25 Mushrooms

If you’ve been noticing a barrage of food photos on my IG/Twitter feed, it’s because I’m reinventing myself. Yes, I’m pulling a Lady Gaga meets Madonna in my tiny kitchen. A few posts back, I was whining endlessly about my un-love for cooking. It was just something I didn’t exactly enjoy. Fast forward to today, and well, I’m NOT a chef yet and my cooking is still not in the “public consumption” phase but I’m much more confident with my pots and pans these days. Much credit is due to 25 Mushrooms! Ever since I joined their classes, I developed an appetite for cooking—well the cleaning part, ugh, that’s something I will forever despise! hahaha!

So what is 25 Mushrooms? It’s basically a series of cooking classes designed especially for household helpers, cooks, and nannies. Since Kelly and I are newlyweds on starter mode with no hired help at home—we took it upon ourselves to enroll in this class to learn alongside the groovy manangs. I just love how these classes are empowering these highly skilled helpers—giving them access to a whole range of sophisticated international dishes but taught in a very accessible and down-to-earth manner. 

The lessons are taught in Tagalog in a very casual, no frills kind of way–which to me is more than perfect! Because the cooking tips shared are grounded on real kitchen experiences, they have proven very useful for me and Kelly. The class runs from 10am-3pm, which seems like a long time but actually breezes by real quickly! It’s so informative and interesting for us, nagugulat nalang kami ni Kelly pag 2pm na! You just get hooked listening to all the tips, you just end up writing down so many notes frantically and excitedly! We had a lot of “ah ganun pala yun!” moments, inspiring us to try these techniques at home.
For the moms/wives out there who are fortunate enough to have helpers, I strongly urge you to enroll them at 25 Mushrooms. They will learn a whole repertoire of dishes that will change your breakfasts, lunches and dinners—forever!! They have different themes per day, from Japanese, America, Rustic Italian, and even Wellness classes for the health conscious. You can sign them up for one class or sign them up for all. They have two branches, one in Valle Verde 5 and another in Merville Park. Each class is only Php1,100 per head, a tiny investment really when you think about the number of dishes they will learn and the confidence they will gain in the kitchen. Aside from teaching the actual recipes, the teachers at 25 Mushrooms also teach good kitchen etiquette, cleanliness, and even supermarket/palengke tips. I strongly believe that our household helpers are not just there to serve us—but to work alongside us. They are employees, yes, but they are also members of our family. They should be treated with respect and valued for their dedication and hard work. If you believe in self-improvement, enrolling in workshops and classes to better yourselves—then you should also invest in the betterment of your household employees.  So book now, just let them know we sent you and they will accommodate you for sure 🙂 🙂
Again, I’d like to extend my deepest thanks to Sari and the rest of the 25 Mushrooms team for building our cooking confidence. You just don’t know how much this has helped me on a personal level. My self esteem has jumped from zero to hero, all because I’m able to cook edible meals for my husband. hehehe. Kelly and I are looking forward to more cooking classes with you!
For inquiries and bookings for your household help,
visit their Facebook Page here

3 Responses to 25 Mushrooms

  1. I love how simple kelly misa is in these photos. Still, very beautiful. looks like you two are having so much fun! stay pretty Mrs’s! 🙂

  2. I have always wanted to enrol our house help here bus has some hesitation, reading this blog made me more confident and excited. Also, I love how you give importance on how we should be treating our house help truly important. Thanks!

  3. I have a friend who took a class there too and really enjoyed it. I also have no talent in cooking. Baking, yes, but cooking is a big NO. I have another friend who has similar cooking skills as mine (NONE) so I’ll ask her to check this out with me. thanks!