AK in Manila

I’m still on a high from the ALICIA KEYS concert last night!!! 1)She was ALL woman, those curves—dang girl! 2)She totally rocked that new hairstyle 3)She kept sending heartfelt shout outs to the Pinoys throughout the concert, ang bait-bait talaga ni Ate Alicia!!!! I love her already! I want to be her friend!!! 

A BIG shout out to my girl Nikki for inviting me (and even sending a car to come pick me up at home! ). It was such a fun girls night out for Lola  Patty!!! This girl was on FAYYAAAHHH!!! Allow me to share our hilarious feel-na-feel videos from the concert 🙂 No judging please—we were in our own little world!! Hahaha!

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