Audrey is 3

Click PLAY por favor to watch Ninong Patrick’s video for Audrey 🙂

I cannot believe our little Audrey is now THREE!!! She’s definitely not a baby anymore, she’s a full grown toddler and a wonderful big sister to Natalie. To celebrate her 3rd birthday, my sis-in-law Cecil came up with an AUDREY’S ART PARTY theme wherein guests were asked to participate in arts and crafts activities instead of the usual parlor games. The kiddie guests enjoyed getting down and dirty all in the name of ART with the help of Teacher Marge and Teacher Kaki.  As you all know events/wedding coordinator Marge Montemayor is one of my closest friends and is the woman responsible for our hassle-free wedding. She did such an excellent job in organizing and hosting the art activities for this party for Audrey! Thanks also to another good friend Bing (and her troops!) for prettifying the venue with giant balloons and other decors.
As Cecil and I were brainstorming for ideas weeks before the party, we received a text from the GG girls of Cake Shack. They lovingly offered to make 2 special rainbow cakes for Audrey: A BIG RAINBOW CAKE with a mini Audrey topper (it looked exactly like her!) and a mini DOODLE cake for Audrey to draw on with edible markers. Yep, that’s the cake she was working on in the video. If your little one is into doodling/drawing, I highly recommend having a cake like this made 🙂 

It’s no secret that the Filarts have become a fan of their rainbow cakes, not only do they look delightful (layers are very neat and colors are vibrant!) their cakes taste really good too! And you know I’m very particular about my desserts. Naks, expert 🙂 Thank you again so much Gui and Genine for being so generous and helpful! I just know that the Lord will bless you as you continue to bless more families, couples, and celebrants with your fun and quirky cakes. You are both extremely talented and we will always be in awe of your designs.
Another big blessing came in the form of Bea of Love and Lavender. She was a good friend of the GGs of Cake Shack and also pitched in to help us with the party. She took Cecil’s Pinterest pegs and breathed life into them—creating this colorful and whimsical dessert buffet for the party. The kids were mesmerized by the rainbow drinks, jellos, gummy bears and other treats. Thank you Bea for working on all the little details just to come up with the perfect backdrop and buffet setting! Alam kong kinareer mo talaga and your efforts were truly appreciated by not only me and Cecil but by all the guests who raved endlessly about the whole set up!
The beautiful (aba syempre!!!) girls behind Audrey’s Art Party. Thanks again so much for pouring your heart into this! Game face on talaga 🙂 And thanks also to Lemarc, the best ninong-photographer in town! We love all your photos. 
And here are some photos I took with camera phone, it’s not as fantabulous as the pics by Lemarc but I just wanted to show you how wonderful the whole spread by Love&Lavender and Cake Shack looked. To read more about the preps and the actual party, please visit Cecil’s blog 🙂

Cakes and Cupcakes by The Cake Shack:
Dessert Buffet by Love and Lavender:
Events Coordination by Marge Montemayor:
Photos by Lemarc Limosnero

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