A Brighter Life

The first time I stumbled across The Brighter Life website was when my blogger friend Tara Cabullo posted a link to an article she wrote for the site. I clicked on the link and enjoyed reading Tara’s practical tips on saving. From that page, I decided to explore the rest of the site and I was thrilled to discover that it was divided into 5 segments (Personal Finance, Health and Wellness, Family Life, Career and Business, Living It Up) each packed with very straightforward and meaty articles addressing specific concerns. Whether you’re a mom of 2 who’d like to learn how to set up an education fund, or a fresh grad who’s trying to manage her monthly income, or newlyweds like me and Patrick who are clueless about stocks and investments—you’re sure to find something helpful in this site. 

Pinoys are often very shy to discuss money matters with their peers and loved ones. It almost seems taboo to talk about investments, loans, education plans. Patrick and I fall under that category, we like keeping things private when it comes to managing our finances. But sometimes it all can get very overwhelming so it’s nice to have this site which you can navigate at the comfort (and privacy) of your own home—you’re able to find solutions for those big WHAT IFS in your life right now without having to share your personal concerns to the public. Money is important, YES, but you don’t have to have millions to actually have an awesome life. It’s all about being content with the money you are earning and being smart with your finances. The Lord has blessed each of us with skills, talents and jobs—let’s be good stewards of the moolah we have been given 🙂
For more tips about your personal finances, just visit www.brighterlife.com.ph 🙂
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