A treat for Miss Salty Sweet

Since I’ve been majorly PMS-ing..I’ve been suffering from FOOD SWINGS all week. (take note, it’s not mood swings but FOOD swings!) As I was scouring the net for salty-sweet finds I found this recipe and the first thing that popped into my head was “SAB!!!!”. And just like that, she baked me these yummy cookies! I asked her to bake a batch for me to share with my barkada tonight..but I think this is starting to look more like a solo pack to me. Hahahaha!:)

Sabrina Cristobal-Go was my classmate back in high school. We’ve gone a long way from being the most chatty girls in class to actual functioning citizens of society! Hahaha 🙂 Sab is my go-to-girl when it comes to food advice, not only is she an excellent cook..she’s really creative with her dishes too! Her blog will make your mouth water! Sometimes I envy her son, kahit yung regular baon niya mukhang mas masarap pa sa Noche Buena namin dito sa bahay! 🙂 Thank you for my Monday afternoon treat!
For orders, just email sabskitchen@gmail.com.

8 Responses to A treat for Miss Salty Sweet

  1. wow! i want to try her cookies! because i love maple and BACON! can we order? pretty puhlease??? 🙂

  2. Wouldn’t have thought that bacon and chocolate chip would ever go together, especially in a cookie! But I trust your word on it, haha! Hi Ate Patty! I love your blog! 😀