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This ABOUT ME profile has yet to be updated. Please contact me at pattylaurelfilart@gmail.com for an updated profile.

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  1. I’m such a big fan of your blog, Patty! πŸ™‚ I’ve been reading the old one for ages. I haven’t visited it regularly though since I was busy so when I had the time over a few months ago, I was surprised to see it didn’t exist anymore. Good thing I found your new blog! Looking forward to more exciting posts! Godspeed! πŸ˜€

  2. Woke up to the news that your blog is back!! Aaaaahhhhh so happy!! Celebrate good times, cmon! Hahaha! Wow halata na akong fan na fan! Hehe! =) -Missy

  3. Hello, Patty!

    I’ve been waiting for your blog’s comeback! So happy to read and be inspired by your adventures again and of course you’re beautiful as ever! πŸ™‚

  4. Hi Ms. Patty!

    Enjoyed your blog because we both love travelling,it is just that yours is more! haha. Looking forward to more of your posts! Godspeed.

  5. Hi Ms. Patty!

    Enjoyed your blog because we both love travelling, it’s just that yours is more! haha. Looking forward to more of your posts! Godspeed!

  6. Wohooo..Your finally back!! we have been waiting like forever!! I soo love you and so is utr blog..Keep posting!! xoxo πŸ™‚

  7. Glad you’re back to blogging.. πŸ™‚ I’m just sad of what I’ve learned.. The old Love is gone.. Ouch! I so loved you both then.. But I am wishing you more happiness to your new found love.. Keep the love alive! Life is precious! <3 – AIM

  8. yehey! patty’s back! i really really really love your blog!!! you’re a good writer!
    btw, may typo error po sa about-me πŸ™‚
    kahit na i love your blog pa rin! haha
    More adventures please πŸ™‚

  9. GL☺D to have you back online! btw, you have such great skin! as they say if you have great skin you won’t need make-up..so I hope you won’t mind sharing your beauty regimen..so far what I’ve learnt is that Neutrogena is one of your favorite products (and you were pretty glad when chosen as their endorser)..! Cheers ☺

  10. Hi patty.. am an enthusiastic reader of other persons blog whether its from a tv personatilies or from one of my friends blog. but i found your blog a very interesting same as with bianca gonzalez’s blog.. specially about your traveling escapades, because i’ve always dreaming of traveling around the world but unfornately i cant, because cant afford it.. hehehe.. but maybe someday.. i will. but for now am enjoying to read yours, and it feels like am also traveling.. hehehe.. more power to you and to your blog!Ü

  11. Love ur blogs on travel..i think u should visit Jordan as well. πŸ™‚ Lots of places to see locals are so warm as well.

  12. finally! you are back πŸ™‚ i have been checking out when you’re blog will be alive and kicking again. love the look! ~ maria

  13. Hi Patty

    Im sooo sad when Ive discovered your blog does not exist anymore, i thot UAE blocked it! But thanks God you have just changed it…Welcome back!and thank you for being an inspiration!all the best


  14. hi patty! i love reading your blog and i thought you adjusted your privacy settings bec. i can’t view your site anymore….anyway it’s nice to see you back! looking forward for more adventures!


  15. Hi, Patty! You can call me a stalker of yours…hahah! but I am such a huge fan! I love your blog and everything abt you. πŸ™‚ -Ice

  16. Oohh..Ms. Patty you’re such an inspiration! I really do miss your blog, I do often visit it from time to time. And now, you’re totally back! *may bago na ulit akong bisyo!hihi

    Love the new blog’s theme btw. so alive and festive!


  17. ilove watching your videos and reading your blog..
    Parang napuntahan ko na rin ang napuntahan mo..:) thanks to U

    * LOI* πŸ™‚

  18. Thank you for blogging again! I enjoy reading about your travels and life experiences πŸ™‚

  19. Good thing I followed you on Twitter and saw a link to your new blog! Yehey! πŸ™‚ I really enjoy how your blog’s so interesting in a very unpretentious way πŸ™‚ Keep writing!

  20. Hi Patty!! I Like your Blog! Very entertaining! I can relate to your posts! Would just like to ask for advice and tips on how do you find good deals for travelling? what sites do you check? help help πŸ™‚ – Lestat

  21. YES, the Master Mother Packer is back! Im a BIG fan of yours Ms Patty. I loved reading your blogs. Di matawaran ang sense of humor mo,nakakatuwa! im your fan #10. πŸ˜‰

  22. the new blog is cool! I end up reading it all again. hahaha! Inggit sa dami ng napuntahan mo. But parang andun na din kame dahil sa kwento mo. galing!

  23. You are my inspiration Patty, whenever I feel down, I get a boost just by reading your blog. I hope to travel the world soon too… I love traveling but I haven’t been to as many places as you have. I just wanna ask how you keep yourself looking so radiant despite ur schedules? I love ur skin, and ur aura… u radiate positivity. :)-Rachel

  24. I love reading your blog. you deserve to be Nuffnang’s Blogger of the Month. keeping on sharing positive to the blogosphere!

  25. Congratulations on your blog. Wow, am sure your parents are so proud of what you have achieved. Keep it up and I will keep on reading as long as you keep on blogging! – Tita Menchie G.

  26. hi!
    no day w/o “dapattylaurel.blogspot.com” for me πŸ™‚
    every morning, kasama na cia sa office routine ko (except Fridays & Saturdays) but i do my “catch ups” on Sundays, yehey!!!
    keep ur blogs coming ms. patty, so kikay, informative, nakakatanggal ng homesick and it inspires me.
    more power & God bless u more :)) muwahh

    lani -(from the land of sand & dates -abu dhabi)

  27. I’ve just recently started reading your blog. Can I just say, YOU HAVE AN AWESOME BLOG. I love your travel posts, posts about your students, how you present yourself in a formal yet kalog way. Before, I just knew you because you’re a Laurel, and also because of your past relationship. But now, I can honestly say, I’m a fan of PATTY LAUREL.

  28. Hi Teacher Patty,
    I’m an avid reader of your old blog, fan of your your fashion style and witty humor. =)
    I was busy with studies so I was obviously left out with updates about you. Not until today that I suddenly got so stressed out when I couldn’t find your old blog site BUT walang mahirap hanapin sa taong hindi mainipin, ryt..? =) So, I found this dapattylaurel.blogspot.com and So happy that you’re still blogging. Wish you more power and Gd Bless!! =)

  29. hello miss patty!

    i love your blog. it is so nice πŸ™‚

    but maybe you can change your “about me” page since you are no longer a kinder teacher but a university professor.

    take care πŸ™‚

  30. entertaining full of life, adventure and so real sometimes i felt that you are my reincarnated sister for once we had so much things in common we are both educators, love to travel, likes sweets and most of all both equally beautiful and smart , i didnt know u until one of my students told me that i almost looked like u then tried to saw ur pic and i said to myself probably why not hehehe keep inspiring people your doing GREAT JOB its
    a nice to know that there are still blogs that dont just used their space for ööo advertisement but something that can make a difference to touch someones life……

  31. hello teacher Patty,,

    First and foremost congratulations because you finally found the other half of your heart!! am so happy-est (superlative degree na yan ha??? hehehe) seriously am so happy for you!!

    You’re such a great soul,, If there is one person I would love to be,, I would love to be like you,a cheerful teacher that can brighten every child’s mind, a blogger that can conquer her followers’ time, a supah mowdel that every woman like me would love to mimic!!! hehehe God bless you soon-to-be Mrs. Patty Laurel-Filart!!! i supaahduupaaah like you!!!

    ~teacher Charline

  32. hi ms patty! congrats! i watched the proposal.. and its one of a kind!:) got lucky that you have this page on your blog.. can i ask for your help? plsss.. i also have a blog but i want everything to start from scratch.. can you teach me how to make a real blog site? as in each detail comes from me.. like you do on your blog.. im actually referring to menu above such as home, about me and stuffs.. hoping that i can get an answer from you.. cos i wnna do this as an anniversary gift.. waiting and hoping for your reply.. super thanks!:) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  33. Hey Patty! πŸ™‚

    Wow! What can I say, I really am becoming an avid fan of yours… rah rah rah! πŸ˜€ I love your posts it’s funny and inspiring! You make me laugh, SERIOUSLY! πŸ˜€
    One thing I admire about you is that you never fail to mention how thankful you are to God and how good He is in your life. Continue to inspire people Patty. All the love and happiness for you and Pat. God bless! πŸ™‚

  34. Hi, patty! I hope you share us more stories of how you and patrick started out as a friend-couple.:) inspire us more this love season.:) —forever fan, ice

  35. hello patty, I would just like to know what course did you took up in College? I also want to be a preschool teacher.:)

  36. Hi Patty! ive just recently discovered your blog. im un upcoming bride too thats why i can soo relate to some of your “bride” stories. =) congratulations! and keep on inspiring us girls and continue to make us laugh too. great job!

  37. Hello Patty! I am from Davao and i am starting to like not just like BUT loooove your blog! πŸ™‚ My day is not complete without reading your blog. Your blog is so informative on almost everything. Thank you for blogging and i love your sense of style too :)keep it up πŸ˜€

  38. Hi Ate Patty, I learned your blog from Ate Rica’s. And after that day, I can’t go on surfing the net without browsing your page. I sooo love your blog, especially the “Gerbil adventures”. Godbless you! XX πŸ™‚ -Jem

  39. You make me wanna save up and travel soon πŸ™‚ YAY! I’ve been a follower of this blog ever since. Your pictures brighten up my mood Patty πŸ™‚

    Thank you for sharing all these wonderful stories! πŸ™‚

  40. Hi Ms. Patty, Thanks for sharing your life to us through your blog posts. Looking forward to read more of your posts. Hugs and God bless you more!

  41. I’m a huge fan now! Your blogs are so addicting coz definitely everyone can relate and it’s like hearing you personally talking to all of us. And hey! Thank you for inspiring us na we really should do what we are passionate about! Stay fabulous! -Cy

  42. Hello Patty! This is Riz, I blog at http://www.chasingdreams.net. I’m guessing someone has presented you the idea already, but I wonder why you never bought your own http://www.pattylaurel.com domain name and your own hosting. I’d love to give you free hosting in my server if you’re interested. Let me know if you are! Your blog is awesome, and I can see that you’re really reaching out and inspiring a lot of people, and I thought perhaps with your own domain name, you can do more (say, put your own website domain in your business card, instead of a free blogspot URL). I’ve given away domain names and hosting before and I do this when I find a blog I thought was worth gifting with the opportunity. πŸ™‚

  43. i certainly enjoyed reading your blog.. i recently discovered this when my sister (who admires you a lot) shared to me how much she enjoys reading your articles.. i find them so simple, yet extremely informative that anyone can just relate and learn something from your entries. your tips on skin care, travel, relationship are really something. i was really inspired on your “BALENTYMS” entry (last February)
    it gave me hope that someday, in God’s perfect time. i ‘ll also have the chance to meet that one person i can spend the rest of my life with.. for now i’ll enjoy every bit of my singlehood.. You’re truly inspiring Patty.

  44. Hi Ms. Patty soon to be Mrs. Patrick Filart, I admire you so much!!
    Your blog inspires everyone!keep on inspiring us Teacher Patty! I wish when i become totally a Teacher i will be like you, your so NICE:)

  45. I can’t begin to tell you how much you inspire me. Been reading your blog for a while now but seeing you yesterday in person at the BDJ Fair, and seeing how down-to-earth you were despite your being so popular, you made it all so real for me — your connection to your readers — it’s as if you’ve been my BFF since childhood. More power to you and I sincerely wish you joy and fulfillment in all areas of your life, Patty.

  46. Hi Patty!

    I love your blog entries!! Fortunately, I was able to find your blog site just now. And I am so amazed that you were able to visit different countries which made me more jealous. Yet hopeful that I can do the same thing. keep it up and I’m looking forward to your entries..

  47. i love you for sharing your experiences with us πŸ™‚ hope to message you directly for more questions and details about wedding stuff πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  48. HI Patty,

    I love reading your blog entries over and over again especially when things are getting slow and boring at work. Your stories and travel adventures inspire me a lot.
    happy 2013!!!(greetings from abu dhabi)

  49. I love you very much Patty. You inspire me alot. Please never changed. Malapit na akong matanggal sa kababasa ng blog mo! hehehe joke lang πŸ™‚
    May God bless you more and your family πŸ˜€

  50. Hi Ms.patty.im a big fan of your blog.kahit yung morning show mo sa studio 23 di ko pinalalagpas.till now kahit nasa work lagi kong binabasa yung mgablog mo.minsan nga nahuli ako ng boss ko hehehe.pero okey lang d naman nyaako tinanggal.sana makita kita in person.loveyou.mwah.godbless.sana mareply mo ako sa email ko.thanks.

  51. I had so much fun reading your blog! Keep it up. You have so much to share on all the things you’ve been doing. I think your such a nice person. Hope to see you. πŸ™‚