American Football

A couple of days ago, we decided to join our friends to watch an NFL game. NFL stands for National Fun League..or Nachos/Fries Lang..or is it No Fera Laurel?? I’m confused.
It was a close match, but the 49ers took home the prize against the dudes with the white/gold uniform, the 59ers??? Eekk. Sorry, I am not a big American football fanatic. (Kilala ko lang si Tim Tebow because he’s oh-so-cool and because he’s been doing so many amazing projects in Mindanao.) The only time I’m exposed to American Football is in the movies. Jerry Maguire, Remember the Titans and Little Giants! Remember this scrawny nerdy kid from that movie??? “INTIMIDATION!!!!” Hahaha! 
We woke up at the crack of dawn just to watch the game. So this is us, half-awake half-asleep at 5am. For my first “decent” experience with American Football, it was quite interesting to watch. Here’s what I picked up: 1)They never get wedgies 2) They look like macho ballet dancers in tights 3)Players have different shoes based on their positions 4)Players put black face paint under eyes so the light will somehow bounce back and they won’t have to squint ..and no, hindi siya over-runs ng mascara 5)Kung matapilok yung isang player at madaganan niya ako…I shall be what you call in clinical terms, DEADBOLZZZ. 6)Indeed, the grass is greener on their side. 7)those helmets could prove useful when you’re having a bad hair day. See, so many sports tips from me! I think I could totally be a sports blogger!
After cheering for the 49ers, it was time for some morning grub. Our resident cook and my future pinsan, Scotty, whipped up a very sophisticated version of brekkie comfort food for us. It was muy delicioso! His honey beans was the BOMB DIGGITY. And his poached eggs were perfectly..umm..poached. Redundant! 🙂 He did all the cooking, Dani and I did the serving, and the boys.. did the eating! Hahaha!


13 Responses to American Football

  1. Hi Patty! I loooovvvveee reading ur blogs. Nakakatuwa na nakakaaliw! Good job and God bless. P.S. can i be ur friend? 🙂 ur avid reader/fan …. Doha

  2. Hay naku patty, never fail to make me laugh.Yes si Dora na nga ang nag iisang supportive, traveler, adventurous and cute rolled into one dream girl package! hehehe 🙂

  3. Hahaha! Natawa ako nang bongga-bongga sa mga captions.

    Haaaay! Ang cute ni Ian Scott. I have all the traits of Dora the Explorer, only that I’m not sporting a short hair with bangs! Hahaha!

  4. I don’t know much about football either but looks like you had fun still. 🙂 congrats on your engagement Patty. i’ve always admired you and your stories. You are awesome. Kakainggit! 😀 and yes, your future pinsan is quite the dashing chap 🙂