A birthday like no other!

Last Sunday, we decided to attend a birthday party. But this was not your average birthday party. Medyo big time kasi yung celebrant..so “big time” in fact, that they closed the entire Fort Santiago for him! Luckily, Patrick got us on the VIP guest list..after all, the birthday celebrant just happens to be his great great great grand uncle! And my best friend-in law, PJ just happens to be his great great grand uncle’s greatest fan!!! That’s a lot of “great-s” Hahaha. So we braved the rain and the traffic.. packed our picnic mats, umbrellas, snacks and trooped to The Fort (not Bonifacio, but San-cha-go!hehehe) for the ultimate party of the year! Jose Rizal’s 150th birthday bash! JOE da Man!

Photos from Pj Lanot’s shockproof, waterproof, but not magnanakaw-proof camera

 Happy Birthday to our National Hero! 
The last time I visited Fort Santiago was probably in the third grade. I didn’t really know much about Rizal back then, other than the fact that he was a statue in Luneta. Even in high school, I admit I simply browsed through Noli Me Tangere and El Fili just to get a decent grade. It is only now, in my late twenties, that Ive come to fully understand the colorful life of this great man. Rizal was in his twenties when Noli Me Tangere was first published! He was my AGE?! You can imagine how much of an underachiever I felt like, walking through the museum in Fort Santiago and seeing all his works in various fields: from medicine, arts, to literature! May nadiskubre pa siyang species ng butiki sa Dapitan?!?! Huwat?! I can’t even figure out the new apps in my Ipad! He was a sculptor too?! I don’t even know how to park my damn car! And I dont even drive stick!

We were fortunate enough to also catch the 1961 film, Noli Me Tangere, last Monday and it made me realize that many of the injustices that Rizal fought against over a hundred years ago..are the same problems we find ourselves struggling with in the present day. There are still many Padre Damasos in our society, still very powerful and influential. Sadly, most young Filipinos (including me) have grown numb and apathetic..perhaps we’re all too self-absorbed (facebooking and tweeting) and less mindful of the social injustices happening around us. But I’d like to believe that there is a Rizal or a even a Bonifacio in each and every one of us, just waiting to reveal itself. It sounds corny to talk about heroes nowadays, it seems naive and too idealistic for most people. But why should we settle for heroes in the big screen or in our comic books..when we could be real modern day heroes ourselves!:) 1-2-3-FIGHT!

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7 Responses to A birthday like no other!

  1. Hi Patty! I looove this post! Not just because I’m a history buff, but also because I totally agree with every word you wrote and I love your writing style! 😉

    Anyway, “big time” ka na sa blog world ah kasi you’re giving away freebies narin! I can’t wait for the time wherein you’ll be giving away a FREE TRIP and answer the question “Why do you deserve to be one of Patty Laurel’s travel buddies?” or something like that! Hehe. Anyway, *hands down* again to you IDOL! 😀

  2. @Mika– Awww, thanks! Im really not a professional writer..but I do my best 🙂 Happy to keep you entertained!

    @Zahara–Will check my email asap!Thanks!

  3. wow ms. patty the fact that you were there was already a privilege and on top of that being part of the VIP guests! 🙂
    >sent my answer for the BDJ Planner