A Macklemore Kind of Day

So my nephew Paolo introduced Macklemore to us last summer and I’ve been digging his music ever since but it’s only now that I actually watched his CANT HOLD US music video. AND my mind is officially blown–fried up and chopped into little bacon bits!!! This has got to be one of the best videos of the decade! Everything from the coloring, art direction, concept, down to the styling! And a whole crew of people partying in an old ship?!?! And a barber shop scene in a deserted island?!? And a red truck pulling a whole room across the field?!? Gaaaaaahhh. I cannot contain my excitement for this awesome video. I used to think Pharell Williams was the coolest dude next to my husband, buuuuutttt Macklemore is my ideal kabarkada now! Ang saya lang nya!

One Response to A Macklemore Kind of Day

  1. jon jon augustavo, who is one of the director of this video is actually filipino / american. =)
    thanks for sharing this video. nakaka-lss. <3