An Afternoon at The Versailles

So after 2 weeks of shuttling around Europe with our jumbo baby (hehehe! hello back aches), we were able to carve out some #MarriageFirst QT for about 5 hours. My folks were kind enough to babysit Theo so we could go on a date. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate my parents (and also Pat’s parents too!) for always being so supportive of our dates and time together.

Since I was very happy with my 2 tour experiences with LOCALERS, I decided to book another tour with them. They had a lot of amazing custom tours to choose from but the Private Tour of Versailles looked mighty enticing. It was the perfect choice for us especially since Patrick has never been and my last visit was 20 years ago! Imagine two full decades! So I was desperate for a refresher and was all set to explore Versailles with the hubby. We were met by our guide, Astrid, by the Metro exit and she took such good care of us.

What we love about Localers’ private tours is that you can go at your own pace, stop to take pictures as you please, ask as many questions as you want, and not have to worry about 60 other people in the group. And because Localers provide only licensed guides, they are given access to a special schedule so you won’t have to worry about spending half your day lining up along with the hundreds of tourists that flock the Versailles each day. The public line was a long snake from the gate and it was moving at a glacial pace! It was such a relief for Pat and I to know that we didn’t have to go through all that. Astrid was such a knowledgeable guide, she breathed life into all the characters and made our Versailles tour so enjoyable and engaging. I highly recommend booking a tour with her!

OH AND GOOD NEWS!! If you’re planning a trip to Paris you can use my discount code: PATTY10 and get a price cut when you book ANY tour on! That’s right, ANY tour! You can use it for multiple tours as well. Museum lovers can do their private tours of Louvre or Musee D’ Orsay, art aficionados will enjoy a trip to Montmartre, Foodies will have a blast with their Macaron and Pastry classes, and they even have tours for kids!! My favorite of course would be the Lifestyle Photo Shoot Tours–which is a perfect way to capture memories in Paris. There’s a LOT to choose from so just browse and book as you please. Promo is valid until July 2017, so you’ve got a lot of time!

Okay, so it’s time for the flood of photos!! Here you go 🙂

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Use my discount code: PATTY10 and get a price cut when you book ANY tour on!

4 Responses to An Afternoon at The Versailles

  1. Hello again, Patty! I’m loving your posts about France. I hope the jetlag returning to Manila wasn’t so harsh.
    I’d like to insert an advice my husband and I would always give to people who plan on seeing monuments and museums anywhere: try buying the tickets online! That is only possible, of course, if you’ve already scheduled your trip’s itinerary. But it’s been really helpful for us. The line is shorter and goes much faster.
    Question about Versailles: Did you see the water fountain show? I would like to see the one AT NIGHT! Imagine?
    Tip about Versailles: Chef Gordon Ramsay has a restaurant at the Trianon Palace (the hotel has babysitters available!). Haven’t really been there but I’ve been planning- and saving for- a surprise dinner for hubby.
    (Last) Question about the discount code: will they accept it even if a certain someone who uses it is already a resident in Paris? The question seems silly but so far I’ve known the French to be quite strict and might only accept the code for tourists. I’m planning to book the Localers for my son’s first birthday!

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