Hey Kid, You are Loved.

My sister Daniela is preggers!!!! I'm going to be an AUNT soon!!!!!! I cannot wait :) :) 
Please pray for a happy, healthy and safe pregnancy (and delivery) for her and the baby! 


Rose said...

Congratulations to Stefano and Daniela! I pray for a safe pregnancy for her too. And by God's grace, Patty... I'm sure we'll see a baby Pats on the way real soon. <3

Anonymous said...

We're excited for you to have your own :)

Sam from Davao said...

Congrats to your sister. I'll pray for your sister for a safe delivery and a healthy baby to come

Karen Lambino said...

excited to be an AUNT ? well u should start to have your own and excite to be a mom :) Godbless you and continue to be a blessing

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