Another Crazy Adventure with my SHELL/FERRARI Family

I won the lottery!!! I hit the jackpot!!! And the prize was not in monetary form but came in an even better package, by way of once-in-a-lifetime-you’ll-never-ever-get-to-do-that-again-experiences. Being a part of Shell’s NETWORK OF CHAMPIONS is like being a part of the Avengers! We’re a team of superheroes from all parts of the globe..with our superpowers fueled by Shell V Power! Yes, that’s how I’d like to describe my awesome SVP team! 🙂 To close 2011 with a bang, we were sent to Abu Dhabi for some adrenaline pumping activities. We took some hot laps around the Yas Marina circuit in an actual F1 car, enjoyed a friendly Karting race with my buddies, had a wild G force experience via the Three Seater Dragster, and of course we rode the WORLD’S FASTEST ROLLERCOASTER..the Ferrari Rossa powered also by Shell! 

My body ached all over the following day because of all these crazy activities..but it ached in a good way. 🙂 When I was aboard the dragster, the driver advised me “Lock your muscles” to which I exclaimed with panic “WHICH MUSCLES DO I LOCK?!?!” and he said “All of them!”. I was strapped in with 5 seat belts, fully dressed in protective headgear and “armor”. My head was banging from side to side and I couldn’t even scream decently because my heart literally stopped. My stomach made it’s way up my throat and my liver and kidney switched places. Dang, I was NOT ready for that level of speed!!!

“The full Formula 1™ track is 5.55km (3.4 miles) long and comprises 21 turns, 12 left and nine right, with an estimated lap time of 1 minute 40 seconds. It runs in an anti-clockwise direction. The second and third configurations of the track are shorter at 3.15km (1.9 miles) and 2.36km (1.46 miles) respectively. The two additional tracks can run independently of each other and make it possible for the circuit to hold two events simultaneously.”-Yas Marina Website

“There’s nowhere else in the world that you can experience such a groundshaking ride. Hear and feel the Yas SuperComp Three-Seater Dragster, from its thundering engine to the smell of burning rubber. It’s an experience like no other! Designed and built especially for the Yas Drag Racing Centre, the pure force of this vehicle will send your adrenaline through the roof. This one-of-a-kind dragster reaches 100km/hr in less than 2 seconds at 1,050 horsepower, hitting top speed in 6 seconds.”-Yas Marina Website

“The dream to create a multi-experiential theme park, which reflected the brand values of passion, technical innovation and excellence of Ferrari have been brought to life under the roof of the world’s largest indoor theme park. The park is situated under a 200,000 square metres roof making it the largest indoor amusement park in the world.– FERRARI WORLD
I love roller coasters!!! Of course, I always always whine, panic-pray and chicken out WHILE lining up but I always end up riding them anyway. So when it was time to get on the Rossa, I had no time to was a once in a lifetime experience so I just strapped myself onto the seat and said my prayers. It was sooooooo exhilarating that Tim and I ended up riding it twice!:) Check out this video of F1 greats, Massa and Alonso on the Rossa! Check out the skin on their faces, it was insanely FAST! The Rossa’s top speed is 240 kilometres per hour (150 mph)! W-I-L-D.
I just want to give a shout out to all the wonderful people of SHELL. I look forward to even more adventures and discoveries with you in 2012. Thank you for making me a part of your family. I will never ever forget all our wonderful experiences together! Through our Network of Champions campaign, I was able to understand the complex technology behind the fuel in simple terms. Prior to this campaign, I was already gassing up at Shell just because it was a trusted brand..but now that I know more about the science and research that goes into each and every drop of Shell V Power gasoline and is such a comfort to know that my tank is being filled with superior quality fuel. The fuel that goes into Alonso’s F1 car is almost identical to the fuel that goes into my regular sedan. It’s great to know that the people at Shell believe in bringing quality to all it’s customers..from superstar F1 race car drivers to average hardworking folks like little old Teacher Patty!:)
Special thanks to my Shell V Power family!

5 Responses to Another Crazy Adventure with my SHELL/FERRARI Family

  1. “The Rossa’s top speed is 240 kilometres per hour (150 mph)! W-I-L-D.”

    Feel na feel ko yung bilis! Grabeee, not for the faint of heart! I wish I can experience this, too, someday! 😉

  2. I love shell, too..I used to gas up with v-power you can really feel the smooth accelaration when you step on the gas pedal. 🙂 BUT after all the increases on fuel prices, I thought it’s time to shift down to Unleaded gas *still by Shell*. 🙁

  3. OMG! I would have compared going to the Yas Marina circuit and riding an actual F1 car to winning the lottery as well! Kainggit! 😀