AirBNB: Villa Sanook Bali


A lot of you have been asking about our AIRBNB Bali villa, so I’m dedicating an entire post to our fantastic home for the weekend—VILLA SANOOK. I’m going to go straight at it and just enumerate all the HIGH points for you to consider. I was such a happy customer, I have zero negative points to offer for this one. Hehehe 🙂

  1. The villa was FANTASTIC. And when I say “fantastic”, I don’t mean —“Oh it’s pretty in some angles!” or “It’s a decent place to crash”–I mean–it’s gorgeous. The villa is so well maintained, tastefully decorated (nothing over the top and too gaudy), with huge common areas to chill in and equally spacious rooms and bathrooms. 5 star luxury but in a home setting.
  2. Exceptional service from the host Sally and her Indonesian Villa Manager Sukra and the rest of the housekeeping staff. They were so wonderful, I can’t thank them enough for making us feel so comfortable. They cooked breakfast for us daily, helped us with our car hire arrangements and home massage treatments, and even bought some yogurt for Krissy! Hehehe! If you do book with them, please send my love to them!
  3. Location!!! It is right in the middle of the trendy Seminyak area, just a few minutes away by car from Kudeta, Potato Head, Sardine, and all the other popular hang outs in Bali.
  4. Value for money. With 4 huge rooms each with an en suite bathroom, this villa can comfortably house 8 people at a time. If you check the price and split it by 8, it’s actually quite a good bargain versus a high end resort. You get to enjoy a bit of privacy too—no need to squeeze in with a ton of tourists by the pool.
  5. Technically, he’s not a fixture in the villa but because Sally recommended him—I still wanted to mention him here. We loved, loved, loved our driver GUSTI! He was such a wonderful host/tour guide/driver, the perfect tourism ambassador! Thank you Gusti for taking good care of us throughout our stay. If you wish to rent a car with driver, I suggest you book GUSTI through Sally as well—for a stress free vacay.

You can find more details about the villa HERE  🙂 I urge you to book in advance as this villa is very much in demand because of it’s great reviews. Oh and make sure you book using my link so you can get a discount on your first Airbnb adventure—this discount applies to ANY Airbnb property worldwide! I’ll be sharing more photos and info from our #MarriageFirst Bali getaway soon, please bear with me—I’ve been juggling the baby duties&work daily so it’s been a real struggle to find some free time to blog. I promise, I will be a more diligent blogger starting tom. 🙂 🙂

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