30 Years of Bliss

Exactly 30 years ago, JJ (a young lawyer) and Leah (a preschool teacher) tied the knot and made it official. Look how radiant my mom was on her wedding day! That’s added pressure on my part!I need to look at least half as pretty as my mom..that’s the bare minimum. One of the things my dad used to reiterate to us as we were growing up was this… “You should find a man who always sees you as the ultimate prize. In this day and age, men look for their equals and settle for the girl who fits the bill–which is fair–but as a man, it’s always better to find a girl who you feel you don’t deserve. If you choose someone who’s a notch higher than what you would expect for yourself, you’ll always fight to keep her. You wake up each morning feeling like you’re the luckiest guy in the world! That’s how it is for me and your mom”.  Although objectively speaking, I don’t see my dad as any less as compared to my mom–and I believe that my mom is also lucky to have found a good man in my dad–it’s just this acknowledgement of my dad that makes their marriage so simple yet solid. Because in his mind he knows one truth “God gave me THE BEST and this is IT for me. No other woman can top this!”
I’m sure you’re familiar with the quote: β€œThe greatest gift a father can give his children is to love and respect their mother” and this is truer than true. It is because of my dad’s open display of integrity and fidelity that I understood two fundamentals: 1) That it IS possible for a man to be FAITHFUL even if all the odds are against him 2) That a REAL man values a woman as a whole: her looks, her thoughts, her convictions, her opinions and her ambitions. Because my dad showed me and my sister how it is to love and honor a woman, this shaped us into strong and secure women too. They are far from the perfect couple, I’ve seen my parents fight a million times. They’ve had their share of marital woes and I’ve been a witness to all that–but even in their moments of disagreement, they always practiced respect for one another which is one thing I hope I can apply in my own marriage. 
Here’s my jolly Grandpa, Lolo Gali, who passed away when I was in college. Uploading this photo got me teary eyed. It pains me to acknowledge that he won’t be there at my own wedding. I got 95% of my humor from this old man! He used to play pranks on us as little kids and he even built a bahay kubo in his backyard just for me and my cousins to play in during the summer. They say my Dad is the exact replica of my lolo, funny thing is–my dad is his son-in-law and not even related by blood!!! He’s morphed into my lolo, he now has the same jokes, magic tricks, and pranks! Halaka, Patrick–you will morph into a mini JJ soon! Proceed with caution!
What can I say, I have good looking genes!:) Cuteness runs through our veins! Bawal ang panget sa pamilya namin–they feed you to the wolves when you aint cute in our clan. Ok, we don’t have wolves in Manila—erase,erase. But you catch my yabang drift. Hahaha! I freakishly look like my mom in these photos!!! See how this works for me, when I say “Mom, you’re so beautiful” it’s almost like saying “I’m so beautiful” since we look alike! It’s like staring at a really sepia mirror every time I view these old photos. The resemblance is so uncanny that even I get confused “Wait?! I got married already ?! And I wore some flower thingy on my head?!?!…ohhh..it’s my mom..my bad, moving along!” And check out my daddy-o, before he crossed over to total geekdom—He once looked like a young Rudy Fernandez. Naks! Wait, so DA PATTY’s DAD is DA BOY?!?! Speaking of DA BOY, can someone please correct Brandy and Monica who keep singing “DA BOY is MINE” because DA BOY is forever Lorna Tolentino’s!!! Ok girls..OKKKAAYYYY?!?!?! 
Looking at these photos gives me goosebumps because in a few months, I will be exchanging rings and vows too!!!! If there’s one simple thing I’d like to pick up from my parents’ marriage, it’s this—If you love GOD first then loving each other becomes easy. πŸ™‚
To JJ and Leah, my parents and best friends, 

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  1. Yes your mom is just beautiful and radiant! πŸ™‚ Congrats! I love that bit about what your dad said about marrying a woman whom he sees as a prize. I think that’s a wonderful way of choosing who to marry πŸ™‚

  2. Hello Ms. Patty! I’ve been reading your blog and Ms. Bianca Gonzales’. I think you’re both awesome inspiration to all Filipino bloggers! Happy wedding anniversary to your parents! πŸ˜€

  3. MS Patty, you are like a carbon-copy image of your mom πŸ™‚ pretty and radiant. I loved your dad’s words of wisdom πŸ™‚

  4. Lovely Article Ms. Patty! My father wished it as well since I am the only girl in 5 children.

  5. Your mom is so beautiful (re-phrase: you are so beautiful) since look alike kayo πŸ™‚

    Benta saken ang DA BOY is mine, oo nga naman kay LT sya hahaha :))

    Happy Anniversary to your parents πŸ™‚

  6. you really look like your mom but. i think patrick will not ever look like da boy! πŸ˜‰ (i’m amaze that you and you’re mom are once both a pre school teacher)
    happy anniversary to your parents!

  7. awww… I can’t just imagine how your future kids (of the future Mr. and Mrs “The Pats”) would soon be blogging about your wedding πŸ˜€ *kilig..

  8. hi patty! you look like your mom! btw, i just recently discovered your blog, and i really like reading your entries..it’s has been a daily habit to visit your blog! πŸ™‚

  9. Wow the resemblance is uncanny talaga ms patty.happy anniversary sa parents mo. Love.love.love

  10. your mom is sooooo pretty! I’m sure you’re gonna be as beautiful on your wedding day and the rest after that. You are lucky to have such good role models and lucky to have a great man to be your husband as your mom was to have your father and vice versa. Woot! Excited for you on your wedding day. Cheers, PAtty!

  11. I agree, you do have good genes! haha! Your mom is so beautiful, and this was taken 30 years ago! Ok, your dad was cute too.. haha.

    Congrats to your parents! Nowadays, it is such a blessing for marriages to last this long =)

  12. Your mom is so beautiful, and you really look like her!:D Funny that sepia mirror thing. LOL. And cheers to your mom and dad and their beautiful marriage. <3

  13. So happy for your parents Ms. Patty. You have striking resemblance with your mom. Very beautiful. Happy 30th anniversary to your parents.

  14. Hi Patty. Please congraulate your mom and dad on their milestone. And yes, you will look as radiant as your mom during your wedding. I am sure of it. Your Mom and Dad have really been positive influences to each other. But I will not tell what your dad and I did during our younger days (as that would take too many words.) I am so happy for both of them. I am sure that JJ’s mom is so proud of what your dad has made of himself.

  15. you are really a replica of your mom ms. Patty. πŸ™‚ i’m sure you will be as radiant as her..and as happy as her or more pa with your own soon to come marriage!