Happy 2013, folks!

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Dear Blog Readers,

THANK YOU for blog hopping to my site every single day of 2012. I've been living my life parallel to yours, experiencing each day right next to you, feeling KILIG/FAT/GRUMPY/HAPPY/PMS-y/AMAZED/CURIOUS/PUZZLED/EXCITED/IN  LOVE IN THAT ANNOYING KIND OF WAY/STRESSED/DEPRESSED/GRATEFUL/WHATDAHECK/ANOBANAMANYAN/SHOUT TO THE WORLD KIND OF GIDDY with each and every one of you!!! Thank you for feeling all these things with me and for me--that indeed is a mark of a true friend, and I consider you all my FRIENDS because of that. You are not just random visitors in my site, I can honestly feel a connection with you guys and that's what keeps me motivated to write these entries (no matter how silly and shallow they are!) My brain is on holiday mode so it's not functioning as properly as I would have hoped (when does it ever?!?! HAHA) so you'll have to bear with this mish mash of words. How I wish I could tell you how much you are appreciated, my dear readers. This blog site is my ultimate happy place..and it's all because of YOU! So THANK YOU for faithfully supporting me throughout 2012. I hope that as I embrace life changes this 2013, you will still be there for me every step of the way. I have a feeling this will be a year of GRACE, CLARITY, and PURPOSE for me AND YOU--and just like most of you, I feel that the Lord is calling me to do BIGGER things (which requires an extra teaspoon of maturity!!! KAYA KO BA?!?!) and so more than anything, I will need all your prayers and encouragement!

Again, thank you my dear readers. Sending you all my love!!! My wish for you comes from Numbers 6:25 "MAY THE LORD SHINE HIS FACE UPON YOU AND BE KIND TO YOU"

Hong Kong Round Up

Tim Ho Wan for the Win
     Me and my fellow Tommy Hilfiger endorsers. Bwahahahaha!
The lines for Gucci, Prada, LV, Marc Jacobs, etc were insane!!!! HK peeps LOVE to shop--and when they shop, they shop BIG TIME! Syempre hanggang picture-picture lang kami ng asawa ko sa labas! It's ok Pat, I don't need those luxury goods---mayaman din naman tayo, we're RICH in LOVE!!!! Hahahaha, that's what poor and bitter people say!:)
Highly recommended! I don't want to divulge much so I don't ruin the experience for you. But if you're planning a trip to HK, please include this in your itinerary! It will make you "SEE" the world in a whole new perspective. Definitely an eye opener----literally and figuratively! Check out the site here.
Strolling around Stanley :)
Family pic in the MTR, thank you friendly Chinese man for taking this photo!
My dad's happiness: PEKING DUCK in Spring Deer!
Dear Mom and Dad, Thank you so much for this thoughtful and generous Christmas treat!:) Here's to more travel adventures in 2013! Woohooo!!! I love my family!!! 

Exactly 1 year ago, this happened.

Ho Ho Ho from Hong Kong

God loves the cheerful giver

I'm sure most of you are familiar with the book "The Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren. Years ago it was THE book everyone was reading, possibly even more popular than The Twilight series! I'll admit, I was one of those skeptics who thought this was just a fad..just another best selling self help book and my inner non-conformist didn't want to just jump on the bandwagon. But tonight I caught Pastor Rick Warren on the Piers Morgan show on CNN and now I'm sold. The guy is the real deal. Open minded, sensible and grounded. He spoke very candidly and simply--which I found very refreshing. I felt so guilty that I actually thought he would be one of those pretentious and self righteous preachers who like being on TV. He spoke about his beliefs and I was just so amazed at how simple he was able to explain it without sounding all high and holy. He then spoke about GIVING and this is what really moved me. He and his wife give 91% of their earnings to missions work--91%?!?! Wuuuhaaaat?!?! Can you imagine that?!?! So they have managed to live of only 9% of his earnings. Of course he's a very successful author and preacher so his 9% is pretty substantial but for him to actually declare it publicly--and set aside all that money for God instead of being the next bajillionaire, WOW. Napabilib talaga ako. Hayyyy, parang ang dali-dali lang noh? How do people like Rick Warren do it? How I wish I was in that position! Warren shared that they started small, increasing their tithing each year from 10% to 11%, from 11% to 12% and so on. And even in the not so good years, the years when they were just making ends meet--they still increased their giving and trusted completely in God. He stressed that his giving allows him to let go of materialism, which is a very fulfilling feeling according to him. By giving, it also makes him more like Jesus--as God himself GAVE us the ultimate gift: his son, Jesus. 

This reminded me of our trip to Bali a few weeks back. Patrick and I really took the time to chat with every local we would encounter..from the taxi drivers, tour guides, hotel staff, etc. I find that chatting with the locals is the best way to really fully understand the culture and mindset of the people :) Plus it's nice to make new friends! Hehe. Anyway, there was always a common trend in all our conversations---it was their devotion to their gods. We spoke mostly to Hindus (majority of Balinese people are Hindu), and they explained to us how about 60-70% of their earnings go to religious practices. Whether it's offering food for their gods 3x a day, spending for a ceremony/special ritual, or treating the whole village to a feast to honor a specific god. I'm not quite sure how it goes as they didn't divulge all the details but basically they set aside majority of their money willingly and cheerfully out of devotion and reverence. 

Now, I'm not telling you to give majority of your money away. Look, I too have bills to pay ( A LOT OF THEM!!! They just keep showing up uninvited!Grrr) and obligations/commitments to fulfill---and  so yes, we NEED money and cannot afford to make big donations. The reality for me and Pat is we have this much money and can only set aside a small portion for now. God provides for us so we can be good stewards of his blessings--so that also means being responsible providers for our respective families. Kung susunod kami kay Rick Warren, baka gutumin na kami nyan. Di pa namin ata kaya mag 91%! Grabe na yun! Hahaha! But listening to Rick Warren and remembering our long talks with the Balinese people reminded me that it is important to actually SET ASIDE money for others. I don't think the amount really matters (sure more money means more opportunities to help others---duhhh!) but I guess the focus is more the heart of the giver. We shouldn't just give when we have excess funds or to just give out of pity from time to time. Giving should be something very basic, something we JUST HAVE TO DO. Whether you're giving because you believe it will bring you good karma (like the Hindus)---or you're giving to be a blessing to others--or you're giving because it's what is expected of you. GIVING is and will always be an admirable practice. It's one of my most favorite human traits. 1) It's showing that person (you are giving to) that he/she matters and that his happiness is something you value 2) It's showing God that you are investing in HIS work and acknowledging that all these things you enjoy all come from HIM.--that even if you yourself are in dire need of that money, you still choose to set it aside to bless others because that's what He has commanded us to do.

But the truth is GIVING is HARD to do. I'm with you guys on this. It's easy when you have a lot to give away--but if you're like me and Pat who are newlyweds, earning just enough to pay the bills, worrying about our future, planning for tomorrow---giving has to be a conscious decision. You have to pray for God to make you a cheerful giver, you have to ask for him to make it easy for you. Christmas always seems to be special because it's the "season of giving"---but why should we just isolate giving to the month of December? Maybe God wants us to be givers all year round!

So this is my ULTIMATE prayer request for 2013. That God will allow Pat and I to be happy givers.  Whether it's our finances, talents, skills, or TIME--basta may maibigay kami sa iba. Like Rick Warren, I too want to live a life of purpose--a life for others. What a BIG (and ambitious) goal, huh?? Hayyy, sana matupad yun para sa min! That would be a dream come true for us! :) 

HK Happiness: Page One

Southern Living

Thank you Drea Macaventa of Southern Living for this feature :) 
Please grab a copy to read the actual article!
Makeup by Junie Sierra.Hair by Kiko Pedaza. Thanks Jing Monis Salon.

Merry Christmas Friends!

We watched this at our Christmas service yesterday so I thought of sharing it with you folks today. It's about 11 minutes long but if you're patient.. you'll see that it's a video worth sharing too :) Happy holidays to you and your family! May Christ reign in your hearts this week and all year long!:) 

First Month as Husband and Wife

Thank God the world didn't end yesterday because we're sorta-kinda 
just starting our life as Mr. and Mrs. Filart! Hehehe :)
Photo by Lemarc Limosnero
To celebrate our first month, we're going to my happy place.... SM!!! Yey! Pat says I can buy 3 shirts today :) Hooray for cheap shopping dates! Hehehe :)

Our BaliMoon Resto Recos

Of course this made me a bit pikon because contrary to Patrick's (and everyone else's) claims---HINDI PO AKO MATAKAW. I am glad I have this platform to clear my name and reputation. Please do not listen to my friends---mga sinungaling po silang lahat. What?! AMALAYER?!?! Just to be clear, I am just a lover---a lover of FOOD, OKAY?!?!?!?!?! You are all so busy loving people, your dogs and cats---you are forgetting that our FOOD FRIENDS need some love and affection too! They have feelings too, you know! But I have to admit, my passion for food is much deeper these days. I have now evolved into a more strategic and mindful eater. I used to be that girl who would just eat anything---tipong papatulan ko yung makunat na lengua de gato na iniwan ng lola mo 3 weeks ago. Yes, I was that kind of person. But that was then, the NEW me is a more decisive eater and I now take my foodie passions more seriously. (Naks, I sound like such a culinary snob! I love it!) Now that I'm older, I'm trying to appreciate the actual art of eating. I want to indulge in GOOD FOOD---food that's well made, recipes that were carefully thought of, ingredients that are fresh and wholesome, the kind of food that makes your tummy so happy--it doesn't end up grumbling after an hour. I still have my junk food fixes from time to time (I think this is something I will always struggle with), but I'm happily trying to expand my foodie experiments and training my palate to be more welcoming and adventurous! So for our Balimoon, I wanted it to be food centered! I really did a lot of research and I'm really proud of our "conquests". So today, I'm sharing our resto recommendations with you guys :)

Location: Jalan Petintenget 21, Seminyak Area
Price: Mid-Range
Food: 7 out of 10
Ambiance/Decor: 8 out of 10

We walked for a good 30 minutes under the scorching heat of the Balinese sun to get to this resto! Halfway through our "trek", I gave up and Pat hailed a cab for us. I turn into a monster kapag gutom and Pat knows when I'm about to have one of my "HANGRY ATTACKS" (hungry and angry) kaya magaling na siya dumiskarte.  Hehehe! 

The food was good, not dirt cheap but reasonable. Think Cibo/Bizu/your average resto in Rockwell price range, which is not bad considering how pretty this place is!:) This is the perfect muni-muni with your honey kind of restaurant. This resto actually reminded me of the Philippines since it was situated in an actual rice field. Hopefully we can come up with something like this here!
photo via mbssurfbali

Website: www.ptthead.com
Location: Jalan Petitenget, Seminyak
Price: Mid-Range
Food: 7 out of 10
Ambiance/Decor: 9.5 out of 10 (winner!!!!)

The iconic Potato Head has got to be the coolest BEACH CLUB in Bali (and maybe even in the entire South East Asia). The architecture alone is enough to make you want to hang here all day.  They definitely brought the COOLNESS to Seminyak---this place is so cool in fact that I actually wanted to head out to buy a new bikini just to fit in!!! It's sooooo cool that I'm embarrassed that I used the word "COOL" to describe it. Gosh, I feel like such a loser right now. This is just sad. Anyway.. Think MOMA meets Urban Outfitters meets Posh Spring Breakers---in ASIA! Ok, that made sense in my mind but I don't know if I expressed it well enough. Ah basta, pumunta nalang kayo!
Photo by Pranata Sulistyawan
Location: Jl. Raya Sanggingan, Ubud
Price: High Budget
Food: 9 out of 10
Ambiance/Decor: 8 out of 10 

So this is what I had to make lambing Patrick for. I had to really beautiful eyes for this one! This was possibly our biggest splurge in Bali. This is hands down the BEST restaurant in Bali. Just ask any taxi driver, hotel concierge, expat, local in Bali--and they'll say MOZAIC is THE peg of all restaurants in Bali. This award winning restaurant serves special tasting menus for dinner. Booking a table is nearly impossible (especially during peak season) so when I got our confirmation I was sooooo happy!!!:) We had the Discovery Menu which focuses on fresh local ingredients (available in the Indonesian market) prepared in French inspired techniques. 

Location: Jl. Raya Sanggingan, Ubud
Price: Low Budget
Food: 8 out of 10
Ambiance/Decor: 6 out of 10 (hole in the wall style)

This is Pat's favorite----well because it was the CHEAPEST out of all the restos we ate in. Hahaha!:) The ribs were divine!!! We each got a giant slab and completely devoured it! No wonder this hole in the wall resto is a famous tambayan for the Indonesian locals.
Location: Ayana Resort and Spa, Jimbaran
Price: HighBudget
Food: 8 out of 10
Ambience: 10 out of 10

We lined up to ride the funicular for a good 45 minutes. Patrick and I had to entertain each other with jokes and Justin Bieber songs--it was a loooong wait. But boy, it was WORTH IT!!!! You'll have to take a cab to get here though as it is located inside the Ayana Resort complex. Here's some info from their site: "The bar’s innovative, minimalist design by Yasuhiro Koichi of Japan’s Design Studio SPIN exploits the natural formation and character of the rock on which the bar sits, 14 meters above the ocean at the base of AYANA’s towering cliffs. Your 360-degree vantage point affords nothing between you and the horizon but shimmering ocean waves." Though I can't say much about the food since we just had a few drinks and pica pica, it's a really good hangout spot--especially for sunset sessions with friends!
Official Photo from Ayana Website

Thank you Smart

Thank you so much Smart Live More Family for this Christmas gift!!!!
The awesome folks at SMART played Santa to me this Christmas----I have the brand new Iphone 5!!!! Wooohooooo!!!!:) You can imagine me totally rubbing this in to my hubby----I have a new IPHONE, and you DONT! Behhhhh I hate to sound materialistic---pero ANG COOL COOL ko na talaga ngayon dahil sa Smart Iphone na 'to! Hahahaha!

I'm not a gadget person but maaaaaaaan, this phone is so purrrrteeee!!! It's much lighter and sleeker than the Iphone 4s. So light in fact, I got so nervous holding it at first! And to think I have tiny hands, that's how thin and sleek this phone is. Of course you all know the added features of this new Iphone so I won't even attempt to speak techie to you. All I know is that it's the best phone in the market and it's now available in the Philippines!!!!:) You can get the Iphone 5 for free! Just check out Smart's tempting  postpaid plans here

An added bonus also is the fact that I get to try the SMART network again. I've been on SMART for a few days only but so far, so good! The strong network coverage allows me to make clear calls (you can imagine how this could be such a relief!), surf the net (I can now blog on the road), and just maximize the features of my new phone! So thanks again to SMART for making this little girl sooooo HAPPY!!! 

Patty Laurel X Suelas Shoe Launch

A few posts back, I shared with you photos of my newest BABY---Celebracion by Suelas!:) The shoes are exclusively available online www.suelasonline.com for only Php1650 a pop! The embellishments are hand made and the materials used for these shoes are plush and posh, so this is actually a very reasonable price considering all the work that goes into each pair.  Here's a little behind the scenes video by the hubby, simply click here.  Special thanks to Aaron Vicencio for shooting this campaign! We go way back---and by way back I mean over a decade ago when I used to do courtside reporting. Back in my nene days!!! :) 

Speaking of friends, for the launch of my shoe line--I wanted to invite just a few people to make it extra special. Good friend and cake master, Michelle Teves of Coco Cakes, made this oh-so dainty cake for us!!! It was even more beautiful up close! 
Gorgeous Marianne Rivera look alike, Angela Nepomuceno, worked on my makeup. Thanks sweetie! It was great catching up with you! Kulang ang isang oras sa atin :) Hahaha!
I rounded up my gorgeous girlfriends to support me--and I was so happy they made time for this launch to think all of them are sooooo IN DEMAND with so many bookings left and right (yesss big time mga 'to)!!! But when I told them that part of the proceeds of these shoes would go to CENEP, they all cleared their scheds for that afternoon! These girls are my friends because they have hearts of gold!  Awwww love!:)
The girls posing in our Coral Couture dresses. Well done, Jamie Ramos! 
It's so nice to catch up with friends and to somehow report to one another about your different milestones. Nicole just gave birth a few months ago and did a total Megan Fox on us by trimming down all that baby weight in an instant (I HATE YOU BY THE WAY!!!). I love how she has this newfound wisdom as a mommy, she's always been very sensible and practical--but she seems to be even "wiser" now that she's taking care of Alonzo. Karen and Cesca are both enjoying new romances (yiheeeeee!!!!) and that explains that BIG smiles plastered on their faces these days. Rica is happily married to one of the coolest dudes I know, Joseph, and in a lot of ways Pat and I see them as role models. Kelly and I have a LOT in common---we got married just a month apart, both clueless about marriage, both not so good in the kitchen, but both loving the whole adjustment. I could talk to Kelly for hours and never get bored, it's so refreshing to have someone who understands all these newlywed issues! Hahaha :) 
We chose a select group of influential bloggers and friends from the media to join us for a very chill afternoon of pampering at Pink Me Up Beauty Nail and Dry Bar in Shaw Boulevard! Side note, I absolutely love this place :) Their interiors are so inviting and it's perfect for little girly affairs like bridal showers, birthday parties, etc. We wanted our guests to just have a "little breather" from their daily grinds so we didn't have a set program--we just basically chatted with each one about our line. Guests were treated to mani-pedis by Orly at Pink Me Up, a special makeup session by MUD Manila, customized milk teas by My Serendipitea, and loads of goodies from Watsons!

My BFF Alessa had back to back meetings that day but she "escaped" for a bit just to show her support! Thank you Zexy!  I'm so glad mommy and close friend Stella also came to join us for some chikahan :) Rica and Stella were "seatmates" at my Enderun cooking class last April, so they were ecstatic to see each other again! Haha :) It was also great to have Janna Simpao of Bride and Breakfast at our event!
My friends turned Celebracion ambassadors (for the day!) raved about how comfy their shoes were---and that was a BIG HOORAY moment for me, Jackie and Kaye! The whole goal of this love project was to provide shoes that were elegant and timeless but at the same time super comfortable!:) I'm truly proud of these shoes--and extra proud of the fact that these shoes are "giving shoes" that will help a lot of young children in Tondo and Mandaluyong. Thank you CENEP for partnering with us for this!:)
I'm giving away 3 PAIRS of 
Celebracion by Suelas
 to my wonderful blog readers!!! 

Special thanks to Aaron Vicencio for the photos!:)

1. Click the LIKE and TWEET buttons below.
2. Follow @suelasonline on Twitter. Tweet @pattylaurel and @suelasonline the answer to this question:
"What special event would you like to wear your Celebracion by Suelas shoes to?"

Example: "Hi @pattylaurel!I'd like to wear my Celebracion by Suelas shoes to my bridal shower cos I'm marrying the man of  my dreams! "

Contest ends on January 2. Winners will be notified directly via Twitter. 

Batang Superbook

Sino dito ay lumaki sa Superbook at Flying House?!?!?! SINO?!!? Umamin kayo!!! Magtapat ka, magtapat kaaaaaa! Hahaha! I'm sure most of you are probably blushing while reading this---too shy to expose your age I see! Well, I'm a proud child of the 80s-90s. The decade of Giordano Classics, Ice Skating in Megamall, and of course---SUPERBOOK & FLYING HOUSE!!! I was even a member of their Kiddie Club! I waited 3 whole months to get my "membership card" (typewritten and laminated---oooohhh! LEGIT!) in the mail. As a child I was really hooked on these two cartoon series..and looking back, I guess I really picked up a lot of life lessons through these entertaining, educational and encouraging TV series. That's why we were all so mellow in the 90s! It's because we were exposed to HAPPY TV back then :) For my younger blog readers, here's a little info about Superbook...
CBN’s animation series, Superbook, was born out of a vision that Pat Robertson and the leadership of CBN had for Japan in 1979. The project was largely centered around CBN’s desire to promote the Bible to the Japanese public in partnership with Word of Life Press and Ken Taylor of Living Bibles International. 
Initially, Superbook was only contemplated as a television series for Japan. The animation characters were characteristically Japanese and CBN had no plans of using the series elsewhere. After the series was dubbed into English, CBN decided to broadcast Superbook in 1983 over the CBN Cable Network in the U.S., which accessed 10 million households at the time. 
Since 1983, the Superbook animation series has been dubbed into over 40 languages and broadcasted in well over 80 countries and has impacted the lives of thousands of people throughout the world. Superbook’s success has gone way beyond the scope of what CBN had originally hoped for it and it continues to touch lives on broadcasts throughout the world today.- Text from Superbook Website
Last Saturday, my in laws invited us to the GRAND LAUNCH of the new and improved Superbook in Manila! The same Superbook we all loved in the 80-90s, is now digitally animated for the new generation. My inner batang Superbook was totally psyched about this event---I really begged Patrick to clear our Saturday schedule just for this!!! We got to watch a classic Superbook episode (which gave me goosebumps!!!) and we were also treated to a sneak peek of the "REIMAGINED SUPERBOOK". Kinikilig ako para sa mga batang Superbook ng bagong henerasyon! Napakaganda ng pagkagawa ng bagong Superbook series! This will be shown nationwide on GMA 7 next year, so be sure to check out the Superbook website for updates. 

The Nineteen Kopong-Kopong Version which was the coolest thing EVURRRRR!!!!

And the REIMAGINED version which will launch officially in the Philippines in 2013!!!!

Share some Amore

I can't believe it!!! Christmas is literally a few sleeps away!! Like most of you, I'm a Christmas crammer. I don't even have a gift for Patrick yet---EEEPPPP!!! Any suggestions?!:) Anyway, speaking of shopping--I got an email from our friends at BPI and Ayala Malls. They just recently launched the AMORE VISA CARD---with lots of lovin' for their cardholders and loyal mall goers. 

Finally, a credit card designed with the lifestyle shopper in mind is here! BPI and Ayala Malls bring you the Amore Visa, a card packed with perks and privileges that avid shoppers will surely love. With the new BPI-Ayala Amore Visa Credit Card, cardholders will be awarded with shopping rebates for every P1,000 spend at BPI-affiliated establishments in Ayala Malls: 1% at bookstores, department & specialty retail stores, drug stores, electronics & household appliances, health & personal care, home furnishing and improvements, leisure & sports, schools, schools & office supplies, services & utilities, supermarkets; 4% at restaurants; 3% at accessories, clothing, leather goods and shoe stores. 
On top of these rebates, cardholders will enjoy mall perks and privileges in participating Ayala Malls merchants: 
Unlimited use of customer and family lounges 
Invitations to special events and promotions 
Express lane for cinema ticket purchases 
5% discount on cinema tickets 
Reserved seats to mall shows on a first-come-first-served basis. 

Get your BPI-Ayala Malls Amore Visa now by logging on to www.bpicards.com It's the card that loves you most! 

Text and Image provided by BPI. This is a sponsored post.

Balimoon: Ubud Hanging Gardens

Halloooo there! Patrick is fast asleep so I'm blogging in the dark. Hopefully the light from my laptop doesn't wake him. I should learn how to be a silent typer..ang ingay ng keyboard!!! :) I apologize for not posting about our mini honeymoon right away. As soon as we got back from Bali, both Pat and I had to go straight to work. I had a shoe launch to fix, events to host, and of course--adjusting to married life made me quite busy these past few days. But I'm glad I was able to squeeze in some blogging time today---this really is my way to zone out from the daily grind. So to my readers, thanks for always dropping by my little happy place in cyberspace. I always look forward to sharing my little life experiences with you!
Today, I am bombarding you with images from the Ubud leg of our Bali trip. As much as I love Nusa Dua and Seminyak, there's something mystical about the jungles of Ubud that just wins me over each and every time. I've visited Bali several times with my family, but this time it was extra special because it was my first time in the island as a MISIS with my MISTER. Awww!!:) There's a lot to share about BALI, but let me narrow this post down to UBUD. We stayed in the SPECTACULAR Ubud Hanging Gardens. Definitely not like the budget hotels I've grown accustomed too--possibly one of the most luxurious resorts I've ever stayed in. I got our air tickets on promo so when I was looking for hotels, I figured it was time for a splurge since we already saved a lot on airfare---after all, it was for our HONEYMOON!!! Minsan lang naman, so might as well--live a little, right? Ubud Hanging Gardens always made it to the top of the list of all the websites and travel forums I stalked---and when I saw these images on their site--YUN NA. It was OVER. But the prices were too steep for us, so I sort of lost hope and was ready to settle for a hotel that would be more in our price range. But then after a week, I decided to work on the search engine again--and tadahhhhh!!! A 30% off early bird promo came up!! Pasok sa budget!!! Yehey!:) But the good news didn't end there, when we checked in---we got upgraded to the MOST EXPENSIVE suite in the resort!!!! AMAZING! I wish I could take credit for it, but it's all the big guy's doing! Here are some photos from their website. Our suite came with it's own infinity pool! WOW. 
 You see that little dot in the middle, zoom in and you'll see it's ME!!!!
We spent about 75% of the time in our resort! With a resort as beautiful as this, hindi ka talaga aalis! Besides, we were promoted to such a luxurious suite (a suite we would never ever be able to afford on our own)--kaya dapat sulitin! We watched Nat Geo and Discovery Channel ALL DAY. And by all day, I mean it. By 10pm, we felt our IQ levels were at an all time high. Pat even said in jest, "Wow Love, this honeymoon is not only romantic----it's educational too! ANG TALINO NA NATIN!!!" Mwahahaha!!! We watched all the specials and absorbed all the info we possibly could about shark attacks, air crash investigations, criminal minds, doomsday prepping, etc. LAHAT TALAGA pinanood namin! That's how sexy our honeymooning was! Hahaha!:) I love that Pat and I manage to have fun even if it's just staying in bed to watch nerdy TV series! Hooray!
What we liked most about Ubud Hanging Gardens was how organic it felt! The huts blended so beautifully with the trees (they were almost hidden in fact!). You could tell that the architects really took the time to strategically place the resort in the jungle setting--without having to chop down trees and disrupt mother nature. To prove that it was indeed eco-friendly, believe it or not we had a whole family of monkeys chilling by our deck. I was actually panicking when I saw them---imagine WILD monkeys in your hotel room?! I was motioning through the glass for them to get out but the big ass unggoy just looked at me with attitude like "GUUURL, this is my hood. Don't you dare shoo me away! Na-ah!".  I'm just glad the monkeys didn't steal my bikini na nakabilad sa labas! Haha! But monkey business aside, I just loved how eco friendly it was without scrimping on the luxuries. 
If we spent 75% in our resort (being nerds in the middle of nowhere), the 25% of our stay in Ubud was spent with the locals. We visited their local palengke and even took an authentic Balinese cooking class. Masarap din ang pagkain nila ha, of course our dishes provide more variety but they do have some winners. I must have had chicken satay and nasi goreng at least 4 times in our one week stay! Here are some photos :)

So there, that's the first installment of our Bali-moon. 
I'll be sharing more foodie recommendations in the next post! 


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