Baby Friendly Places in Paris

Oh, the City of Lights… Paris. Definitely one of the most (if not the most) romantic places in the world. THE honeymoon choice of millions, there is just something about this city that makes you feel all mushy and kiliiiiiiggggg.

But if you’re no longer in the honeymoon stage of your life and have now embraced fatherhood/motherhood fully, then fear not, my friend. Paris is still worth a visit even with a little bugoy or two or three or more. If you plan and do your research in advance, Paris can actually prove to be a baby-friendly destination. Theo had a blast in Paris and our only regret was not being able to stay longer. Contrary to what most people say, the French are actually quite sweet and warm! We’ve never encountered a “snooty” Parisian. We were greeted by so many sweet smiles throughout our trip with Theo.

My 3 most highly recommended baby friendly destinations in Paris would be 1) La Menagerie– This is a small zoo located within the Jardin Des Plantes complex. Wikipedia it and it’ll tell you that it’s the 2nd oldest zoo in the world. It is also home to small-medium sized animals, a majority of which are endangered species which they are trying their best to protect. 2) The Paleontology Museum– also located within the Jardin Des Plantes grounds, this was definitely the WOW spot of the day! Fossils and bones galore!!! It’s a dino-loving kid’s dream place. 3) Les Jardin de Acclimatation – Every time we are in Paris, we make sure we spend at least a day here. It’s such a lovely place for the whole family to enjoy. It was just a few blocks away from our airbnb so it was a place we frequented a lot for this trip. They have everything from restaurants, cafes, carousels, rides, museums, and little exhibits as well. All the kids were smiling–grinning–from ear to ear! Even Theo was just on HAPPY FACE mode throughout the day! Here are some snapshots from our trip last June.


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