Are you on LINE?

A few weeks ago, I received a whole kaboodle of LINE dolls from my SMART Family. I decided to goof around with them and post them on IG—and wow! I was really so surprised with the response. A lot of you were clamouring for these LINE dolls so I asked SMART to set aside a whole bunch of stuffed toys for me to giveaway this Christmas. So for all you LINE addicts out there, just scroll down for the easy mechanics!
Do you want to win these LINE DOLLS?!?!?
We are selecting TEN winners for this giveaway!

1. Follow SMART on LINE messenger.
2. Take a screencap of the Welcome message.
3. Post the screenshot on Twitter and tag @smartpromos and add the hashtag #SmartLINE to qualify as an entry. 

4. The 10 winners will be notified directly via Twitter. Contest ends on December 12.

LINE is one of the fastest growing mobile messengers in the world that offers so much more than just the chat feature: it offers LINE call and text, group chat, fun stickers, LINE Camera, LINE card, brushes and games! SMART has partnered with LINE to be able to maximize its numerous features through a very reliable network, making SMART the 1sttelco to have an Official Account with LINE.-Smart 

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