A side trip to Ljubljana, Slovenia

Even at 33 years old, I still get a high from adding new countries on my list. Slovenia is now my 36th!! Woohoo!! Hailed as the GREEENEST and CLEANEST city in Europe, the capital of Ljubljana easily won as we were narrowing down our choices for a side trip from Munich last November. We stayed for just 4 days, which was enough time to cover the small and quaint town. It definitely is an ideal  stop especially if you’re looking for a break from the usual touristy destinations around the continent. It is small, quaint, charming, lovely, sweet, and just so damn pretty—-like a totally crushable city!

5 Reasons why I LOVE Ljubljana:

  1. Being CLEAN and GREEN definitely adds to it’s appeal, especially when you have kids or babies in tow..but the big plus is that it is also very SAFE! You could walk the streets confidently even at night. And since car traffic is also restricted in the center, making it very safe for your kids to run around freely and safely.
  2. It’s a very walkable city! Everything is clustered together surrounding the stunning Ljubljanica river, with all the major sites just a few blocks away from each other. You can easily explore the whole city by foot. The only time we took a taxi was from the airport to the hotel. Not only will you save on cab fare, you get to exercise too! Win, win, win!
  3. If you compare the prices to Paris, Geneva or London—you will get more bang for your euro in Ljubljana. You can stretch your pocket money and get about 30-40% more in this smaller EU country. Hotels, restaurants, and even tours are well-priced and of good quality!
  4. The people are so NICE! Very accommodating of tourists, they converse very well in English and make an effort to make you feel so comfortable. They actually remind me of the same warmth of the people of Croatia and Iceland.
  5. It’s surprisingly accessible. There are a lot of budget flights that fly to Ljubljana from the main cities in Europe. From Munich, it was a very quick 50 minute flight. Just make sure you make bookings at least 4-6 months in advance to get a good rate.

So thanks again Ljubljana for welcoming us with open arms!!! Here are photos from our trip 🙂

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