A new story to tell.

Today, I write again.

It’s been awhile. And I feel newly acquainted with my keypad. Save for a few useless “likes” and “Hahahaha’s” on facebook, I’ve been typing words only for work related things for the past few months. Now, I feel I am ready to write again, just for the sake of writing. And if you indulge me, I would love to share my random ramblings with all of you.

“Patty, you talk too fast!” is what I always hear. Especially when I’d be shooting some spiels on TV, what would normally take 30 seconds would be cut down to 15 when I would deliver it. Of course, talking fast proved to be my greatest asset in teaching. When you’re in a room filled with pesky 5 year olds, you have to somehow learn how to answer ten different questions in 1 minute.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that it’s not about my speech, the problem is that I think too fast. Which explains my dispersed thought processing. Sometimes I’m all over the place, thinking a multitude of thoughts all at once. I feel like the words are all over my head and my tongue keeps trying to chase them one by one. I just turned a year older this April and realized that sometimes taking your time, PAUSING, can make a world of difference

Just like in our thoughts, taking the time to pause in our daily lives can do wonders. Sadly though, we’re always too busy running around and trying to sort things out on our own that we forget to take healthy pauses. It’s a good thing the BIG DUDE up there cares enough to force us into life pauses. It’s amazing how God sort of puts commas in your life, he distributes those commas so accurately…allowing you to pause before moving forward. Sometimes HE’LL go ahead and put a period  which could mean closure and peace for some or could stir feelings of grief and frustration for many. At times, God puts a question mark and like any stubborn person..you try to weasel around it, finding ways to add more words hoping to evade life’s big questions. Then he surprises you with an exclamation point, sometimes one, sometimes even three..and you just stand in awe of HIM and how exciting life is. But most times, I find commas..commas that assist you in your thoughts and decisions. I feel like they serve as pit stops for you to make better life choices.

When they say  “God is the author of life”, it is meant to be literal. God wrote a new chapter in my life recently. He placed a period where it was needed and ended something important to me. He placed question marks, lots and lots of them, pages and pages of question marks to shake me and to break me down. Then he took me to a sea of commas, and I finally took the time to reflect and sort out all the issues that have been plaguing my thoughts for years. And now, here I am.. in between exclamations and ellipses.  A combination of being overwhelmed, overjoyed, and yet very well rested. And this is where my new life journey begins. So folks..come waste your time with me again! 

To my dear readers who have been with me since 2005, thank you for your overwhelming support! This is a new blog, a fresh and exciting beginning for me..so I’ve opted to keep my old posts private and I hope you will understand. As I am trying my best to become responsible in my blogging, I hope you too can help me by being sensitive and considerate with your comments and questions too. 🙂 This is a happy and silly blog, and I’d like to keep it that way..if that’s cool with you! Hehehe! I’m excited to hear from each one of you, so please feel free to drop me a line on the comments box or send me an email at pattylaurelblog@gmail.com. God bless you all 🙂 Love, Light, and Happiness!!!

10 Responses to A new story to tell.

  1. New beginnings are always exciting! For most people, the excitement comes with an expiry date. Blessed are those who find something to be thankful for everyday – even in sad things like closure. God bless, VJ Patty! 🙂

  2. So happy your blog is back up and running! 🙂 I missed all your hilarious, amusing kwentos about your adventures… and misadventures! 😉

    Keep shining, love. You are a gem! 🙂

  3. Welcome back to blogsphere! I missed your kwentos and fun adventures. Great to hear from you again through this very fun blog.

  4. your new blog is great! i hope though that you’d consider a bigger or more readable font for your write ups. it’s hard to read with the small letters 🙂 just a suggestion!

  5. Especially loved the 4th & 5th paragraphs of this entry. So much wisdom right there. 🙂 Glad you’re up and writing again, Patty. Cyberspace needs more happy bloggers like you.

  6. i cannot stress enough how happygiddy i am that you’re back!!!!

    and this blog entry is just alsdk;alfjakdadka;s of epic proportions…. punctuation marks are love…. and to be used in a blog entry, eeeeeep, deadz!

    yehey that you are back!!!!! much love from the @happykiddo <3

  7. Your words just moved me. We don’t deserve loneliness but it just a part of life to make us the best of who we are. Thank you for the inspiration. =)

  8. so happy that you’re back blogging 😀
    and i’m even happier that you are enjoying God’s plans for you 🙂 When God writes your story, it can only be awesome 😀 Looking forward to reading how He is shaping your life 🙂 God Bless 🙂