A Surprise Treat for the Birthday Boy

Yesterday, Patrick and I got the best surprise ever!!! Pevonia Botanica and Marriot Manila prepared a whole evening of pampering and EATING just for us to celebrate Patrick’s 30th birthday!!!:) What was just a simple “meeting over coffee” in my mind became a full day of spoiling! We had no idea that Pevonia and Marriot were busy orchestrating something this elaborate and special for the two of us. We’re simple folk who watch HBO and eat manggang hilaw with bagoong on regular days–so a treat this luxurious is something we truly appreciate. It’s such a shame that I didn’t pack my camera but I have some semi-decent photos from my Iphone which I hope you’ll bear with for now. First, we had our fill of Marriot Cafe’s delicious homemade ice cream– NOCIOLALA and FERRERO, I’ll be back for you two pretty babies!
Next, we were treated to a heavenly Pevonia treatment at QUAN. And just like that–Quan, Two,Three–I drifted away into my own little dreamland. The treatment was so good, the masahista had to wake me up with a gentle shrug. I must’ve been snoring like a bulldog sa sobrang sarap! That Pevonia De-Stress Moor Mud Massage was exactly what I needed. Give us some MOOR! I love you MOOR today than yesterday!  MOOR please! The MOOR, the merrier! Hahaha, I can do this all day. I’m Atenean and we like lame use-in-a sentence jokes. We even got some Pevonia Botanica products! Swiss treats for my sensitive skin!:) 
After our relaxing massage, we were ushered to CRU Steakhouse which is also located within the Marriot Hotel. 
A funny side story (which Pat begged me not to share–but pfffttt! It’s MY blog and I can write as I please!). When we finally got settled in our booth, I noticed something a bit off with Pat. I looked at him and then I spotted it! HIS SHIRT WAS BALIGTAD the whole time!!!!! The horror!!! The inner stitching of the shirt was in full view–and even the tag with his size was on full display!!! I mumbled to him in a tense whisper “Baaaaaabeee…go to the bathroooommmm..nooowwww…” while grinning nervously! He looked at his shirt and panicked and escaped to the bathroom. He came back with a sweat on his brow and the most adorable smile “Hay, akala ko pa naman all the staff were smiling at me dahil gwapo ako! Mga lokong yun, di nila sinabi baligtad shirt ko!” So hilarious! Feeling sossy kids pa naman kami, all set for our fine dining experience! 
Anyway, back to CRU! I’m a FOOD SCOUT at syempre laging handa lumamon, but nothing could prepare us for the multi-course meal we were about to have! Each dish served surprised me. Oh, bread—munch, munch–DAMNIT THATS GOOD BREAD!!! Oh, soup—slurp,slurp—HOMAYLORD truffle delight!!! Oh, crabcakes–chomp,chomp–YOU MEAN AWESOME CAKES!!!! And of course, it was complete fireworks inside our tummies by the time we had the famous CRU steaks. 
Another thing worth mentioning is their wonderful service. Filipinos are known worldwide for being hospitable and accommodating, but sadly, these days GOOD service is so hard to come by. So this is something I’m always very keen on observing. Patrick kept telling me “Wow, they’re really so nice here!” The crew at CRU (ahhh, Miss Witty-Kitty with my play of words!) were so genuinely friendly and professional. The head chef and restaurant manager even chatted with us and gave their personal recommendations, which was such a big plus for us! But the service didn’t stop there, the whole staff came out and surprised Patrick with a cake with matching HBD song! And, and, and a BIRTHDAY CARD which they all signed with personal dedications! They beat me to it! I didn’t even give Pat a birthday card and I’m his fiancee’! I wanted to ask for a pen and scribble my name in the card last minute. Hahaha. 🙂 It was such a simple and thoughtful gesture that made my LOVE smile–which made me smile too.
At this point, I’m still too full to function so I promise to write a better post about CRU Steakhouse next time–especially since I vow to drop by again REAL soon. This time, we’re bringing our friends! With food as good as this, you just have to share the happiness! I’ve eaten in several fine dining restaurants both here and abroad, and I must say–with all honesty, this has been one of the most memorable dinners I’ve ever had. I’m no professional food critic but my taste buds have years of “good training”–and I know food like I know the alphabet. A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-K-ELO ELO PEEE!!! Riighhht??:) Boys, this is the restaurant built for proposals—their steaks are SOOO good, you could be wearing a greasy, butas-butas sando and your gf will still say YES!!! Ok, scrap the sando suggestion, that was a dumb idea. Stick to the steak and your most gwapo porma and you’re bound to get a OUI! Who needs a ring?!? If Patrick proposed to me with a big, fat juicy steak–I would have said YES all over again!
Thank you Marriot Manila and Pevonia Botanica for making this birthday boy feel extra special!

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  1. I could have been in this prized photo with you if only my ‘friend’ bothered to remind me of your scheduled visit to Marriott:-(

    Waaaahhh! I super love to see you in person Teacher Patty!!!