Alleluia for April!

Woohoo! It’s my favorite month of the year! April is the official start of summer and of course, it just happens to be the birth month of this ridiculously cool person I know..her names starts with a P and ends with Y! And no, for the tenth time it’s not PATHY! Grrr. It’s extra special because it’s my last hurrah as a twenty-something year old so I’d like to enjoy this decade as much as I can. I’ve lined up a series of birthday blowouts to share with all of you! I’ve been working on it for weeks and keeping it all to myself..I’m a sucker for surprises so instead of you surprising me, I wanted to surprise you all. Weird? Just deal with it, that’s how I roll! This is my simple way of saying thanks to all my dear readers who have supported this blog from day one. Here’s my very first special giveaway!
A Day of Pampering at The Spa Rockwell

The Spa is treating me for my birthday and guess what, they say I can bring 2 BLOG READERS along with me! This will be my first time to actually hang out and make new friends with my readers, so I’m really excited about this! I promise I will bring lots of knock-knock jokes to entertain you..ay patay! 🙂 So if you’d like to chill at the SPA with me then pick a spa buddy (your bff, your sister, your mom, your favorite officemate) and join this simple contest. I can’t wait to meet the winners!
1. Click the LIKE and TWEET buttons below. 
3. Post a photo of you and your chosen spa buddy on My Facebook Wall and tell me why I should take you girls along with me to THE SPA! 
Contest ends on April 8. Make sure you have a public Twitter account so I can view your profile. Kindly follow all 3 steps to qualify for this contest. Good luck girlies!!!:)

5 Responses to Alleluia for April!

  1. Not fair! I sooo wanna join but im on my facebook leave for lent! :((
    Oh well, not yet meant to be. In His own time. In His own time. HAHA! Who knows, I might see you again at Healthy Options. I am letting this pass (saying this is haaaard) HAHAHAHA!

  2. sooo cool and awesome treat from a favorite!!! hehehehe:)I sooo wanted to join but I guess not quite convenient cuz am livin’ in a far far away distant kingdom.chuz lang. (daydreamin’)hope to see you someday miss P-A-T-T-Y. . .

    fr. PATTYwannabe fan:)

  3. wow were both april babies ms.patty 😀 why i so feel honored by knowing that??hihi unfortunately i am just a newbie reader of your blog so i never had a chance to join this contest..maybe next time 😀 and ohh are you an aries as well??hehe i am po