A Crafty Wednesday Afternoon

I’m very lucky to have Alessa as one of my dearest friends, she’s a born creative and her life is fueled by her passion to create beautiful things from scratch. I, on the other hand, am more of an ideas person but unlike others who are able to breathe life into concepts all on their own, I feel I thrive best when I’m collaborating with others. I love bouncing off other people’s energies and drawing inspiration from the team. It’s fun to learn from the people around me.

I’ve mentioned this before but I’ll say it again, Alessa and I love doing little happy projects together. For no particular reason or occasion, just for the sake of learning something new together and sharing the good mojo with like minded people. Both of us love JAPAN, and by LOVE I mean DIE HARD LOVE, so we decided to come up with a small Japanese inspired Crafternoon for our friends. Of course, Alessa took full control of the crafts (because wala naman among alam!) and I played second fiddle 🙂 She taught all of us how to do FUROSHIKI ART and the girls were happily stamping away throughout the afternoon.
Our friends from CRAFT CARROT (headed by our college buddy, Ding Arancon) also joined us for the afternoon. They provided the stamps for our craft activity and also set up a little booth on the side. It came as no surprise that the girls all swarmed over the Craft Carrot booth—like bees to a tub of honey! If you love colored pens, markers, stamp pads, paint, brushes, and all things crafty you will certainly go bonkers when you visit www.craftcarrot.com 🙂 They are a specialty Arts&Crafts retailer that sources only high quality products from all over the region. If you’d like to take your craftiness to a whole new level of cool, they can hook you up with the right materials! They ship all over the Philippines which makes it very hassle free!

To keep with the theme of our Japanese inspired afternoon, Jen Jimenez of Shiseido surprised all my friends with the highly buzzed about SHISEIDO ULTIMUNE!!!! Yes, my friends all got first dibs of this wonder product! As of writing, it still hasn’t officially launched in the Philippines yet (it will be coming out in stores SOON! Stay tuned for updates). Like I mentioned before, I’ll be dedicating another post just to share the wonderful effects this product has had on my skin. Thank you again Team Shiseido for the goodies 🙂

And of course, how could we NOT talk about the food c/o my favorite Vegetarian restaurant: PIPINO!!!! We had Kale Chips, Quinoa Sushi Rolls, Cold Soba Buckwheat Noodles with Tofu and Veggie Tempura, Eggplant and Tofu Miso and my favorite Oatmeal Cookies with Vegan Ice Cream!!!!! YUM YUM YUM!!! Healthy and satisfying food even for non-vegetarians like me 🙂
Congratulations to all our FUROSHIKI ART graduates!!!! Hope on over to www.lifeafterbreakfast.ph for more details—Alessa will be blogging about the actual craft soon! Thank you Craft Carrot and Shiseido Philippines for your support! And BIG Thanks to all our girlfriends for joining us last Wednesday, ’til our next happy hangout!:)  

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