About Your Travel Related Emails

Weeee!!! Thanks to YouTube I was able to watch the little feature I did for Unang Hirit! Yeheyyy!:) 

In a week I get a hundred emails from readers from all over—all of which I try my best to read during my downtime (or in between waiting for the rice to get cooked). Although I admit I have failed to reply to all of these emails (so disappointing, I know, huhuhuhu) I do hope you know that I really value and appreciate each and every one. 

About 50% of these emails are travel-related and although I’m not a licensed travel agent, heck, I’m not even a professional travel writer, it means so much to me to know that you guys trust me enough to ask for travel advice. A lot of you have asked me for itinerary templates, hotel recommendations, travel websites, etc and as much as I would love to accommodate each and every one of your requests–sadly, it’s close to impossible for me to do so. If I didn’t have to work and if I had all the spare time in the world, boy, I would take all your requests and make custom itineraries for each one! hehehe! 

What a lot of people don’t realize is this–planning a trip requires a LOT of time, energy, resources, and RESEARCH. It’s not as easy as sending someone your itinerary or telling a friend about a hotel you stayed in—there are a ton of factors to consider for a trip.   Just ask my husband, he knows that I stay up for an extra hour each night just researching for hotels. It sounds over the top and a bit obsessive (and to a certain degree, it is) but I’m very particular about my trips which is why I just can’t take someone else’s itinerary and simply copy it. I know what type of traveler I am and now that I’m married, the research has to be much more refined as I also have his needs/preferences to consider now. As a budget traveler who likes clean toilets and enjoys eating a lot—this can prove quite difficult. 

Each person is unique. You have your preferences, I have mine. You like dark meat, I like white meat. You like Destiny’s Child, I like ALL children. HAHAHA. Ok, ako lang natawa dun. But what I’m trying to say is that each person has a unique “travel personality”. Take for example, my sister and ME. We grew up in the same home, same schools, same parents—yet we’re worlds apart! When it comes to traveling, my sister loves to SHOP for designer clothes, bags, etc. She’s the type of person who researches where the Prada, LV, or Gucci store in a certain city is located. I, on the other hand, am a passionate foodie. I always research for the top restaurants in the area–food is my luho. So you can imagine the clash of our day-to-day itineraries when we travel.  So when she asks for recommendations about a particular city, I don’t just hand her my itinerary. I have to research based on her personality, kung ano yung sa tingin ko “type” niya. 

I’m blessed to have readers who share a similar taste level, who like the things I like (or so I think!).  It’s great to find a common ground when it comes to preferences with you guys. And that’s why even if it can be quite tedious, I always make the extra effort to post nice pictures, indulge in my captions and descriptions,and  add helpful links when it comes to my travel posts. Somehow I feel I am sharing as much as I possibly can—that although I cannot physically make customized itineraries and plan trips for each and every one of you, I feel happy knowing that I put the info out there. I just want to make all the tips available for you. Now it’s up to you of course whether you use it or you reject it, kayo na bahala dun 🙂 BUT DON’T REJECT MY JOKES—-USE THEMMMMM!!!!! TOP QUALITY JOKES ‘TO! Hehehe! I am simply offering you travel options–what you do with these options will dictate how your trip will turn out. Make it your own adventure, write your own travel story! Hayyy, I’m so excited for you guys!

So to my dear readers (especially to those who have sent me trave related emails), I write these travel entries FOR YOU. Well, I write for ME too!!! This is my blog after all, that’s sort of kinda the point of this whole thing! But I really hope you get inspired to travel, to explore, to discover through this blog 🙂 🙂 🙂 So keep those emails coming and I will try my best to answer each one..or if I don’t get to answer all of them, at least I will have a better idea of what type of travel related questions I should address in the blog 🙂

2 Responses to About Your Travel Related Emails

  1. Totally agree that to each his own when it comes to traveling. I am the perennial itinerary-creator of the family and friends so most of the time, we go where I want to and do the activities I want (Mwahaha!), and I’m also very particular on the things I want to do when I go somewhere.

    But seriously, it is hard to create one since everything should give way to the interests of all the people involved (and maybe the reason why I enjoy traveling with fewer companions.)

  2. wow you inspire me to customize my itineraries. im a travel agent for 10 years and counting hehe. but most of the itineraries i made is the basic lang. but i make it to a point na pasok sa budget ng clients ko lahat. yun lang minsan sa sobra budget e basic lang nabibigay ko sa kanila hehe 🙂 pero kapag alam ko naman willing ang client to go over board ng unti para more relax and enjoy ang trip sinasuggest ko thank you for this useful tip