Are you a Wolf or Fox?

I know what you’re all thinking, “Patty’s so cool!” yes, yes, yes, I AM. It’s so undeniable at times. There’s just so much cool juice running through my veins that it’s hard to contain my natural swag. Even when I cry, my tears drop down my cheeks with rhythm boom-boom-pow-boom. Okay, I kid. I am a dork and a half and I am so out of the loop when it comes to the “cool joints” in the metro. I’m so glad I managed to fit in with the cool kids at Wolf And Fox. The place was packed at dinner time and rightfully so, with it’s dark and masculine interiors, winning cocktails and a creative menu, it came as no surprise really. It’s located at Two Parkade of Bonifacio High Street. I suggest you make reservations in advance though as it can get quite full starting at happy hour all the way to dinner time (and after). It’s not exactly a resto you’d want to bring your baby too (well at least at night), this is more of a hangout spot for barkadas. 
“Wolves like all things sophisticated and chic, opting for urban, modern flavors. Meanwhile, the fox is all about organic, fresh, artisan food that warms the heart. Whichever of these two types of people you are, Wolf and Fox Gastropub promises great bites and good company. 

Established in May 2014 by the creators of Sumo Sam, John and Yoko, Dekada, and Akira restaurants, Wolf and Fox offers a perfect place to hang out and relax with its creative, contemporary menu, a wide array of liquors and cocktails, and stylish interiors. The menu is also ingeniously divided into two sections: a “Wolf” menu and a “Fox” menu.”

We got a mix of the Wolf and Fox menus. Their servings are quite generous and great for sharing with friends. We are alcohol lightweights so we just really focused more on the food! Hehehe! But I hear that this place is well known for their cocktails and spirits, so if you want to dine and drink this is the place for you. Both menus offer starters, mains, signature cocktails and even desserts. My favorites were the 1)Fish and Chips 2)Bangers and Mashed Potato (looked a bit funny but really yummy!!! so tasty! we all loved this best) and the Nachos too are great for pica-pica. 

Food shots provided by Wolf&Fox 
Thanks again Wolf&Fox 🙂 🙂

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