365before30 by Ala Paredes

Aside from being former veejays and Comm majors, Ala and I share another thing in common–we have the exact same birthday. April 17, 1983. So for years, we’ve been celebrating it together virtually (she’s now based in Asutralia) along with Victoria Beckham! Yehessss, magkalevel kami 🙂 Our next birthday will be a bit of a big deal because we’re entering the 30 zone. I have a few things on my things to do before 30 list–but all those pale in comparison to Ala’s TO DO LIST. She thought of this unique personal project called 365 before 30. Her goal is to do a self portrait each day until she hits 30! Amazing! Here are some of my favorite portraits by Ala 🙂 

Visit 365before30.tumblr.com to see more of Ala’s self portraits. 

3 Responses to 365before30 by Ala Paredes

  1. just visited the link.. wow ang galing!!! I can’t imagine myself doing this EVERYDAY, can’t even draw myself to begin with. LOL. never thought Ala had this talent 🙂