Co-Alog.

Travel Tuesday: Top 5 Dream Restaurants

Why, hello there blog reader. Nice to see you blog hopping to my site again. I'm guessing you stumbled across this entry probably chained to your office desk, waiting for an opportunity to escape from your nightmare of a boss, or trying to give yourself a break from all the stress. Why else would you be here, wasting your time with me??? Well, other than the fact that I'm a genius and my words are like tiny beads of brain juice!! I knoooow. Well then, take my hand and let's go on a little foodie journey this Tuesday evening! Begin daydream sequence. Ohm. Ohm. Ohhhhhm. *insert windchimes effect here* *now hit that gongggggggggg..ano ba, sabi ko one time lang! You just got me dizzy!*  Now that we're all in the zone, let's go on a Food Trip..and not just any food trip, we're going on a TRANSCONTINENTAL FOOD TRIP. Here are the places I'd like to dine in someday!!!

1. Noma---Denmark

2. El Celler de Can Roca----Spain

3. Nihonryori-Ryugin, Japan

4. Quay, Australia

5. Biko, Mexico
All images are from the web.

Mission Accomplished

Last week, my future sister-in-law and partner in all food crimes, Cecil, celebrated her birthday. Since she's also a Southerner, I decided to bring her to the nearest beauty mecca. Luckily, the Jing Monis Salon is just a few minutes away, located at the 3rd floor of the Bellevue Hotel in Alabang. It was high time to treat this hard working mom to some quality pampering. She's been helping me with all my wedding preps on top of the million other things she does on a daily basis. 

Jing Monis Salon is responsible for the glorious hair of top celebrities such as Tweetie De Leon (my ultimate life peg!!! SHE'S SO GORGEOUS!!!), Georgina Wilson, Anne Curtis, and Solenn Heusaff! So if you want to be the next IT girl, then you know where to go. Their prices are quite competitive and pretty reasonable, given the superstar quality of service they offer. The salon can only accommodate a few people at a time though, so it's best to book an appointment first. Visit their website for more details.
Of course, our girls day out wouldn't be complete without our tiny girlfriend, 1 year old Audrey, who quickly charmed all the staff at the salon :) Her eyes lit up upon entering the salon and even sat down and waited for her pampering treatment too! Sorry sweetie, we'll have to wait a few more years before you get a hot oil. With your tiny crop of hair, baka isang teaspoon worth of hot oil lang ang kailangan mo!:) 
You know how all parents think their babies are cute, even if they're really not cute??? It sounds mean, but you know what I'm talking about! And I know you've thought of it too. Your baby could look like a 60 year old Russian mafia boss with a hook for a hand and a tacky gold tooth, and you'll still find him adorable! "Ang cute cute mo anak" while stroking your 2 year old's beard. Yes, a bearded toddler..cuuuute. Well, I call those cute goggles. It's when you're absolutely infatuated with your own baby and think that he's the cutest baby in the world. Well, since we dont have kids of our own yet, we wear cute goggles for our yes, AUDREY IS SOOOO CUTE!!! All biases aside, this is me being completely objective and professional, it's not the cute goggles..I think she's universally cute and I think we should have people sign a petition to have her cuteness validated! Hahaha :)
The Jing Monis Alabang team gave Cecil a flirty and fresh new look! If she didn't have Audrey sitting next to her, she would definitely get hit on for sure! Don't worry, Jonsy, I've got your back! I shall ninja-kick all of them na dumadamooves! Hehe :) But for working girls like Cecil and moi, sometimes it's nice to just give yourself a much needed pamper day at the salon..and look pretty, just as a reward for yourself! 

You could also win a HAIR MAKEOVER from
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Contest ends on March 3. So start tweeting NOW! You can send multiple tweets for more chances of winning. :)

Thirty Six-O presents Porsche Road Show

For the rest of us commoners who drive boring sedans everyday, here's a video that Patrick's company produced that's sure to make you even sadder. Mamatay nalang tayo lahat sa inggit!!! These cars are so damn sexyyyy!!! :) :)
Video by Thirty Six-O Media
For events video coverage call 09053962933.

Sunday Dinner at Casa Tabuena

Doncha just love random lutong bahay dinner parties?!? :)

Design Files Open House

My birthday is coming up soooooo....these are all my dream items!!! 
What a brilliant idea to have a pop up store in an actual home :)

Pipino Restaurant

A few days ago, PIPINO was featured in the Philippine Star! As most of you know, PIPINO is Alessa's baby and I'm one proud "Tita". She just recently wrote about her triumph with PIPINO in her blog, a simple story about making your dreams come true. :) I love steaks, I love juicy burgers, I love baby back ribs, I love grilled prawns, I love MEAT!!!!!! Vegetables..hmmm..I'm not exactly one who would shout HOORAY for GULAY! I eat vegetables because I know it's good for me, but not because I genuinely love it. It's usually on the side, playing a supporting role..but never the actual Main Act in my plate. Hehehehe. But PIPINO is THE ONLY vegetarian/vegan restaurant I actually enjoy dining in! All their dishes are plant based and surprisingly delicious and filling even for carnivores like moi :) Pipino threw me a birthday party a year ago, and here are some photos from that celebration.
Pipino continues to add more dishes into their menu, so it's always introducing new and exciting meals to its customers! My personal favorites are the Lemon Grass Skewers, Garlic Pasta, Vegetable Curry with Couscous, Mushroom Salpicao, Vegetable Tempura, and the list goes on!!!! But my ULTIMATE FAVORITE: Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies!!! Ka-gu-lo in your mouth. I could finish a whole pack in one sitting! So trek to 39 Malingap St, Teacher's Village, QC and visit Pipino :)

Photos by Catilo Photography.

Fashion Friday: Miss-Match

I've probably said this a million times but I live for PEG boards! I've lost count of the many inspiration boards I've made in my life. It's the OC visual communicator in me that just makes me soooo kilig when I see concepts and ideas in one cohesive board! So when I stumbled across this site, it was pure de-light! (See, told you I'm a poet!) As opposed to the international websites which allow you to create fashion mood boards also, what I love about MISS-MATCH is the fact that it's a Philippine-based site that features brands (both local and foreign) that are readily available here. This means you can create a look with pieces that you can actually purchase here in the country! It's one thing to have inspiration and it's another to have that inspiration actually come to life! :) The service is FREE and pretty straight-forward. It took me 3 minutes to sign up and in just a few clicks I became my own stylist! Who knows, this could catapult you to become the next Liz Uy or Rachel Zoe! Naks, pwede!:) Plus, you get to brag about the looks via Facebook also. Sa mga girlfriend diyan na nagpaparinig, this could be a way to give your boyfriend some hints. "Hi honey! My birthday's next week..just saying..oh by the way, check out this link!" Ang tawag diyan ay SUBTLE. Hahaha. I must warn you though, this can get quite addicting so make sure you keep track of time while you're on the site! It's almost like Fruit Ninja and Temple Run, once you start..Uh-Oh, you're gonna be on it for a pretty long time. Baka hindi na kayo kumain dahil busy na kayo sa inyong new found "styling career"! "Mom, can't you see I'm busy WORKING here!?! This is serious stuff! Lives are being saved!" Of course, by "lives" you mean YOUR CLOSET. Hahaha :) 
To test your styling skills, I've teamed up with Schu and Miss-match for a fun little contest for my blog readers! This way, you get rewarded for having some styling fun on the site. Calling all you fashion mavens in the house...this contest is for you! Good luck, fellas! :) Create as many looks as you like—the more looks, the more chances of winning! (Brownie points for looks with lots of loves!) 

We're giving away
 Schu Shoes to 3 Lucky Blog Readers!

1. Like Schu and Miss-Match on Facebook.
2. Register at (it’s free!!!).
3. Create your look featuring the Schu shoe you want to win from the photo collage above. 
4.  Click Publish and type “Sole Mate” in miss-match’s tag box so it counts as a contest entry. Your look will appear in the Fashion Feed section (miss-match’s version of a News Feed!) 
5. Share. Tell people to “love” your look on miss-match by sharing your look on Facebook! Go to your look on the Fashion Feed, then click on the FB button, and don’t forget to tag @Schu and @miss-match in the message box! 

Example: "Hi friends! Please help me win the @Schu contest! Visit my @miss-match link here and click LOVE IT! Thanks guys!"
Contest ends on March 9, 2012 and winners will be notified via Facebook.

Inspiration for the Day: Cate Parr

Just because I like all things pretty. 
Watercolor Art by Cate Parr

Travel Tuesday: Buenos Aires

A beautiful short film on Buenos Aires amazingly through the eyes of a blind man. Absolutely beautiful.
"A little homage to the Argentinian poet Jorge Luis Borges, one of the greatest writers of all time. This video was shot in the winter of 2010 in Buenos Aires and Capilla del SeƱor, Argentina."-Ian Ruschel

Thank you SPOT.PH!

Maraming Salamat SPOT.PH! Feel free to click on the link

You're too FLY for me, SON!

Today, I woke up suddenly missing my former preschool students in Kinder Care. Most of them are now in the "big school" and thankfully, I still get to catch up with some via Facebook. Yes, these kids have their own accounts too! I fondly remember trend spotting first thing in the morning when my students would come to class smelling so fresh and so clean, all pimped out and properly styled by their fashion forward parents. Napapaisip tuloy ako "I wonder if they have that in my size!". Hahaha! So today, I decided to add something to my prayer request. Remember I asked God to give us "cute and mabango kids" before..well, now I'm editing that. Lord, please grant me and Pat "cute, mabango and FLY kids!" And by fly, I mean too cool for school! Check out these little cuties..this is what you call: living YOUNG, wild, and free!
All images are form

Fashion Friday: All Year Must Haves

Do you want to see how the gates of heaven look like??? Well then, make your way to Forever 21 and you'll have a little preview. It's no secret that I'm a die-hard F21 girl. Years back, I used to order online and have it shipped c/o my Tita in New York. It would arrive 6 weeks after but the long wait was definitely worth it. No words can describe the happiness you'll get from opening a balikbayan box filled with Forever 21 goodies!!! So when Forever 21 finally hit our shores, it was an answered prayer! It's the perfect one-stop shop for all your wardrobe needs. They've got everything covered from your staple lot of clothes, shoes, accessories, pajamas, makeup, swimwear, heck..they even have a whole section for men! I just did a little closet review and noticed that about 80% of my wardrobe comes from Forever 21. Their products are stylish yet affordable which makes it the perfect store for fashionistas on a budget.

I've been getting some emails about everyday, casual fashion so I decided to answer all your queries in one quick post. So here are some suggestions for building your new wardrobe for 2012. With these key pieces you'll be able to survive a whole year! Just be creative in mixing and matching, accessorizing, and of course wearing it in different ways to create new and exciting looks each week! All of these items are available in Forever 21 and come in different colors and sizes too. So here ya go, girlies!!!

The Glitzy Body Hugging Dress
Be sure to have one vavavoom dress in your closet. It's always a must to have at least one dress that makes you feel like a supermodel. Go for a dress that's plain, this way it serves as a blank canvass to work with.
Comfortable Denim Short-Shorts
I am a South chick so I live in my SHORTS. It's practically my uniform! Keep it casual in light denims, go preppy with khaki and a leather belt, or go clean and sleek with white shorts.
Dressy Silk Top
I love how loose silk tops always flatter any body type. This is actually my go to staple when I'm feeling a bit bloated. It hides all the chismis but makes you feel flirty and feminine.
The Perfect Skinny Jeans
This works for petites like me. Skinny jeans give you the illusion of long legs! Keep it casual with flats or dress it up with some pumps. Make sure it just rides below your navel for a perfect fit.
The Casual Striped Top
Stripes are always flattering. They look clean, they look casual, and they work well with just about anything.
The Loose and Floaty Tshirt
It's easy breezy and casual, it's the perfect put-together laid back look. Pair it with shorts for cute and casual, dress it up with a statement neckpiece for more drama, or match it with a fitted skirt to make it more flirty.
The Feminine Button Down 
These sweet button down tops work well for the office and can also transform into a date-night worthy top. Choose a button down top in a light and easy fabric which makes it less formal.

Sexy Leggings
Leggings are the best go-to bottoms when you're feeling extra sexy. They also work well for sporty looks so this is a very versatile piece of clothing.

This is a sponsored post.
I just recently signed up for a Forever 21 MasterCard. If you're an F21 fanatic like me, I suggest you get one too so you can avail of all the special perks and discounts. It comes in the cute signature Forever 21 yellow..which instantly makes you stand out as a stylish cardholder. Since I shop so much at F21, I figured it would be nice to get rewarded for all my purchases. With the Forever 21 MasterCard, you get special access to sales (yessss!!! no need to push and shove with all the other crazy shoppers! You get first dibs on sale products!), you get a sweet birthday treat from Forever 21, plus you get to earn triple rewards points too! Sounds too good to be true, huh??? Well, you better believe it!!! You get all this in just one card. :)

Rewards Program 
Keep using your Forever 21 MasterCard and earn rewards points from all your spending. You earn more points when you shop at Forever 21 in the Philippines.
P200 = 1 Peso Point (For all domestic or international retail and installment purchases only
P200 = 3 Peso Points (Cardholders can earn 3 times more rewards points when they shop in Forever 21 branches in the Philippines)
Priority Access to Sale Events 
Get first hand updates on Forever 21 special sale events and enjoy percentage discount offerings on regular-priced items. Be the first to check out discounted and regular-priced items through your early pass privilege before mall opening.
5% Rebate during SM's 3-Day Sale
For a minimum spend of P5,000, enjoy 5% rebate on discounted and regular-priced items
Birthday Discounts 
As a birthday treat, enjoy special discounts on selected items. 
Free Membership for the First Year 
Principal and Supplementary Cardholders enjoy FREE Membership Fee for the first year.

With all these great perks, I know you're dying to get your own FOREVER 21 Master Card too! Simply click this LINK and sign up! It's that easy, girls :) Happy Shopping!

A Love Letter for Singles :)

I was a bit SHY (shy matalino, shy maganda, shy mayaman! wenk wenk wenk) at first to write a post on LOVE for BALENTAYMS, it just seems so painfully redundant to do so. And honestly, I think I need to hold back on the cheesiness that has corrupted this blog in the past few weeks. So if you are sick of all my mushy posts, please do me a favor and click the X button on your screen. Save yourselves, pleaaaase!!! Hehehe :) But after reading all your honest, heartfelt letters.. I simply had to write a post for all my wonderful readers who took the time to open up to me. So I opened a bag of chocolates to fuel the romance in me! Naks! I'm just as clueless as you guys, but I'll try my best! So today, I've decided to dedicate this post to all the single ladies (and boys, too!). Valentines is always the day for couples to broadcast their lovey-doveyness (and yes, kasama kami dun! SORRY) and sadly, being SINGLE is not equally celebrated on this day. In my opinion, LOVE IS FOR ALL..whether you're single, taken, or in a complicated should be able to celebrate LOVE!

Just like most of you, there was a time when I was happily single and not too excited to mingle. Well-intentioned friends were setting me up with all their eligible bachelor buds, guys were sending me gifts and asking me out. Politely I declined all of their requests. Not because I was a Valentine scrooge or because I thought too highly of myself, it was just not the right time for me. Syempre sa simula, it was so flattering for me. It was like getting an "EXCELLENT" stamp from your teacher when all your other classmates had to settle for the "SATISFACTORY" stamp! For any single girl, this would be a dream scenario. To suddenly feel so in-demand and's such a big ego boost and completely understandable why some girls bask in the glory and attention.  From the outside, it looked like such an enviable position to be in..but truthfully, it wasn't really a happy place. So, I chose to wait and not to date. It was a decision of self-preservation, to keep myself worthy of the person I would finally choose one day.  It didn't feel right to be in a relationship "just because" and so I didn't want to waste my time or any other person's time as well. Most of the guys who asked me out were quality dudes, real fine gentlemen and I thought I would be doing them a disservice by dating them knowing that it would be headed nowhere. I wanted time to be with me, myself and I.. and most of all, I needed time to be with God. 

Being single, my dear friends, is a true gift. It is an opportunity to align your needs and desires, it's a time to  define your self-worth, to understand what kind of person you are and the person you want to become, and it is also the perfect time to prep yourself for that person God has set aside for you! If in your singleness, you find fulfillment, security, and peace..then that's a blessing. But if you find yourself filled with angst, hatred, and riddled with envy towards others..then obviously, being this kind of single is a curse. The same formula goes for those who are in relationships too. It's always better to choose the first path. 

I remember sitting in a restaurant and listening to Bob Dylan's To Make You Feel My Love one rainy evening. Instead of feeling sad that I had no one to sing that song to, I actually felt excited!!! My heart leaped knowing that there will be a man professing all these things to me one day! Someone will love me fiercely and bravely too. I claimed it, I asked for that from God. I didn't care how long it would take..I knew a love like that was worth the wait. This song also reminded me of the kind of love God wants for you and me.

"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails." 
                                                                      1 Corinthians 13:4–8
This was the love that intrigued me! This was the kind of love that made me believe in the good that could come my way. After the feelings of hurt, betrayal, and abandonment from my past..I craved for all these promises in the Bible! I didn't have to look for a boyfriend, I knew that this kind of love was already all around me..I saw it in PEOPLE each and every day. I saw it in my parents, my best friends, my little students, my coworkers, our household help! I was loved and I had an opportunity to give this kind of love back! One thing I appreciated most about my friends and family is that they never made me feel inadequate in my singleness. Instead of pushing me to settle down like any other girl my age, they supported my "waiting" and encouraged me to never settle for "pwede na". Because of this, I never felt pressured to get hitched just because it was never really forced upon me. I was in such a loving and accepting environment. Swerte talaga ako.

In my blessed singleness, when I was happy and fulfilled on my own, this was the time I re-met my husband-to-be. The time that I was no longer looking for love, love somehow found me. We knew of each other since I was in the first grade. We went to the same small school, had the same circle of friends, hung out at the same canteen..but never ever got the chance to really become chummy-chummy. Just thinking of the many times we passed each other across the hallway, the thousands of flag ceremonies we stood about a meter apart, all those field trips to Nayong Pilipino, CCP, and Luneta on the same school bus..just two regular kids completely oblivious to the beautiful life we would be sharing together in the future. It's almost as if God was playing with us, keeping us so close together for all those years, causing us to live parallel to each other even if we chose separate paths in life. The last time I saw Patrick was when I was a chubby 12 year old and he was a tiny, awkward 13 year old. In my mom's own words "Ayyy..Patrick was the cutest and whitest boy! He was the most mabango kid in the whole ICA!" HAHAHA! After 15 years, we RE-MET each other at a friend's birthday. I remember seeing him again for the first time and telling myself "How come I didn't get the memo?!?! Since when did Patrick Filart become such a hottie?!?!" I was 50-50. HAPPY that I met a really wonderful guy and BUMMED that I met a really wonderful guy. I wanted to kick myself in the butt, "There goes your brilliant no dating plan, Ms Smarty Pants!". But I just knew in my heart he was different because after a string of justifiable and convincing NO, NO, NOs to others..saying YES to Patrick seemed like the easiest thing to do! My heart was ready for him. It didn't feel like a gamble, it felt like a wise investment. Our first date was on Valentine's Day of 2011. Not only did I get re-acquainted with an old friend, I also got re-acquainted with God through Patrick. My love for Christ was rekindled thanks to Patrick's influence and encouragement, and that to me is his greatest gift.

So to all my single friends, believe in the kind of love that God has destined for you. It doesn't have to happen now or will happen when you are ready for it. If your heart has been broken into a million pieces, God won't just piece it back together..HE will actually reward you with a brand new heart! A fresh start to love again! :) So this early on, I urge you to pray for the person you will choose to give that new heart to. If you feel numb, jaded, and tired of love..then pray for God to give you that burning desire back. I apologize for ra-ra-ra-ring you all to LOVE, I sound like a loved-up crazy cheerleader! Hahaha! But just as my parents and friends prayed unceasingly for my happiness, never grew tired of giving me words of encouragement, and always managed to make me feel special and loved..I would like to do the same for all of you. I may not know you all personally, but I do wish each of you the joy of finding God's love :)

A Sensory Overload: Fuerza Bruta! Fuerza Bruta!!!! This is how we chose to spend our Valentines Day. Perhaps the trippiest show I've ever seen in my whole 28 years on this planet. Whoever thought of this concept must have been on something..and I'm guessing that something was helluva STRONG! Ang lakas ng amats talaga! Hahaha :) You could read all the reviews and check out all the photos, but nothing can prepare you for the actual experience. It's a must see and a must do!!!! Visit for your tickets :)PS Get ready to get WET, go deaf, and completely freak out!!!! Yup those are my shoes and Alessa's..with all the craziness on the floor!
A mix of theater, aerial stunts and dance party, the tour de force spectacle that has been wowing audiences across the globe made its Manila premiere at the Manila Hotel Tent on February 14. Celebrated by audiences across the world, Fuerza Bruta is a non-stop collision of dynamic music, visceral emotion and kinetic aerial imagery. Defying both gravity and convention, it is a show to stun the senses. Audiences are urged not just to watch, but also shout, spin, touch and even help the cast smash things — an interactive live event that makes the usual night out dull in comparison.- The Philippine Star
Loving this video by Direk Luigi Tabuena!

Travel Tuesday: Love+Travel

New York
These travel photos were grabbed from the web.

I'm giving away several personalized
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