All Natural Gift Ideas

Yahooooo!!! I’m finally seeing more and more tick marks on my Christmas list..PROGRESS!:) It’s the first time Patrick and I will be celebrating it’s QUITE A BIG DEAL for us both! Especially since we’re sharing gifts..yes, that’s TWO PATS on the card for 2011. It’s been a fun kind of holiday stress, brainstorming for gift ideas and actually purchasing these gifts for our loved ones. It’s wonderful also to see how God works to bless us with provisions to be able to buy gifts for the people we care about. Today, I’m sharing some of my recent purchases..hopefully you’ll find them useful too 🙂 Happy Gift Shopping!!!

FOR DAD: Kristian Regale Sparkling Peach

Here’s a great way to toast to the holidays in a happy, alky-free way! You’ll enjoy the fresh taste of real peaches in this special sparkling drink.

FOR THE KIDDIES: Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops and Gummy Bears 

HOMAYGAD! These are the most addicting sweets ever! And by addicting, I mean it in a good and healthy way of course. I bought a pack of gummy bears for my inaanak..and umm….well…looks like I need to buy another pack for him. They’re gluten free, fat free, made from real fruit juices and ORGANIC which is why they’re so delicious!

FOR MOM: Jason Frosted Plum Gift Set This nourishing body wash soothes the skin with the hydrating benefits of vitamin E and pro-vitamin B5. The vintage scent is crafted from plum, natural vanilla extracts and pure almond oil.

FOR YOUR SISTER: Alba Botanica Gift Set Spiced Toddy
When you get a whiff of these scents of cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla plus a hint of spiced’ll be instantly transported to a whole new HOLIDAY realm! The botanically infused, moisturizing shower gel and naturally nourishing body lotion are infused with nut oils and soothing chamomile extract to deliver deep hydration to dry skin.

FOR YOUR LOLA AND LOLO: Bissinger Crème Mints

Made in coppper pots over an open flame by hand, and covered in dark chocolate. Trust me, the combination of DARK CHOCOLATE and MINT is divine!!! It’s the perfect way to end your noche buena meal!


The Republic of Tea- Get Heart, Get Soothed and Get Happy 
I love these cute and quirky teas that suit different needs and personalities! You’re sure to find a tea type that matches a particular character trait. These teas bring happy vibes to your body!

FOR DAPATTY: The Healing Powers of Chocolate Book
It’s a book about CHOCOLATE?!?!?! Don’t believe me huh?? Read this, buddies:
Known as Mother Nature’s ‘food of the gods’, the medicinal benefits of chocolate were recognized as far back as 4000 years ago. Eating chocolate can help boost the immune system, lower the risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes-even obesity! – and increase lifespan. Chocolate can relieve a host of ailments, including depression, fatigue, pain and PMS, as well as rev up your sex drive for all you married couples! Drawing on the latest scientific research as well as interviews with medical doctors and chocolatiers, this fascinating book reveals how to live longer and healthier while indulging in one of nature’s most decadent and versatile foods.

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  1. It’s wonderful also to see how God works to bless us with provisions to be able to buy gifts for the people we care about. – I couldn’t agree more Miss Patty! 🙂