Aloha from Teddy’s Bigger Burgers

Hawaii’s FAVORITE Burger Joint is now in MANILA!!! Teddy’s Bigger Burgers will be opening to the public on Saturday but my friends and I were able to get first dibs last night! Woohooo! (I love my job!) Thanks of course to the super restaurant trifecta of Marvin Agustin, Raymund Magdaluyo and Ricky Laudico for bringing Hawaii’s best to the Philippine shores. 
I’m all for gourmet burgers with foie gras and truffle and all those fancy schmancy things. It’s nice to dress your burgers up from time to time. But there are days when I just want a “hit-the-spot” kind of burger. A burger that’s relatively simple but satisfying. A burger that you won’t have to overthink. And I think that’s what Teddy’s Bigger Burgers can promise. It gives you the freedom to “build” your own burger with their selection of toppings (no tomatoes for me! Hahaha!) but if you want to go for something tried and tested already, they have their specialty burgers that are sure wins. Their Kailua burger came highly recommended by the staff—but get this, they mentioned that adding a hint of peanut butter would make a world of difference. We were all looking at each other like “Peanut Butter on my Burger?!? Wuuuuhtt??!”. Surprisingly, it actually turned out pretty good! It’s peculiar (and possible an acquired taste) but it does work in some odd but yummy way. 

I got a Teddy’s Original Burger with Swiss Cheese and Mushroom and it did not disappoint. The meat was grilled to perfection at medium well so the patty was not dry or crumbly (which I hate with other burger joints). But what we all noticed was how compact the burger was. I have yet to figure out the secret behind this but it was not at all a mess to devour. The potato bun, toppings and patty held on to each other properly in every bite. 
So what makes Teddy’s extra special? Teddy’s Bigger Burgers began in the backyard cookouts of Hawaii-based founders Ted Tsakiris and Rich Stula, both burger lovers. “They couldn’t understand why there were no burger restaurants that offered the same quality burger they cooked in their backyards, so they decided to open a burger restaurant to share it with other burger lover,” narratesTeddy’s Bigger Burgers Philippines Executive Chef Kirsten Habawel, who headed the Teddy’s PH team sent to train in Hawaii. “They decided to ‘reinvent the burger joint’ with a menu that focuses on high quality burgers, where every single patty is treated like the very first patty they’ve ever cooked.”

   “Our patty is made from 100% corn-fed U.S. Black Angus ground chuck, shipped regularly from the US from the same supplier of Teddy’s Hawaii, with no binders or fillers,” reveals Habawel. “All patties are hand-pattied daily, with the special seasoning of Ted and Rich, and always charbroiled to order.” Ground chuck is taken from the shoulder and neck portion of the cow, with prevalent meaty flavour and enough fat to ensure the beef does not dry out even when cooked on high temperature. “We use a formula of 80% lean meat and 20% fat. This is ideal for burgers because it does not need extenders but retains its shape. Most of all, it makes for a juicy patty,” adds Habawel. The patties have zero preservatives and are not injected with flavors. And because the patty is charbroiled, extra fat drips down instead of the patty swimming in grease.  Their burgers are BIG so make sure gutom na gutom na gutom ka when you get there.“Our burgers are bigger than the average burger. We start at 5 oz (Big) – that’s already a 1/3 pounder – and go on to 7 oz (Bigger) and 9 oz (Biggest) for our Original single patties, and our Monster Doubles (double patty sandwiches) go up to 10 oz, 14 oz, and 18 oz.”  Aside from their burgers, they also serve fries, tater tots, onion rings, chicken wings, and MILKSHAKES! Yum! 
Teddy’s Bigger Burgers will open its doors on AUGUST 23 in Greenbelt 3 (It’s located just across Yakimix and Nanbantei) and they have a very special promo for all the burger lovers!!! The first 100 in line during the opening will get FREE burgers. BUT GET THIS: The first 5 in the line will get ONE YEAR SUPPLY OF BURGERS while the 6th-10th in line will get HALF A YEAR SUPPLY OF BURGERS! That’s insane!!!!! The line opens at 7AM so if you’re ready for a chow down challenge, you better line up first thing in the morning. Bring your whole barkada so you could all win the freebies together. Hehehe 🙂 You can visit for more details. 

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