A Saturday Morning Thank You

Howdy peeps! This is completely random but I decided to write about it anyway. Yesterday, we had a very delightful experience with two blog readers (next post!) and received a lot of help from a restaurant partner. It blessed me so much and it made me reflect on my blog’s relationship with companies and how it has immensely helped me connect to my readers.

To my sponsors and site partners, those who have supported my blog for several years now–I am sending you a big virtual blog hug! It’s because of these generous sponsors, I am able to host fun giveaways and contests—I’m able to give gifts to my readers, things I never would have been able to afford on my own. If I were to purchase those prizes on my own (cellphone, sofa, dining set, TV, etc) matagal na akong bankrupt! Hahaha! I don’t have a lot of money but I’ve been blessed to have access to kind sponsors who have supported my cause to give little surprise blessings to others. Hosting contests on the site does take a bit of my time, but it’s something I lovingly set aside time for because it means so much to me to see you guys happy. Even if it means staying up after bedtime just to read through a hundred email entries, gagawin ko dahil mahalaga kayo sa akin. Sometimes I look like a crazy person, giggling and tearing while reading random emails in the dark. 

I understand that there are some bloggers who choose to shy away from ads, sponsored posts, and giveaways for their own personal reasons, believe me these reasons are completely valid and understandable of course, RESPETO. Personally, I am very thankful to be in a position wherein I can connect my readers to good brands and companies through this little online portal. For my blogging, hosting, and modeling— I appreciate the trust I get both ways, from companies (both big and small) to present their products/services in an honest light and also from my readers who believe that I would only choose to promote brands that are of the best quality.

Long before I started blogging, I was already a print and commercial mowwwdel, host, and product endorser so getting paid to smile-for-the-camera-and-say-cheese for this and that was all part of the job. It was a job I have been enjoying for over a decade now and it has paid a lot of bills and funded a lot of my little dreams. But now that I’m a blogger too, I understand that there’s an added responsibility attached to my day jobs these days. Because I have grown so attached to you, my dear blog readers, I always feel the need to make sure that whatever comes out on this site is worthy of your time. I try to be as transparent as possible with you, clearly indicating events I’ve been asked to host/attend professionally, sponsored posts I’ve been tasked to write, endorsements/advertisement campaigns I am a part of. 

I do get invited to restaurants/hotels/spas, etc for my work and often times it ends up on this blog if I really, really, really like it. If Patrick and I randomly try something new and we enjoy it, then for sure I’ll be blogging about it too—this is almost always the case, hehe. Whether I’m invited to try it out or we end up trying it out on our own—basta gusto ko (at naming dalawa!), then it gets a post. I know it seems like a shallow criteria but so far, that’s the only criteria I have. If I like it (really, really, really like it) then I blog it, if it was just a “pwede na” experience then I choose to not blog about it. I don’t believe in bashing products/services, so at the most I will just choose to stay mum about it. Unless of course it involves a human rights violation—then that’s a different story! But I do believe in giving praise and credit only where it’s due, so as simplistic as it sounds, that’s how I’ve been approaching my blog posts about products, establishments, and brands.

I don’t expect my readers to like all the things I like (where’s the fun in that?! We’re all wired differently and diversity in taste and preferences is what makes us all interesting), but I do hope you know that blogging is something I do take seriously (except for the corny punchlines of course!). I would also like to say thank you to all my readers who take the time to write me emails or send me tweets to share their experiences with me. I love hearing about how you picked up a few tips on this and that from a blog post and how it worked out for you. It’s such a big virtual PAT on the shoulder 🙂 It makes me think to myself, “Yehey! I’m glad it was helpful for this person!”. Thank you for going through my little and big milestones with me through this blog. You have no idea how much you have blessed me by your support and love!!!:) 🙂 🙂

8 Responses to A Saturday Morning Thank You

  1. You’re such an inspiration patty. Keep up whatever you’re doing! I’m such a fan of your posts (esp your “corny” punchlines) 😉 May God bless you & your fam more 🙂 Love & happiness always..
    – Joy T

  2. I rarely NOT like any of your posts. You (and other bloggers I follow) are quite influential in choices I make for products and causes to support, hehe. Thank you for being purposeful with what you share with your readers. 🙂

  3. here’s my virtual hug for you ms. patty >:D<
    i may not be able to comment/like your blog post everytime but i assure i’m one of your consistent blog readers,pwede mo ko bigyan ng exam hahaha on a serious note everytime i feel down and weary about life, your blog is one things the things that makes me happy/inspired. thank you.

  4. Hi Patty! I just came from NYC and I want to thank you for all your tourist spots, restaurants and hotel recommendations. We were able to enjoy and maximize our trip. Hope I can blog about it in a cool way too.hehe. Virtual hug~ God bless!