Baby Barangay X BevTools

Just wanted to share some photos from our crazy fun night with the moms/dads of Baby Barangay a few weekends back. It’s always good to carve out time to disconnect from all the work and home stress—and to spend time with good old friends. I find that when Pat and I are able to take these occasional “happy pauses” with friends, we’re able to charge our emotional batteries and do even better as parents and even in the workplace too!

As a group, we decided to enlist ourselves for a private session with Kath Eckstein, a well known Bartender and Master Mixologist along with BEV TOOLS. The Cocktail Mixing Class was so intriguing, I actually found myself viewing the cocktail scene in a whole new light. I realized through the workshop, there’s so much art and creativity behind each glass! I highly recommend this workshop for couples and barkadas looking for a fun activity to do together on a lazy Saturday night.

As most of you know, Patrick is allergic to alcohol (he can only tolerate a few sips before getting rashes and hives) while I’ve always been a lightweight drinker. But surprisingly we managed to ace this Cocktail 101 class with BEV TOOLS despite our obvious limitations. Thanks to our happy drinking friends for all the encouragement, we felt the love!!! Hehehe! Visit to get your DRINKS ON DEMAND and the best tools to make you a champion bartender in your own home. 🙂 Click here for more!

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