A Letter To My Readers

I was supposed to keep it a secret but my low EQ levels can’t contain it any longer!!!! ANNOUNCEMENT: This October, I’ll be giving birth—to a healthy baby BLOG! Hahahaha! 🙂 🙂 FRIENDS, my blog is getting a makeover!!! I have a whole army of friends who are helping me with this love project of mine and my heart is just bursting with gratefulness. I have Martine De Luna as the backbone of my new site, Bea Marquez is squeezing her creative juices all over it,  Marge Montemayor is making all the elements come to life, Katrina San Juan is helping me with the images and my darling husband is cooking up a special video too! It feels like our wedding all over again (in a smaller context of course), because of all the labor of love from close peers that I’ve been receiving. 
My blog was born in 2005 and I’ve been using this plain Jane blogger template since then. Thank goodness for my beautiful header (designed by my artsy BFF Alessa Lanot), it was the only thing that made my blog feel special! Thanks Ale! Hehehe! I was just chatting with Rica yesterday about it and we kept laughing at how “nene” looking my blog has always been. I even joked that I feel like singing the old commercial jingle “Dalaga ka na, hindi na bata…kay daming pagbabago..” as an ode to my very simple and basic blog. But Rica mentioned something that made my heart flutter. She said she was amazed that people still follow me “kahit hindi maarte yung blog mo” and that it was nice that I was improving my blog to be gracious to my readers. And she just really took the words out of my mouth and nailed it. That’s exactly what I feel everyday when I read your emails to me. WOW, these people really bothered to read my blog. WOW, these people actually enjoyed the photos I posted. WOW, these people are really committed to journeying with me. Out of the thousands upon thousands of glossy blogs with perfect photos and beautiful layouts, they took the time to read mine!!!! My wenk-wenk, very elementary looking blog. It’s incredibly humbling and I have nothing but GRATITUDE for my loyal readers. I just want to group hug you all!!!! Right now!!! Thank you to my dear readers, you are my virtual family indeed. 
So yes, this blog makeover is really my way of SAYING THANK YOU. It’s my way of saying that you guys mean the world to me and I would like to give you a blog that will be worth visiting. In true DAPAtty form, it won’t be anything fancy, or sophisticated or complicated. My pictures will still feel amateur (pero gagalingan ko na talaga, promise! I am learning!) and far from “editorial” levels and my writing will still be kengkoy and silly as always. The content will remain the same—well, because I have no choice! This is how I write and how I blog! Sorry guys, the blog developer can only do so much..hanggang tech stuff lang sila. You’re stuck with me, content wise. Hahaha!!! But seriously though, it will still have the heart and soul of this simple blog—but presented to you in a more organized way to allow you guys to really maximize your reading experience. 
So in the coming weeks, we might have a day or two down to fix some tweaks here and there so I hope you’ll bear with me. Parang DPWH sign lang, “Under Construction”—but unlike the government, I promise we’ll work on it really fast so we have you guys back on the blog in no time. (Sorry for the jab, Philippine Government, but you guys really take forever and a half.). So to all my dear readers, I hope you’ll join me in praying for the new site. I know it doesn’t seem like such a big deal—but it is really my baby for now. This blog is where I’m able to connect with readers from all over, a place where I can share things that matter to me, and more importantly it’s a place where I can express my love for my family, friends and Jesus. 🙂 I’ll give you guys some updates in the coming weeks!!! WOOOHOOOO!!! I. am.so.excited.

11 Responses to A Letter To My Readers

  1. Of course, I’m excited too. But as your reader I’m not looking on the layout of your blog but the content and the attitude of it. I am so entertain the way you deliver your thoughts. I love it i love it and i love it!!!! Ngayon pa lang congrats na for your new “baby blog”. Super cute like you and Patrick! Have a great day!

  2. Wow, Ms Patty congratulations in advance. I am so excited about the new look of your blog, but more importantly on the new things that you will share. I look forward to checking your blog regularly, especially if I want to see something beautiful and inspirational. Thank you for being an inspiration and for being kalog. You put a smile on my face. Also, thank you for the beautiful pictures (kahit sabi mo amateur pa lang siya) We get to experience what you experienced by just looking at your pictures.

  3. *group hug* indeed! I was, am, and will always be a reader of your blog… since 2010! Too bad I missed the first five years, but there’s no other way to go but forward! Sooo excited for your “future” blog!!! 🙂

    More power to you, Idol Patty! 🙂

  4. DPWH! AYLUVEHT! Hahahahahaha! So “you,” Patty!
    I’m honored to be working with you and to be part of your amazing team in this makeover. Parang new baby talaga!!! I commit to creating a blog that will frame your quirkiness, beauty, and soul. Can’t wait!!!!

  5. Wow. Big change! To be honest I come here to have bits and pieces of the happiness you sprinkle with each and every blog posts. I’m happy that’s staying and congrats on deciding to update the look of your blog. Pero regardless kahit sa papel mo na lang sulat blog posts mo, babasahin ko pa din. Haha! 🙂