Adam and Eve

This sketch cracked me up. HAHAHA. But when you come to think of it, this was REALLY God’s plan for husband and wife. To make it very plain and simple—for man to WANT no one else but his wife, and vice versa. Your wife is the ONLY woman for you and your husband is the ONLY man for you. In Genesis 2:19-25, it paints a very vivid picture of how God ordained marriage. Although this comic strip shows a bit of sarcasm, for husbands and wives (and boyfriends and girlfriends) it’s important to see it in God’s eyes. God made this person just for you, he/she is a GIFT. And when you start with that concept, then your whole perspective on relationships will change. When you are given a gift.. you treasure it, you appreciate it, you TAKE CARE of it. This is something Pat and I learned at our first marriage counseling session. It‘s amazing how this very familiar Bible story (a story we’ve heard countless of times before) can develop an entirely new meaning when it’s read in a different season in your life. 

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