ATV Adventure in the Cambodian Countryside

Here are some snapshots from our ATV adventure! I was a happy passenger the whole time (nakapag chancing-chancing ako with my pogi driver! I hugged him like a koala throughout the ride! Haha!) We drove through the beautiful countryside just as the sun was about to set—a dirty, muddy, and surprisingly romantic kind of afternoon date for usne 3 couples. After the putik fest, we freshened up a bit and made our way to the famous Pub Street to fill our tummies with some decent grub. Our friend Drew was bold enough to try their exotic meat platter: Crocodile, Ostrich and Kangaroo—but we were just too hungry to try something new, we ended up ordering a pizza! Ang corny! Hahaha, minus points for us as travelers but the cheese, mushrooms, and tomato sauce just hit the spot for us!:)

One Response to ATV Adventure in the Cambodian Countryside

  1. wow it’s nice to see that the fields are green now. When we were there they were too dry and Cambodians even had picnics in the dried paddies… the pond on the right side of Angkor Wat from the entrance has water already!