5 Steps to Freshness with Guerlain

Allow me to gloat a bit, just for today at least.. oh please??? The BEST compliment I love receiving is when people say “Oh Patty, your son is so CUTE!” (HE REALLY IS!!!!HAHAHA). When someone takes the time to say a good thing about Theo (be it about his looks, his charm, or his antics), it’s enough to put me in a good mood for the rest of the day! I’m sure all moms can relate. It’s such a warm validation that all parents welcome with open arms.

But like most busy moms, I’ve been so pre-occupied thinking about my child—often times, I forget about feeling good about myself too. A few weeks back, an acquaintance approached me and said with such a genuine smile, “Patty, you look so fresh and pretty today!”. (Thank you kind person!) I realized that it made me feel good to hear it and brought a warm&fuzzy feeling in my heart. More than just a compliment about my looks, it felt more like a pat on the back that hey I must be doing ALRIGHT as a MOM. It’s easy to look like a zombie from Train to Busan when you are juggling motherhood, marriage, work, groceries, household chores, traffic, bills and everything else in between. And when you are only able to clock in just a few hours of sleep, it’s almost a given that your skin will not look as “fresh” the next day.

 Sephora.PH has now welcomed luxury brand GUERLAIN into it’s stellar roster. <insert standing ovation here> And so I decided to share some of the products I’ve reviewed that have helped me for the past few weeks in achieving that “fresh look” despite my crazy mom&work schedule. And hallelujah for online shopping and shipping!!! GAAAHHH! The Sephora.PH is so addictive!!!! I could spend hours just browsing this site.


Palette 5 Colors in Tonka Imperial 

“These shades feature matte, satin and metallic finishes and are enriched with light pigments, reflecting light to make the eyes seem more open and brighter. From the most natural to ultra-smoky, every look is possible.”

My verdict: I packed this with me on a recent trip to Bacolod and it was ALL I NEEDED to look good throughout the trip. And because you can work with a range of nudes to smoky, you can go au naturale during the day and add a bit of deeper dimensions come night time. It comes in a very small compact, perfect for moms on-the-go. The applicator brushes are so user-friendly, even non makeup experts will find them quite easy to maneuver. And because it’s Paraben-free, sulfate-free and phthalate-free you can be sure that none of the harsh chemicals will ever touch your eyes which is one of the most sensitive parts of your face!

Midnight Secret

“The nighttime treatment is formulated with a blend of high-performing ingredients, including hydronoctine complex to promote skin recovery in record time. It’s infused with a refined lavender fragrance by Guerlain’s touch of tonka bean, known for its energizing and calming effect.”

My verdict: If you must splurge on one thing, splurge on THIS. In fact, get it for yourself this Christmas! It’s the secret of all celebrity makeup artists. Apparently, in Hollywood most makeup artists ask their superstar clients to slather this the night before the big day so that come morning, they are red-carpet ready with a natural glow. It makes your skin look well-rested even if you’ve only had 3-4 hours of sleep! Come on moms, this is really a miracle potion for your face. If you know you’re going to be having a rough night with the baby, apply a generous amount on your face after cleansing and toning and allow it to work it’s magic overnight.



“This formulation diffracts light upon contact to envelop the skin in an illuminating halo. Each lightweight shade has a specific correcting action to deliver the ultimate in luminous skin and perfectly even complexion.”

My verdict: Definitely out of this world! These candy looking pearls can instantly illuminate your dry&dull face. I would suggest applying this as the finishing touch after your foundation has fully set in. Just a few pats on the puff and your face will instantly glow. It’s nice to keep in your kikay kit for mid-day touch ups. And a huge plus—it’s PARABEN FREE! Meaning it’s safe even for preggy moms too!


Super Lips Lip Hero

“This soothing balm glides seamlessly onto lips, and has a melting and emollient texture that does not leave behind a thick film, just a soft, smooth and plump pout.”

My verdict: This was the one product I used again and again and again. I have very dry and chapped lips and this was the HERO that SAVED MY DAY, everyday! No greasy feel at all. It works as a great primer before lipstick application too. Enriched with Grapeseed Oil extract, it nourishes your lips with each swipe.


La Petite Robe Noire Deliciously Shiny Lip Colour in Latte Lace

“Its lightweight formula delivers buildable coverage, thanks to its thin film: one layer to offer a glimpse of the sensual texture of the lips, and additional layers that create a dense and sophisticated finish.”

My verdict: I’ve been a fan of PINK lipsticks for as long as I can remember. So when I tried this Latte Lace hue on my lips, I loved how it changed my look so dramatically with minimal effort. It’s amazing what a lippie can do to transform your look. This natural brown made my Filipino-Morena tones pop! It’s a perfect shade for moms who want to look polished without looking fully made up. It’s a natural shade that will flatter most skin tones. And because it has a buildable coverage, you can apply and re-apply depending on how much “made up” you want to look. One layer is enough to give you a sweet shine, two or three layers can make you date night ready with the husband! And come on, with this decadent packaging—how can you not want one or two or three of these???


Tadahhhh!!! Here’s my natural look with all Guerlain products on my face 🙂   Thanks to the hubby for taking this photo!img_3082

Luxury brand is now available on SEPHORA.PH! Click on this LINK  and get ready to drool over these fresh drops!

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