#AnyWeekdayTagaytay at Country Suites

The word “Tagaytay” is almost synonymous to “Weekend” especially to most Manilenos. The go-to-destination for city folk longing for some fresh air, it’s usually packed between Friday to Sunday. But Tagaytay is actually equally charming on weekdays. And because you don’t get the usual weekend crowds and the accompanying weekend traffic, it’s actually much more pleasant, quiet and quaint to visit on slow weekdays. The hashtag #AnyWeekDayTagaytay was perfect for our quick overnight stay in Discovery Country Suites. We booked it on a Monday (yessss! We actually dared to go on a holiday on a MONDAY! Talk about non-conformity hahaha) and celebrated the start of the week with a lot of happy vibes. Patrick (the workhorse that he is) had to pass on the very tempting offer because Mondays are crazy in the office, so Theo and I were joined by Lolo JJ and Lola Leah instead. They also wanted to make up for the month-long vacation they would be going on in a couple of days—so this was their way of inhaling every inch of Theo’s goodness. They’re very, very close and clingy to each other. Hahaha!

Country Suites serves as a great base for sightseeing since it’s very accessible to most of the famous Tagaytay hotspots and restaurants. However, if you’re into “staying in” then don’t worry since there’s lots to do in this small, boutique hotel. “Staying in” was definitely on our agenda since I had the grandparents and an active toddler with me. The slow pace was perfect for us—just a time to bond as a family, eat good food, and enjoy the cool Tagaytay breeze (which comes highly valued now that summer is finally here).  Just to give you an idea of our relaxed itinerary: After check in and chilling in our suite for a few hours, we enjoyed some wine and cheese at around 5PM, a dinner spread by the veranda at around 7PM, and before bedtime we even had our very own in room Movie Night Set Up complete with fresh popcorn, cookies, tea, and DVDs! The works!!! The next morning, we had a heavy breakfast at Verbena at 7AM. We checked out at around 11AM and had lunch on the way home.

The in house restaurant Verbena comes with a very varied menu which will keep you satisfied throughout your stay. There are two things that remain consistent about the TDLCI group of hotels and properties: 1) Excellent Service: always 10 steps ahead, mindful of their customer’s needs, professional and warm 2) Superb F&B: The food is always so good in all Discovery properties!!! Always, always.

Each of the 7 suites come with it’s own decor and charm, each unique and special in it’s own way. The Siam Suite was perfect for us since it came with 2 large and fluffy beds, perfect for 4! My son is only 1 year and 9 months old but takes up a LOT of space! Hahaha! Theo felt so at home, he was jumping up and down and dancing all around. Thank you Sab, Marla, Angela, and the rest of the team of Country Suites for making our stay so memorable! You guys went all out and my family is beyond grateful. Here are some photos from our weekday escape. For bookings, you may visit discoverycountrysuites.com 🙂

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